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    Today, 01:06 PM
    Nukes will not be the threat. COVID19, a man made pathogen, was a "dry run" deliberately released in order to test response times, communicability rates, the ability of governments to achieve compliance with shutdown and lockdown orders in order to keep populations under control, infrastructure collapse rates and so on. The global elite power structure has made it clear they want a "holding" population of around 500 million people. The other 8 billion or so of us, have got to be culled. In a few years they will release a "real" deadly pathogen that will kill 90 percent of us.
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    Today, 11:01 AM
    Oh cool, yeah so have I, he's on a list of "regulars" I check at least once a week. Loved watching the setup and working the shapers he got. Those are damn capable tools that became "obsolete" for no good reason.
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  • luctor-et-emergo's Avatar
    Today, 09:20 AM
    I learned to work machine tools without digital aids... Thanks for the links, that's going to be nice and relaxing to watch.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 09:04 AM
    Adam has 'em. I highly recommend watching a few, these are vital skills and will very valuable to have, especially those you'd find in a general purpose, non-computerized, non-production shop like he has.
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    Today, 08:48 AM
    Same thing for me. That was the day it became clear to me that this situation was not going to be solved without a fight and bloodshed. That was the day the "War on us" started.
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    Today, 07:28 AM
    Mr. Potato Head Toys Jump 70,000 Percent on Amazon Chart Charlie Spiering 26 Feb 2021 Sales of existing Mr. Potato Head toys rocketed up the best selling charts of after Hasbro announced Thursday they would remove “Mr.” from the brand this fall so all could feel “welcome in the Potato Head world.” Fans of the original Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are rushing to the Internet to pick up classic versions of the famous toy.
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    Today, 07:20 AM
    I know for a fact, like the Gerber baby being "too white", more than few on that list have already been put on notice as "problematic".
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  • Pericles's Avatar
    Today, 01:18 AM
    Does anyone ever wonder how it is that people who were never Freemasons seem to know more about the organization than its members do?
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  • Pericles's Avatar
    Today, 12:43 AM
    IIRC, that was from 1980. The US Govt. has learned nothing. One thing Trump understood - the goal was to get the US military back inside our own borders.
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    Yesterday, 07:08 PM
    Back when NH had decent federal representation instead of queeer Marxists. That door was and still is the key to what happened. What when on to happen was the murder by government of 86 innocent people. They gunned them down as they tried to escape from the back of the building.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:52 PM
    No doubt at all...there's no telling in what direction this will go.
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  • osan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:26 PM
    Reduce POTUS to pure executive with no policy prerogatives. All policy decisions are made in Congress and would require 3/4 super majority. Or perhaps policy is made a thing of the past. What good is a "law" if the policy is to not enforce it? Remove POTUS as CIC, leaving ALL military matters to... <DRUMROLL>... THE MILITARY! They decide how to prosecute war. They must concur with the diplomatic decision to go to war, which is to say that if Congress and the Executive say yea but the military says no, at the very least the dispute might go to an emergency hearing by the courts to decide. That sounds too prone to human failing, so I'm not at all sure that is what I would want, but at least this gives an idea of what I am thinking. Less power in everyone's hands, and way more horrific consequence for unamended violation. And if the president has no incentive to serve, make it easier to remove him. But if his main role becomes one of diplomacy, who'd want the job anyhow? My point is to de-ball "government" to the greatest degree possible. Make is possible for anyone to dispatch a government agent who acts in violation of those to whom they swear service. If a cop attempts to violate you and you shoot him stone-dead, you stand safe from prosecution. If you do so in error, you would stand to suffer severe punishment. The whole idea here is to make violation by ANYONE a very risk-laden and costly business. It is high time Americans grew the hell up because we are a race of toddlers in far too great a proportion. It is long time we cut the shit, engaged our good brains, and put in place a system of protection (note how I do not use "governance"). I have done this work over the course of many years of thinking carefully on the relevant matters. If Americans were actually interested in freedom, which I contend tey are not, this notion would have been investigated long ago. If someone like me can come up with solutions, then by all means so could smart people... if they wanted to. But they don't, so here we are. A new architecture of freedom is needed prior to taking material action against Themme. A new attitude is also needed, which is a far taller order. But after that, mass civil disobedience would bring Themme to their knees in short order, though I suspect the cost could nonetheless be high. I could easily see Themme unleashing multiple bioweapons on the world in their play to divert our attention in order to retain power. But if it came to that, then I would say we slaughter them and their families to the man as that reaction to our threat to their false power would be sufficiently beyond the pale to justify so hard-hearted a response. IMO, anyone willing to do such a thing, especially for such paltry a reason, should have their genetic line removed from the world without hesitation, compunction, or mercy. Some will balk at all this - fine. But if you are serious about freedom in the face of a Tyrant who would see you and all your posterity destroyed before allowing so much as a threat to his hegemonic rule, then you have to do what is needed and dispense with all equivocations, wanting to have without having to pay. Shit or get off the pot already.
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  • osan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:00 PM
    All well and good, but this is not a first-tier problem. If we agree that some form of minimalist governing body is acceptable as being possibly the best practical alternative in a world of huge human populations, then the foremost consideration pursuant to the goal of keeping tyrants at bay is to institute a system of brute punishments for any governmental instrument that violates the rights of those to whom they swear oaths of good faith and service. When the consequence of the least unamended violation of one's rights is, say, twenty years at hard labor, the sentence of which may be augmented in the event of poor behavior, the brands of shenanigans we now witness daily would disappear in short order. Remove the power to legislate. We do not require legislation. We need principles such as those found in English common law. Apply those principles adeptly and honestly and justice is served without statute. These two measures alone would go a long way to removing tyranny. Leave me to write the Laws (principles) and architect the new order of freedom and America would be transformed in a very short time.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:37 PM
    I'm going to thank you for your time, and sincerely express my appreciation for spelling it out, as someone with a legal background. My final comment on this, other than, wait and see, since it's pretty much assured of passage, is this: If I had dollar for every time somebody told me there is "NO WAY" some obscure law could not be twisted to mean something utterly different, I'd be kicking it with Popeye Bezos on the yacht.
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    Yesterday, 03:14 PM
    I wouldn't waste a drop of ball sweat worrying about what the Marxist media organs say about something like this. We all know what they are and what they are going to say, regardless of facts. They are to be mocked and ignored.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:11 PM
    Yup, he did a great job here...I was hoping somebody would post it.
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    Yesterday, 12:43 PM
    Yes, that is the phrase that made me sit up and take notice. I still maintain that, with very little legal parsing or tortured logic, as the law is written, it could be taken to mean what I have said all along: a sexual advance from a hommosexual or trans-queeer that was declined, again, this is the key point, based simply on the fact that the advancee was, in fact, a weirdosexual and the subject of the advance was not, could be on the face of it, proof of criminal discrimination. I'm still trying to unpack that idea, and see if it has merit or is even possible. I have been, and that's what's got me wound up.
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  • osan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:10 PM
    You're thinking is boxed. The solution is freedom, not more contingency-based restoration/perpetuation of the Tyrant's game.
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  • Ender's Avatar
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  • luctor-et-emergo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:19 AM
    In that case, allow a second term but non-consecutive. And keep it 4 years. 6 is too long. That way you get rid of the campaigning for a second term thingy, but it would allow a popular president to return later.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:56 AM
    You sir, are a Great American®
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:53 AM
    I have come to agreement on this. This no longer has anything to do with vague libertarian notions about "Not caring with who sleeps with whom". This is a front on the war of Marxist revolution. The weirdosexuals are being used, wittingly or unknowingly, to spearhead the normalizing of the very worst vices and crimes people can commit, and they are by no means finished. Their end objective (aside from the collapse of western civilization from rot, vice and lack of children) is the normalization of pre-pubescent pedophilia and "snuff", both recorded and in "real time".
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:44 AM
    Yup, there it is, bigger than shit, item 12 in the declaratory section: (12) Discrimination based on sexual orientation includes discrimination based on an individual’s actual or perceived romantic, emotional, physical, or sexual attraction to other persons, or lack thereof, on the basis of gender. LGBTQ people, including gender nonbinary people, also commonly experience discrimination because of sex-based stereotypes. Many people are subjected to discrimination because of others’ perceptions or beliefs regarding their sexual orientation. Even if these perceptions are incorrect, the identity imputed by others forms the basis of discrimination. Now, I ask again if this is true, am I reading this properly from a legal standoint: If you are not sexually or romantically attracted to a trans-queeer because of that fact, you have just now, prima facie, committed an act of discrimination, punishable by law, under the act.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:36 AM
    jmdrake Thanks for the info, we'll address it all, but the language I am having a huge issue with is not in the bill you posted. At first I thought I fell victim to click bait-itis, but then realized the version you are referencing was the version passed in 2019. I am assuming this language was added in 2021 bill. I am now looking for a copy of THAT, the most recent bill.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:28 AM
    Damn...I knew it would only be a matter of time before The Woke "intersected" me. Minority Activists in Washington State Now Say Bicycle Helmet Laws are Racist by Warner Todd Huston and Jeff Dunetz | Feb 25, 2021 | Culture Minority activists in a Washington State county are now saying that bicycle helmet laws are racist. The activist who came up with this complaint shouldn’t be allowed outside by his mother unless he is wearing a different kind of helmet.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:13 AM
    Effeminacy Is Not Working for the Christian Church By Annie Holmquist Sitting in a pew last summer, waiting for a small funeral service to start, I saw a young woman walk to the podium and begin to speak. To my surprise, she introduced herself as the minister who would be conducting the service, and then she began to lead those gathered to remember the departed through the songs, prayers, and eulogizing typical of funerals. While the presence of this female minister initially came as a surprise, further consideration led me to realize that her presence was simply a natural consequence of the women’s liberation movement and the heightened emphasis on empathetic feelings in today’s society. Somewhere along the line, we got the idea that Christianity is a soft, nurturing religion. By those standards, the presence of a woman in the pulpit seems the most natural thing in the world.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    02-25-2021, 11:49 PM
    The only way I can read that is, if you are not sexually or romantically attracted to a trans-queeer because of that fact, you have prima facie committed an act of discrimination, punishable by law, under the act. jmdrake - you have legal training, am I reading that right?
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    02-25-2021, 11:42 PM
    7 Radical Demands in the Equality Act Dr. Susan Berry 25 Feb 2021 House Democrats have passed the radical Equality Act once again, claiming it will merely amend federal civil rights law to ensure sexual orientation and gender identity are protected classes, even though the Constitution already provides protection for the rights of all American citizens, regardless of their “identity group.” If enacted, however, the Equality Act would have a major impact on children and their parents, potentially upending the culture as American families now know it. Lawsuits filed against Americans who adhere to the science of biological sex and the First Amendment rights of citizens would now have a federal law backing them up that states gender identity supersedes biological sex.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    02-25-2021, 11:31 PM
    Lessons learned: Don't bring screams to a gun fight. When seconds count, cops are only minutes away. Pay attention to your surroundings: awareness buys you time, time buys you options. Sometimes compliance is the only way to end a deadly encounter. This person got shot because of wailing and screaming, not because they put up an effective defense. The bad guys get to set the time and the place of bad actions, in this case they had the drop on the dog walker.
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