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    Today, 06:09 PM
    Oh yeah, this shit is rich. The attempt at brownie points is just too funny... in a sadly sick and impossibly twisted way. Seriously, those white people who feel this way should man up and kill themselves. Anything less tells me they are just attention-whoring. Oh, and I have to admit my curiosity as to where, exactly, they are trudging. What's the upshot here? Slave auction? Dunno if Manray is still in business in Boston, but they used to have slave auctions there weekly.
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    Today, 06:04 PM
    Dufuque? You know what... never mind. I don't need to know.
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  • Natural Citizen's Avatar
    Today, 05:40 PM
    Suz, this kind of stuff is man's work. Can ya just go make us a sandwich or something?
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  • Lamp's Avatar
    Today, 03:32 PM In Mauritania, where big is beautiful and stretch marks are sexy, young girls are brutally force-fed a diet of up to 16,000 calories a day ó more than four times that of a male bodybuilder ó to prepare them for marriage.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 03:11 PM
    Bannon did say Trump's presidency is over- as far as a fraud, I've always though Trump talked out of both sides of his mouth- you know, the art of the deal. ;)
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    Today, 01:06 PM
    And the 14th "Amendment" which made slaves of us all.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 01:01 PM
    Ain't nobody going anywhere. The Taliban forces shut down the opium trade. The opium trade fuels the "off book" operations of the surveillance state we live in. That money is not going to be taken off the table. Move along now.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:58 PM
    Nice idea, but for one, very large problem. There is no "private" property. There is government property. And there is property that you rent from government, with varying degrees of use allowed. That's it.
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    Today, 12:54 PM
    It's coming, right around the corner. UBI for all.
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    Today, 12:41 PM
    Hahahahaha! You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to acptulsa again. Somebody cover me please, that was precious.
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    Today, 10:36 AM
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    Today, 10:18 AM
    Be nice if Kludge checked in from time to time and let us know how he and their daughter are doing...
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    Today, 09:34 AM
    That's what happens when the once dominant majority population gets replaced and supplanted by an invading hostile demographic with superior numbers. You become a second class citizen: broken, dependent, shunned and unwelcome in the land you once called home and forever cut off from the life you created.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 08:58 AM
    Probably an alphabet.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 08:56 AM
    ^^THIS^^ And the problem is POWER, not color.
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  • 1stvermont's Avatar
    Today, 07:59 AM
    ​Wow what a great idea. Permit me to propose a simple, easy, efficient, and effective solution to this whole problem with memorials, monuments, and memes about the Confederacy and it's War of Secession : How about if all governments at the federal, state, and local level offer all those statues, obelisks, and so forth up for sale to the highest bidder? That way, those who want, say, a statue of Robert E Lee where it stands, could buy and thus own it and the property it sits on, and would thus assume responsibility for protecting and preserving it, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And, those who don't want that statue anywhere in the neighborhood could similarly purchase it and the property it sits on, and do whatever they want to do to it, including destroying it. It would be a great way for governments at all levels to generate some cash flow, and to eliminate the expenditure of federal, state, and/or local resources on keeping the peace between folks who want to protest ~ and counter-protest ~ what happens to a particular piece of metal, or building of stone, or whatever.
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  • 1stvermont's Avatar
    Today, 07:08 AM
    Native Americans and White Guilt We are also given the white guilt for past evils done by white to Indians. Yet they ignore all the good between the two groups, the cooperation, alliances, fair treatment and friendship between them as well. Just laws were in place by the colonials such as any man who killed a Indian was given the death penalty, even when the only witnesses were native american. And of course the horrors that Indians did to whites, blacks and other Indian tribes. Such as when Indians massacre hundreds of white settlers woman and children that is often not heard of. Or How many times do you hear of the evil racist slave owning confederate Indians? The majority of native Americans sided with the south and owned black slaves. Natives committed the worse atrocities of their own people as slaves. However given they are not white, they are not guilty so we don't hear of them. Did Whites Steal Their land? England gave the pilgrims the Indian land, yet the pilgrims often paid and bought the land from Indians anyways. Colonials had laws against anyone who took land from a Indian. The Indians more than not initiated the deals and trade for their lands. Wanting much of what the white man had to trade, for the abundant land the Indians owned. In one case William Penn paid 3 Indian tribes the money for land, as they all claimed it was there's and were fighting over it. One of the first laws in America in 1787 from the northwest ordinance
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  • 1stvermont's Avatar
    Today, 07:07 AM
    The accompanying thread is found in the history section here Look Away!!! Politically Incorrect Information About Slavery Old Times There Are Not Forgotten- Modern Day Use Of American Slavery In Politics, White Guilt And American Shame Taught Today Because Of Civil war Myths “I definitely experienced this. There was a time in my 20s when everythingI learned about the history of racism made me hate myself, my Whiteness, my ancestors... and my descendants. I remember deciding that I couldn't have biological children because I didn't want to propagate my privilege biologically.... disliked my Whiteness, but I disliked the Whiteness of other White people more.” ISometimes Dont Want to be White Either Huffington Post
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 06:21 AM
    Venezuelan communism has meat for sammiches:
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 06:18 AM
    Standing in a bread line did not actually mean you would get some bread there, comrade.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 05:33 AM
    Transcript - America is under attack from within. Our culture, our history, our founding are under the most direct assault I have seen in my life. And Iím sure itís the same with you. We havenít seen anything like this. You might even get away with saying that we are on the cusp of a second civil war. Some of you might say that we are already into it, that it has already begun. However you characterize it, though, we are under attack from within. And itís being bought and paid for by people from outside America, in addition to inside. Iím thinking of people like George Soros and any other number of international financiers whose objective it is to take the United States out and down as a superpower, to literally erase the United States as a powerful or super powerful nation. Now, folks, in order to defend America, which I believe is incumbent upon all of us, in order to defend America, you have to begin knowing our history. If youíre gonna defend the United States of America, you have to know our history. You have to know the purpose of the United States of America. You have to know unequivocally and proudly the United Statesí place in history. And that is why erasing and distorting our history is crucial for the left to succeed. None of this that is happening on the left is random. None of the riots, none of the protests. They are not the result of the left being offended by individual acts. Antifa didnít show up in Charlottesville because they found out something was going to happen that offended them. They showed up in Charlottesville to create mayhem and cause hell. They showed up in Ferguson, Missouri, to do the same thing.
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  • 1stvermont's Avatar
    Today, 05:27 AM
    Master/Slave Relationship “Domestic slaves were almost uniformly dealt with indulgently and ever affectionately by their masters... the greater part of slave owners were humane in their treatment of their slaves- kind indulgent, not over exacting and sincerely interested in the physical well being of their dependents” -President Woodrow Wilson “The kindliest relation that ever existed between the two races in this country, or that ever will, was the ante-bellum relation of master and slave—a relation of confidence and responsibility on the partof the master and of dependence and fidelity on the part of the slave.” -The Confederate Veteran—the official publication of the United Confederate Veterans 1906 “It may be said than no other economic system before or since that time has engendered a bond of personal affection between capital and labour so strong as that established by the institution of slavery” -DrHenry A. White, History professor at Washington and Lee University in1900
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  • 1stvermont's Avatar
    Today, 05:24 AM
    Slavery in the Confederacy and the South "No subject has been more generally misunderstood or more persistent misrepresented" -Jefferson Davis, The Rise And Fall Of The Confederate Government We all know of the terrible things that can happen when one person has authority over another , slavery is no different. Awful things happened during slavery. However such cases were rare and often protected against bylaws. The family unit to me is a good thing, yet it can also be abused such as a father murders a son, a wife murders her husband,daughter, or son, etc. That does not make the family wrong, but wrong in the way it was used. It is the same with police; their job and purpose is good, but in fallen world, there will always be abuse,with governments having the worst record of such abuse. I am not saying that slavery was good, but looking at only the worst cases andto then claim that all of slavery was so evil is deceitful. The real truth of slavery, while not “good” or a wanted circumstance, is far from what is generally known or believed. Most Americans, during, prior, and after the Civil War, got their knowledge of slavery not from observation (besides the worst very real cases such as runaway slaves , good thing for Christians like Harriet Tubman “The Moses of her people”), but from books on slavery, such as Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriot Stowe. Harriot Stowe had never even been to the south or seen a plantation. Other misinformation and false views of slavery came from anti-slavery tracts such as The Liberator, by abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison. Despite the lack of accurate information, both authors had a large impact on the view of slavery in the North and Europe. The institution was far from the evil it is portrayed as, and in many cases better for the black than their treatment in the North and Europe. Slavery was a very profitable economy for the master, the driving factor to keep slavery in the south (not race). Slavery was a good investment, far out producing northern free labor by 35%. In Natchez, Mississippi, a population of 6,600 in 1861, there were over 500 millionaires. Besides NYC, it had more millionaires than any other city in the world. “Jefferson Davis was always surprised at the north's view of slavery it had no reflection on reality”
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  • 1stvermont's Avatar
    Today, 05:23 AM
    The first post will consist of politically incorrect information about slavery in world history. The second and third post will consist of politically incorrect information about the life of slaves in the south and how they were treated. Look Away! Politically Incorrect Information on Slavery in the CSA, America, and World History “If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded.” -Karl Marx "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." -George Orwell, 1984
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 05:16 AM
    Or a cutting torch.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 05:02 AM
    No more strange than the Japanese Elvis subculture I suppose:
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 04:59 AM
    Hey, how are ya! Hey, how are ya! Hey, how are ya!
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 04:56 AM
    At the rate things are going right now, he'll be lucky to be alive 8 months from now.
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Trump? Really? So you support eminent domain because it's wonderful? Or maybe you support restoring the PATRIOT Act to it's full glory? Or maybe you love waterboarding just as much as he does? Or maybe you too think that Snowden should be assassinated because NSA spying is a GREAT thing? Or maybe you call people names and mock disabled people like a third

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