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    Today, 03:07 PM
    But Purdue changed its name to Knoa Pharma went out of business and it and its owners paid a fraction of their profits some of the biggest taxes fines ever paid, so clearly it couldn't possibly be happening again.
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    Today, 02:23 PM
    Or better still, get some potassium, and store it in water to prevent it catching fire. I'm not recommending this course of action, by the way. I'd suggest you try to remember some of those "mantras" your chemistry teacher tried to teach you instead. But if you think you don't ever need any of that stuff in the real world, go find you some potassium...
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    Today, 02:10 PM
    Twenty years ago: War started by Republican Administration. The last five years: Republican candidate/president constantly promises to stop it, but apparently doesn't even lay the groundwork for withdrawal. His successor pulls out anyway, making a hash out of it. The Hill's t00bers: That guy in the middle, who neither started it nor even mentioned ending it, was The Architect!
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    Today, 01:35 PM
    You're an agorist. You're not supposed to dig up the truth about candidates. You're supposed to ignore them and hope they go away. Nevertheless, if you were to dig up the true dirt on some of the other team's candidates, and only the other team's candidates, the moderator wouldn't cross examine you. But no. Being a non partisan agorist, you need to stay in the agorist lane and pretend politics doesn't exist. Just a word to the wise... I may not be an agorist, but I was banned by this very moderator for saying some things about Trump that turned out to be about 117% true. So you can trust me on this.
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    Today, 01:12 PM
    Well, he doesn't seem to be following you from thread to thread, responding to every cross-post. Could that be the game he's not playing?
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    Today, 12:54 PM
    The man doesn't care to play this game. Again. Can you, in light of this... ...tell him why he should? Doing the same stupid thing over and over, expecting a different outcome, is the definition of what, exactly?
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    Today, 12:20 PM
    COVID Truth on Fauci, Vaccines, and Masks, with Sen. Rand Paul, David Zweig, and Dr. Vinay Prasad
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    Today, 11:45 AM
    No plugs? I count 14,400 plugs. They like riding in stuff they won't let us have. Even when electric cars were still just a funny story from the distant past, we couldn't have these.
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    Today, 11:03 AM Nurije Fype’s long fight against COVID-19 has taken another step in a good direction. Her daughter tweeted on July 2nd that her mom returned home on Monday, June 28th, and is now focused on physical therapy. What a journey it has been for this family and their fight to control the treatment for their mother. What would the outcome have been if the courts did not decide in the family’s favor? Congratulations are in order and great hopes for continued recovery.
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    Today, 10:56 AM
    That's nice. But my understanding of counter economics is doing things the government has not given you permission to do. So as good as those things are that you've mentioned, they don't fit into counter economics.
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    Today, 10:38 AM
    From the fedbook page comments. Fedbook won't let me copy and paste, so bear with me while I type it over. The super-mutator super-spreader shot is working at Warp Speed®
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    Today, 10:32 AM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to PAF again.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 AM
    And that is how we got in this mess. Any questions? Thomas Massie, if you defy direct orders from Trump and refuse to let Pelosi trash the Constitution, you must love Biden. This is your brain. This is your brain turning partisan...
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 09:50 AM
    Thank you for your response. I'm not a doctor either. (My ex-wife is but so what?) I'm not suggesting people try to play doctor. But if your doctor would like to prescribe you something and can't get it, then what? That's the situation we find ourselves in. For example patients who have been admitted to the hospital and who's doctors are fine with prescribing ivermectin only to have the hospital overrule the doctor. That's happening. And with the monoclonal antibodies everybody agrees they're helpful. But the supply is being artificially throttled. And it's neat that you've promoted all sorts of solutions for all sorts of other problems, but I was specifically asking about this problem. And if the answer is "I just haven't thought this one through yet"...that's still an answer.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 09:26 AM
    That "OMG I'm shaking hands with Santa Klaus!!!!!!" expression on his face sure makes him look Alpha, doesn't it, Swordsmyth, phill4paul?
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 09:23 AM
    Clearly. 1. Row as fast as you can up De Nile. 2. Throw away the paddle. That'll get you through the shit they have in store for us.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 09:13 AM
    Everybody be sure to line up obediently to nominate Ron "our health care ain't nationalized--the state runs it all" DeSantis. Can't trust Biden to keep those warp engines running. You want to be a Team Player, right?
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:40 PM
    Thomas Massie says he stopped Pelosi suspending that very same Constitution which libertarians like Massie supposedly dislike, according to the OP. And Trump was blowing up his phone to tell him to let the bitch do it. I never liked that brand. Neither one of them.
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  • osan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:19 PM
    osan replied to a thread Not a good week... in Open Discussion
    Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. My friends told me this morning that their granddaughter was murdered by her boyfriend, along with their children, whom he shot in their heads. One, a toddler, killed. The other, an infant, is alive and in hospital in Cincinnati. Sometimes I feel like tearing my hair out. How could anyone do that to their own children?
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:19 PM
    You know what our problem is, PAF? We just don't understand that figuring out which alpha we want to cuck for and making up excuses for him totally failing to seal the border is more important than saving the republic. Well, I've heard the "you've got to have realistic expectations" speech once too often, and I'm taking it to heart. I am now a collapsitarian. None of these partisans on either side of their precious aisle is going to pull his or her head out. But those heads--all of them--are about to be pried out. And that is a realistic scenario. Maybe then they'll be ready to try something that works. Do me a favor. Wake me when the dust settles. So Trump kicked Massie out of the par-tay because our friend Thomas wouldn't let Nancy throw the Constitution away. Well, well. Good thing all this voting for whoever CNN hates the most sure is slowing the decline. Nice to have some fiddling to do while Rome burns.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:42 PM
    That's a good read. I suggest you do a refresher from page 43 where it talks about using counter economics to supply "unproven medicines" to people who want/need them. That's what are facing right now. "Unproven" medicines for COVID like ivermectin and hydroxycloroquine as well as proven medicines such as monoclonal antibodies are being restricted on purpose by the federal government. It's admirable you want to get rid of the entire system. Nice long term goal. But the beauty of counter-economics is that it's designed to work around the current system rather than requiring the current system to be abolished first. Hence the term counter economics. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a (likely socialist) ministerial student. We were at a roundtable talking about ways to help the black community. At his turn he went on an unhinged rant about needing to "Get the man's boot off our necks" so we could do something about "food deserts." (From my own research the "food desert" claim is bogus fake academia.) I couldn't take it. My response was "If you want to have a store, start a store. Nobody is stopping you." I saw a movie some years ago about Rev. Vernon Johns, the preacher who proceded MLK at the church in Montgomery. One of the activist things Rev. Johns did was to start a farmers market in the church parking lot, much to the chagrin of the deacon board. Counter economics at it's finest. So, now you know the problem. Needed (or at least desired) COVID medicine is being stiffled by the feds. Without having to first do a revolution and overturn the entire system, how would you apply counter economics to circumvent the current system and fill and obvious need? I look forward to your answer.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:26 PM
    You are not in 100% agreement with Ron Paul. BLITZER: But Congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die? A few in the crowd hollered and at least a couple screamed, "Yeah." Paul responded, "No. I practiced medicine before we had Medicaid, in the early 1960s, when I got out of medical school. I practiced at Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, and the churches took care of them. We never turned anybody away from the hospitals."
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:38 PM More politics. No counter economics. You fail as an agorist.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:35 PM
    Ron Paul also talked about how hospitals did chartiy work. That's based on a moral obligation. You are not representing his views.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:57 PM
    You have no idea what the term "moral duty" means. It doesn't mean one that is coerced by the state but one that comes from conscience. Whether from our creator or through evolutionary biology, such moral duty has served our species well. And it predates communism by thousands of years. The story of the Good Samaritan is an example of moral duty.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:33 PM
    :rolleyes: I don't consider your shrill "attack everybody that disagrees with me while offering no real solutions myself" attitude keeping a calm head. Edit: And the issue isn't just that people are dying. People are dying and the only solutions being offered by the fed are authoritarian. Desantis has been under attack for not pushing mask mandates, lifting lockdowns "too early" and now not pushing for vaccine mandates. Whether you realize it or not, Desantis is right on all of those issues. But the COVID stats in his state are used as whipping boy by the authoritarians. That's what's at stake.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:30 PM
    What if he did? Seriously? What uses of federal money do you find "acceptable" versus "unacceptable?" Here is an article on Ron Paul pork. Great. At least we're on the same page on that. The problem that we have right now is that Biden et al are actively blocking treatment options. Anything reversing that is helpful. I've asked you multiple times for actual solutions. You know, that "counter economics" that agorists are supposed to be famous for? Instead, you've just been acting political. Even negative politics is politics. Yes, I'm calling you out on your own theory.
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:52 PM
    I hadn't realized you were in the hospital, brother. Man, I hope you're recovering quickly. If there's anything, anything at all that we can do from our end here don't hesitate to call. Get better, man. I'll save the arguments for when you're feeling better.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:18 AM
    Great. Libertarianism as defined by a CIA plant. Been telling you what it is for thirteen years, and you want the CIA's definition. Fine. May your chains rest lightly upon you, and may history forget we were "allies".
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:30 AM
    We're seeing all kinds of "progress". We're getting left progressivism and "conservative progressivism". Progressive is what the P in GOP now stands for. We are progressing toward fascist tyranny so fast there's no longer any need to ask, are we there yet? The GOP means nothing. They're not counting our votes anyway; it's not even a secret any more. Stick a fork in this republic. We couldn't keep it. We traded it for shiny beads, trinkets and a chance to piss off Chuck Todd one last time.
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Among my many interests was electricity and I decided that I wanted to change how the industry operates. Understanding the free market as I did, I was pissed that the coolest discovery in the history of mankind was being regulated to death by the government. I wanted to change that.

I found a job as a part-time temporary meter reader. My girlfriend went ballistic that I was quitting a salaried job for a part-time temp job, but I had complete confidence in what I was doing. Meter

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I’ve never used this blog feature before, but since people have wondered (and asked) about my personal story, I figured it was best to do it in here rather than the forums.

It may come across as anecdotal, but I assure you that this same type free market story is working itself out all over the country and the globe. Even in the face or increasing government interference.

I was born in Western PA the third of four boys. When I was still a baby, the second child died

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