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    01-17-2019, 03:08 PM
    Ok - so what should I label myself? I need to make sure I'm using the right label. Not ancap, and not globalist - somewheres betwixt the two. I dont think I'm intelligent enough to grasp a sovereign state that is able to exist without any government, or any concern for immigration. How is that possible? "Slab City, California"? I tend to agree with Jefferson on most issues, including government being a necessary evil that requires constraints on size, with a cyclical reset. ETA: If you were keeping illegals on your property, I would not consider them illegal aliens. I also not consider you a law breaker - its your property, you should have a right to have whoever you want on it. Am I a minarchist now?
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    01-17-2019, 02:55 PM
    "immigration restrictionist"... I suppose that might be a somewhat accurate label - its a fair point of contention. While I have more in common with ancaps and anarchists, I still consider myself a minarchist. I do wish to limit who enters the country, as I believe in its sovereignty. What's particularly strange about this debate is the focus on words. I'd seen this in my gun owner's rights battles - "Assault weapons". "Undocumented immigrants" - is one of those subversive phrases used to describe what is clearly illegal activity. Why is it even necessary? Its necessary because people that use these phrases want to ignore the law. Unfortunately, no matter what side of the issue you're on, government has to manage immigration. Just like everything else they do, its a fking mess. That being said, I think its no coincidence that they are pandering to a certain class of immigrants (Mexican). One might ask why that is, but is pretty obvious and discussed heavily on other threads. What this all boils down is an assault on our sovereignty, for political or corporate gain. There's no regard to the law, or the cost that is incurred, and the rest of us (including my children, and their children) will be paying the price. I'm pretty sure that we are going to disagree on this topic, and that's ok, but I wanted to be clear as to where I am coming from. I dont see myself as being ignorant on the matter, just having a difference in opinion.
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    01-17-2019, 01:53 PM
    You've just described government. You fix that, and I'll love you forever.
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    01-17-2019, 01:52 PM
    I was going to comment, but Cleaner44 left me little room. QFT post 61.
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    01-17-2019, 01:46 PM
    Reminds me of Glenn Beck - remember that fking guy? I've noticed with Ben Swann, John Stossel, and Andrew Napolitano - there is a lot of pressure on journalists to spew the network's agenda. They either suck it up and maintain employment, or they move on to other things. There's definitely heavy bias in all of our media now. Some say its the death throes of the legacy media, as they try to compete with the internet. All the hyperbole, and plain circus antics, are desperate attempts to keep an audience. My conspiracy senses pick up something more sinister though, and that comes from the heavy media consolidation that has occurred over the past few decades.
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    01-16-2019, 08:22 PM
    Mowing over a couple tulips is far from razing the farm. I'm anxiously awaiting the so called shutdown.
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    01-16-2019, 08:19 PM
    He has my attention.
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    01-15-2019, 09:44 AM
    Considering that most are politically/economically illiterate, the relentless media attacks, and the fact that Rand is willing to hold his own party accountable - that's a fantastic number, and right where he needs to be. He still commands enough approval to keep his office, while being effective in shaking sh!t up.
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    01-15-2019, 09:38 AM
    If I were to silver line this one, I would go with "S-man's" prediction. That 7 out of 8 enjoy fking with people who ask stupid questions. Now, this exercise would have been much better if Frank "Fk you Frank" Lutz conducted the poll.
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    01-15-2019, 09:31 AM
    Embrace her - she's the democrat rubio. Young, attractive, ethnic, and ready to be forced into the political spotlight. Fortunately, its just a matter of time.
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    01-15-2019, 09:18 AM
    Feeling safer yet? Warrant? Remember, only criminals need rights.
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    01-15-2019, 09:12 AM
    Even if you get this wrong, you had a 50% chance to get it right(or left). The numbers indicate that they dont even try. Even an attempt would result in 50% success for the first try, and theoretically 100% on the second. My children will be fked by the future, in so many ways. Mostly due to decisions made by boomers and the great gen, but they will have little competition when it comes to self reliance and being independent. When bears are chasing you, I guess its nice to have a few stragglers. Perhaps they'll have an opportunity to be in a position of benefit, given whatever sh!tty system exists during their lifetime?
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    01-14-2019, 06:16 PM
    They dont need your consent, your cooperation. Your biometrics will be voluntarily submitted by your provider (i.e. google), either by request or by granted access to law enforcement.
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    01-14-2019, 10:17 AM
    You've got trouble...
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    01-14-2019, 08:40 AM
    We should start a nationwide campaign to support a 95% shutdown. If anything, it could expose this nonsense of there being a current shutdown.
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    01-13-2019, 01:19 PM
    Keep a diesel generator or a an engine drive welder in the bed.
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    01-13-2019, 01:12 PM
    brushfire replied to a thread Roku in Science & Technology
    I'm with you on that - in my situation though, I lost (sacrificed) my anonymity fighting for gun owners rights. While I always advocate dialogue (hence my handle), I am under no illusion that I'll always have that luxury. I also have a license to carry in IL - essentially a registered gun owner. Lastly, I'm on record for donating to several candidates - Ron and Rand, as well as volunteering for other IL candidates. For a SHTF situation, I would expect to be high up on the list of potential resistance - where I should be. I'm ready to talk, or fight... Seeing Lavoy Finicum bing gunned down while he was trying to talk, leaves me to think I will not have any real opportunities to talk. Even during good times, these are dishonorable men - one can only imagine their behavior during SHTF.
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    01-12-2019, 11:51 PM
    brushfire replied to a thread Roku in Science & Technology
    A hacked "kodi" firestick may be your only recourse. I have a couple roku - my family loves it. I'm already on so many lists, I dont think they even give a sh!t what I watch on roku (thank you comcast). If sh!t hits the fan, they would be fking right to pursue me. They better hope they snuff me out too.
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    01-12-2019, 11:39 PM
    There's so much shady sh!t going on with the deep state - people should be very concerned. Say what you will about trump, but everyone should realize that this deep state is a threat to our republic, and a menace to the rest of the world. Its a very bad situation that cannot be excused because we have someone like trump in office.
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    01-12-2019, 08:59 PM
    Oh Jesus... That one's a classic.
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    01-11-2019, 08:52 PM
    The man spews nonsense, and is constantly picked apart by libertarians.
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    01-11-2019, 08:35 PM
    That's one motherfking dead raccoon. Watch out for the motherfkin human sh!t when walking out to your motherfkin car.
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    Humility is a virtue, and I embrace anyone that strives for it, no matter which path they take.

    Actions speak louder than words.

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    nah... I don't think so ("don't kill" vs "don't murder")

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