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    Today, 06:54 AM
    Biblical and Christian Themes in the LOTR “I am a Christian, that fact can be deduced from my stories.” -J.R.R Tolkien “The Lord of the Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work.” -J.R.R Tolkien “The religious element is absorbed into the story and the symbolism.” -J.R.R Tolkien
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    Today, 06:54 AM
    His Life John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born to Arthur Tolkien, who was of German ancestry and third generation English and English woman, Mabel Suffeld on the night of Jan 3 1892. Arthur and Mabel had been married on April 16, 1891. Tolkien would later say, “I am in fact far more a Suffeld than a Tolkien and English than German.” As a baby in South Africa, Tolkien was once stolen by a black boy named Issac. The boy stole him so he could show off with pride a white baby to his village. He was also once bitten by a tarantula; luckily a nurse grabbed him and sucked out the poison, saving his life. . In the spring of 1895, his mother, Mabel, took him and his brother back to England, leaving his father for some time in South Africa to visit family. Soon after, in February of 1896, Tolkien’s father, Arthur, dies. Mabel then returns for good to England with Tolkien and his younger brother Hilary. After living for a short time in Birmingham, they move south and rent a cottage in the town of Sarehole mill. Tolkien was raised in poverty. In 1900, Mabel converted from Anglican to Catholic and they moved into the city. Tolkien and his brother then attend King Edwards School. When his mother joined the Catholic Church, their extended family was resentful and most cut off all their funds and support. Most of their family had been Baptist/Anglican and Unitarian. Tolkien’s fathers had been an Anglican and his father’s side of family was mostly Baptist. At age 10, Tolkien attended St. Phillips School where Father Francis Xavier Morgan had a big influence on his life. He smoked a large cherry wood pipe, Tolkien stated that “my own later addiction to the pipe derived from this.” In 1904, Mabel is found to have diabetes and dies in November, at the age of 34. Before his mother’s death, she gave Father Francis guardianship of her sons. By 1908, the boys move to Mrs. Faulkner’s house on duchess road. This is where Tolkien met Edith Bratt, his future wife. Edith was an Anglican and conservative, actively attending party meetings. Tolkien’s first diary entry of the new year read, “God help me, feel weak and weary, New Years Day, 1910.” Later, in 1911, while at King Edwards School in Birmingham, Tolkien, Rob Golson, Geoffery Smith and Christopher Weisman formed TCBS “Tea Club and Barrovian Society.” TCBS was designed to testify for god and truth. Tolkien’s best friend Chris Wiseman said regarding Tolkien, “he was by nature cheerful...with a great zeal for life.” Wiseman, a staunch Methodist, said they would argue religion without bitterness. Tolkien excelled with languages and words. He studied and learned many languages while at King Edwards. These included German, French, Greek, Latin, Anglo Saxson, Middle English, Spanish, Welsh, and Gothic. He even started to invent his own language by the age of 16. Later in his life, he would also learn more languages as well as inventing his own. A lover of words and languages, Tolkien once said, “as if something had stirred me, half awakened from sleep, there was something very remote and strange and beautiful behind these words.”
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    Today, 03:09 AM
    I take it you don't see the trick here, eh? This passage is WIDE OPEN to interpretation. It could mean almost anything. "Holy spirit", to my meager knowledge is defined nowhere in the bible - certainly not in a way that would meet even the lowest standards of rigor. So even if we accept it as true, it still tells you nothing beyond that which is vague. No big sin there, mind you, but a point of which any man should be keenly aware. Now consider that "the Spirit teaches you". This speaks in strong accord with my own beliefs about God having given us everything we need to live the life of man with propriety, grace, and joy. Witness how any ten men placed together in a room will hold at least eleven interpretations of a given passage. GuaRONtee. Therefore, that passage means different things to different people. The passage says the Holy Spirit will not lead you astray. Therefore, the widely differing interpretations are all valid, including the ones that say "this is gibberish to me". This all underscores my view that the bible is only one avenue to understanding and that it is not for all people, such as myself. It also illustrates the tricky, dare I say devilish, nature of linguistic communication. And this is why people need to tread lightly where such subjects are concerned. What blossoms with resonance and meaning for some, falls dead for others, yet it is all valid because the Holy Spirit guides each man in his own way toward truth fit to his needs. They may be different from those suited to others. If folks got this clue and accepted it, we would not have crazy people in the middle east, for example, running about sawing the heads off of those with whom they disagree.
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    Today, 03:08 AM
    What’s Behind the Coming Democratic Wave by Joel B. Pollak19 Jan 2018 Saturday marks the completion of Donald Trump’s first year as president. It has been a year of remarkable accomplishments. So why are Republicans in trouble? Trump signed a tax reform law bolder than the one Ronald Reagan signed in his sixth year in office. He appointed a new Supreme Court justice and set a record for appointments to the federal appellate bench. He rolled back federal regulations and he fulfilled a promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, among many other achievements.
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    Today, 02:53 AM
    Bad medicine went a long way toward killing my father, father in law, and almost killed my mother in law. Depending on whose research you want to believe, 80,000 to 250,000 people die every year from "medical mistakes and misadventures". Sue 'em fucking blind. I'd be in jail if I conducted myself professionally in the same manner.
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    Today, 02:48 AM
    Yes, culturally and politically poisonous to the ideas of limited government, individual rights and non interventionism. I don't want a bunch of German socialists here, any more than I want a bunch Honduran MS13 here.
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    Today, 02:46 AM
    Had to double check that... Immigrants overwhelmingly favored and voted for Wilson, FDR and LBJ.
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    Today, 02:21 AM
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    Today, 02:13 AM
    Why not? If it is your "culture" to shit in the streets, and abstain from using sanitary plumbing, if you bring tens of millions of people here who believe that, then you will have cholera and typhoid and hepatitis pandemics.
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    Today, 02:10 AM
    Ask anybody whose state has been "Californicated" or flooded with "half backs" or "Massholes" if that statement is true or not. Or better yet, ask these guys how allowing millions and millions of immigrants that were hostile to them, their way of life, customs and traditions to just waltz on in...ask them how it worked out for them:
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    Today, 02:05 AM
    The mind reels at the possibilities. WV could be at the tip of a very pointy spear. I cannot imagine this being enacted - I dare not hope. Oh who am I kidding... I hope, I hope, I hope... I now know what to wish for come my pending birthday on 2/1. WOOHOO... :)
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    Today, 01:29 AM
    It would seem so, at least to my normative eyes. I agree with this. But hiding is futile because God is everywhere and everything. Unlike so many, I do not distinguish between God and the rest. It is all one, I suspect, even if I cannot prove it. When I look at a scrap of paper, I see God. Glass of water, God. Dog turd on a NYC sidewalk, God - and I mean no offense in that.
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    Today, 01:24 AM
    I don't give a shit anymore. The people are either inured to this, want this, or are part of it. I don't want to live in an even more corrupt police state, where bribery, extortion and rotting corpses hung daily from highway overpasses is considered a daily part of life, and then have the same people that brought that here march in the streets and demand that I GTFO and die. Fuck them, I don't care why their shithole countries ended up like that or how to fix it or how to sort out "good" from "bad". Let them piss off back to wherever they came from: this country is broke and full.
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    Today, 01:23 AM
    Good question. Point taken. Am I mistaken in my belief that this is, as yet, unprecedented? Another good point. Besides, what can the feds do, refuse to give back the highway monies they stole from the people of the state? I guess my suspicion would be that the feds would at least attempt to take the governor by force on a federal warrant to charge him with some federal crime. Perhaps legislators and anyone down the food chain deemed complicit. That, of course, would be a very risky gambit, holding such people hostage in trade for fed agents. Where, pray tell, could that lead other than to ultimate disaster in terms of long term relations? In the end, the feds would have to back down for the sake of attrition because I am confident such a state would take very careful and effective measures to protect their own. Armed guards with standing orders to shoot to kill if a federal agent so much as approached a protectee in the wake of a standing disagreement of this sort. There are more of us than there are of them. In addition, a smart state would extend such authority to every man, woman, and child. If you see a fed attempting to take your mayor (or whatever) into custody, put one between their eyes and you will stand immune from prosecution. The bottom line is that such an approach by the feds would lead to their destruction.
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    Today, 12:40 AM
    But doesn't the appeals chain ultimately lead to SCOTUS?
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    Today, 12:38 AM
    Every man that has ever lived has been a man of faith, even those who streadfastly and stridently claim otherwise. It is in our nature to be faith-driven. We have little choice, save to die. We are what we are, separate in some sense from that without from us. The interface between within and without is made up of our senses. We see, touch, smell, hear, and taste the world around us and through those intermediaries do we come to know the world. We have faith in our senses. Were it not so, we would become paralyzed in an inability to act because we would never know whether we were doing right. So in this respect, atheists are amusingly full of shit. It is clear to me that they have not considered their positions with any diligence or capacity. I also find the common chest-pounding style of communication droll and ultimately boring. They remind me of Serbs. :) Decent and worthy sentiments for which your goodness should be acknowledged. Consider it so.
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    Today, 12:28 AM
    But who is to say that THEY know what they mean? If one is going to trust God, then go all the way and don't just put in the "tip". :) What I mean is this: God will speak to you if you are willing to quiet yourself and listen. I believe this strongly. I do not believe you need a bible to do this, though for some I suppose it is helpful - to each man, his path to the light. That route has never worked for me. But contrary to what most people seem to believe (always despised that John Dunne quote "No man is an island, entire to himself..." BLAH BLAH BLAH... reminds me of the tripe from that shriveled old black witch Maya Angelou... "it takes an entire village to raise a child" - such obvious bullshit) I believe God has born into every man all that he needs to go through life with success. That doesn't perforce mean living in a vacuum, mind you, but that in the company of one's fellows, there is no hidden knowledge of such fundamental import that cannot be discovered by any man through the sheer force of will to discover it with open eyes and a quiet heart. THAT is what makes God great and kind. He gave us what we need in our DNA, so to speak. We don't need bibles or qur'ans or vedas or zend avestas, etc. to grasp the innermost knowledge necessary leading the lives of good men. They may be nice additions for some, but they are not essential by any means. And for poor, dumb bastards such as myself, they actually get mostly in the way of understanding because they inject incomprehensible noise into the thought stream. Mysterious ways, indeed.
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    Today, 12:16 AM
    Funny you should mention those... I haven't rejected them out of hand. I read them and found most of it of no use to me. That which spoke to me, I have retained. I don't buy the angry God narrative. When I was 17 I did my first trip. While I am no advocate of such things, it is up to each man to choose for himself and for me it was a Godsend because it was on that cold December evening that God spoke to me. No, not like the burning bush, but far more deeply. I saw how God smiles and laughs and I needed that more than perhaps even getting laid. I think it literally saved my life. The pissy-old drunk model of God is FAIL that arises from those who do not know how to read well or listen to what their senses tell them. I pity such people, for as noisy as my head tends to be, I suspect theirs are far worse.
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    Yesterday, 11:53 PM
    Thank you for speaking directly for once. This is how communications should be. Leave the fancy poetic verse thing for fancy poetic verse. Clarity begets clarity and understanding, which I feel is important where certain topics are concerned. As for chickenhawks, let us be sensible. If you want war and can get someone else to do the fighting in your place, you would be a wholesale idiot to go and do it yourself, all notions of honor notwithstanding. I mean, come on now. Of course, the better position is to advocate for copious fucking in preference to fighting. But if you're going to be of the "make war" clan, finding suckers to do the dying for you only makes rational sense. We don't have to like it, mind you, but should at least acknowledge the sensibility of it.
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    Yesterday, 11:41 PM
    I mean no offense, but IMO 99% of the bible as it stands is worthless poo. Allow me to clarify, that you not need work too hard not to take offense. The bible is a translation of a translation of a translation of a... To put it in the words of, IIRC, Rabbi Cooperman, "translation is betrayal". I could not agree more. But it goes far beyond mere linguistic translation. Even in the original tongues, there is semantic drift. My common example runs something like this: were I go get into my time machine and go back to even Shakespearian England and tell even the most erudite men that Michael Jackson was "bad", they would assume I was speaking of an evil man, when in fact I was heaping upon him colloquial praise as being very much the opposite. Calling him "cool" would likely give rise to the notion that is not particularly friendly. And so forth. In a mere 400 years, the changes in the vernacular are so extreme that most people today are unable to read the works of Bill and grasp the meaning beyond the most vague notions that this one loves that one and hates the other one. The true and detailed semantic nuances are wholly lost on them. Now imagine compounding this error propagation by an addition 1600 years (New Testament) and through actual linguistic conversions from Aramaic, ancient Greek and Hebrew, Latin, etc. into intermediary translations into German, old English, then to middle English, and perhaps even once again into current colloquial English. I can guaRONtee that much of the essential meaning is lost. This is not God's foible, but that of men.
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    Yesterday, 11:15 PM
    osan replied to a thread Suzanimal? in Open Discussion
    Umm... "strange" doesn't quite cover this one.
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    Yesterday, 11:14 PM
    Learn to spell right, God damn it. Ill-Annoy. Got it? RIGHT! PS: hot legs.
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    Yesterday, 11:13 PM
    If you have a point to make, you should do so. This innuendo crap is for the birds.
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    Yesterday, 11:10 PM
    That, and the common man as well. The sorts of comments I'd hear about Obammy were nothing compared with what I hear, see, and read about Trump. It is interesting to see that Comedy Central has devoted entire shows to Trump including the one hosted by that black asshole Noah something or other. A wholesale phag from the shit-hole South Africa who lives here precisely because SA is such a dangerous and rotten place. He is given asylum and thanks the host with his mean-spirited drivel. Should send his ass back and let the animals have at him. If Trump had any sense, he would import the white South Africans by the hundreds of thousands. Their farmers are world-class producers and they are being exterminated. It is interesting to note how their existential plight is being wholly ignored by media because it's the black shits who are doing the killing of whites, which doesn't quite fit the white-people-be-evil-,-black-people-be-po'-vikkims narrative. I'd let every last one of them in. Within a year I suspect there'd be nary an individual left in SA. The black ones would be unable to feed themselves. What a world.
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    Yesterday, 11:00 PM
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    Yesterday, 10:56 PM
    Huh... funny, but I don't have a problem with it, provided the redux is actually better than the predecessor. In the vast majority of cases, they are not. If anyone ever remakes Bladerunner, I will hunt them and well... you can guess the rest. Unless a remake strives and succeeds at doing a significantly better job than its predecessors, the producers and directors should be beaten with iron bars. There are many abominations representing the failure to accomplish this goal of questionable worthiness. "The Italian Job" comes immediately to mind. There are many others. This remake phenomenon just illustrates how bankrupt Hollywood is become.
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    Yesterday, 10:43 PM
    Holy crap. I am not a fan... her voice was not quite in my spectrum of "wow", but 46? Poor dear. Mewonders what happened. My friend Mike of the flea market informed me today that his brother, whom I also knew, died not long ago. When they found him, his body had turned black. I really don't want to know. PS: just saw suicide. How sad.
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    Yesterday, 10:41 PM
    I was actually going by Aristotle. ;)
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I'm leaning towards Trump simply because the establishment hates him. i won't vote for anymore establishment Republicans.
Trump? Really? So you support eminent domain because it's wonderful? Or maybe you support restoring the PATRIOT Act to it's full glory? Or maybe you love waterboarding just as much as he does? Or maybe you too think that Snowden should be assassinated because NSA spying is a GREAT thing? Or maybe you call people names and mock disabled people like a third

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