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    Yesterday, 10:44 PM
    ^^THIS^^ I have saying this for years- Iran is NOT the enemy- it is a place that has refused the US's takeover so it must be called a terrorist nation to justify whatever the US decides to do to it.
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    Yesterday, 09:06 AM
    osan replied to a thread This was not self-defense in History
    About time somebody said it.
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    Yesterday, 09:01 AM
    Sure, so long as it is properly architected, implemented, maintained, and administered. I'd be surprised if a nation could accomplish even one of those objectives. All four? C'est très peu probable. Our problems stem not so much from the form of government so much as the fact of it.
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    Yesterday, 08:50 AM
    Poor, foolish, reckless, suicidal evidence.
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    Yesterday, 08:45 AM
    Yeah, but there'd still be the Olde English 800.
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    Yesterday, 08:32 AM
    If Trump's "draining the swamp" talking point is real, which perhaps it is nothing more than political bullshit, he should be a great fan of Assange. It could be argued that Assange had a lot to do with Trump's ascension to the throne.
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    Yesterday, 08:19 AM
    If it's more than five minutes past, it's ancient history.
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    05-21-2017, 09:18 PM
    For five minutes. Maybe. You erroneously assume you can have a cadre of saints to lord over the dregs. That is how it's been done since Sumer and it has been a perfect formula for universal misery and death. The only good solution is freedom, but it must be taken come what may. You appear to be seeking guarantees where none are possible. A warrior culture will yield the best possible circumstance for men. There will still be horror and ugliness, but I suspect they would be far less abundant. Au contraire. The economic system, AKA the market, is centrally important. It is the environment in which property rights are most commonly exercised. To discount it as you have done is a great error, IMO.
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    05-21-2017, 05:52 PM
    Utopia? Not sure how you mean the term. It may have the common connotations, all of which are in error, or you might mean it in the sense of the tome of equal title by Thomas More. A free land is in no certain terms a utopia. It is simply free. Free men have the choice of how they will live. They may choose the "perfect" order of the utopia, chaos, or anything in between. The conditions of their lives, at least in terms of human relations, are entirely up to them. It is a choice and a decision, prone to no happenstance and accident. Men choose how they will live together. The choose the tyrannies they set upon their fellows, just as those fellows choose those very tyrannies to which they have been subjected. Matters of choice, all of it. Those who perpetrate are compelled by no force other than their FAIL (Fear Avarice Ignorance Lassitude), just as those subjected are largely guilty in similar measure and style.
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    05-21-2017, 03:07 PM
    Oh don't take what I wrote so personally, for pete's sake. I said you READ like a communist, not that you ARE one. The implication of what you wrote is that force is just in the relevant sense. I disagree. If fire departments are truly wanted, people will find ways to have them on a voluntary basis, rather than through the villainy of taxation. Now, if people were generally honest, just, and respectful of the rights of men, we could have minarchy without tyranny. That, however, is are REALLY big "if" for which there appears to my eyes to be no extant examples as we scan the long and abundantly miserable history of human Empire. Given this, I do believe my case is well made that people, given a foot in the doors of power, drive themselves mad with it in no time flat. It seems to be what we do. What we need is warrior-anarchy, which I also call "panarchy", if "archy" must be used. I prefer, however, "autodiathism", from the Greek for "self determination", and a term I coined a few years back. It seems clear to me that highly packed populations are eminently prone to tyranny. Less dense centers are less prone, perhaps because people are on a more personalized basis in their relationships with others. When one man sees another as a man and not as a thing, the nature of the relationship between the two tends to be very much better than the other way. Big city cops tend to see non-cops as objects, or even as "the enemy", and behave accordingly.
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    05-21-2017, 02:54 PM
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    05-21-2017, 02:49 PM
    You read a bit like a communist.
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    05-21-2017, 02:42 PM
    † Wrong. It needs governANCE. The two are related, yet they are not the same. GovernMENT suggests separation of governing roles from the general population. This is FAIL^FAIL and the primary reason we are in shit up to our eyeballs. There are no cops where every man assumes the role with faithfulness to the task, which includes respect for his fellows. †† This one you got right. :)
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    05-21-2017, 02:36 PM
    Article talks a lot, mostly via innuendo, yet says very little of direct intelligibility. As is typical of this ilk of personality, valid observations are made, however sparingly, and then all the wrong conclusions are reached. A hall mark of these sorts of articles is the false dichotomy. In this case the implication is that we are either responsible or we are capitalist, ignoring the fact that not only can we be both, but that most companies are. The innuendo of false assumptions is lousy in this article. There are in any event a small handful of near-reasonable statements. To wit: Correct insofar as it goes, but the author leaves out universes of information that could have been nutshelled in reasonable space by an honest and capable writer.
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  • osan's Avatar
    05-21-2017, 07:10 AM
    I don't care what anyone says, Sessions is poison. My good friend Mike, someone whose opinions I trust implicitly, is wrong when he says that Sessions is a good choice if put to the right mission because it is pretty clear he is not being so put. He would have made a superb special prosecutor for the purposes of hunting and trying the manifold traitors including Obama, Clinton, etc. As AG, however, I think he sucks precisely because his opinions on issues such as the drug war are not even remotely sound. What's next, prosecution of chromosexuals and adulterers? This is the sort of thing that puts people against the so-called "conservatives", precisely because so many of them are rank, unwashed assholes where these questions arise. They spew and spout "freedom" as they destroy the lives of non-criminals who happen to engage in acts they find personally objectionable. Hypocrites, and in many ways no better than their accursed counterparts on the so-called "left". If only we could be rid of them all. Of course, the twenty people remaining would have a difficult time keeping America going. And this is the sort of thing Rand does that leaves me shaking my head: pandering. What in hell does race have to do with it? I know he's playing the game, but I find it despicable. Speak forthrightly, for Christ's sake, and cut the shit. This is a failing of his that he needs to work to erase. His father is not in this habit which is one of the reasons I have such respect for the man. He calls it clearly, honestly, and without these cheap attempts at appealing to people who will hate him no matter what he says or how he says is. It demeans himself, as well as those who support him, which I still do, but find myself in a state of indigestion in the wake of such transparent antics. It lacks art, though I admit this is from a thinking man's standpoint. I suppose he may be assuming the rank stupidity of those who fall for such nonsense and he may well be right. I just hope it's not that tired old act of...what are they calling it now... "virtue signaling" (do I have that right?). I don't care what grand and oblique strategy may be at play - trust is the issue at hand and that is not won by sneaky, back-handed approaches. It is precisely this that puts me off about Trump - doing apparently stupid-shitty things with supposedly some grand master plan of inscrutable obliquity behind it, leaving mere idiots such as myself wondering what in hell is going on. At least if such is the true case, explain the ideas behind it so people can get behind YOU.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-20-2017, 12:51 AM
    Uh.... I've been reading since I was 3 and I have read 1000s of different authors and books. When I was 15 I decided to read all of Dickens, Tolstoy, and Steinbeck. The premise is that there are only so many stories to tell- HOW you tell it makes all the difference. Never said House was classic literature- was just making a comparison about only so many stories to tell. Here is the basic list: BTW- reading is your friend- try it instead of silly ASSuming.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-20-2017, 12:21 AM
    He did NOT beat his wife- she and her legal team made up shit. And, BTW- Trump is a douchebag actor with his own TV show who cheated on his wife- but that's OK, amirite? And for all you haters, I don't watch TV- watched all of Sherlock in about 3 days because it was so well written and I'm a writer. Watched House with a friend and dig Hugh Laurie- that is the extent of my TV watching for years.
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 09:00 PM
    The biggest upside? Our government is caught up doing this instead of working together to destroy our liberties. Let the branches fight!! I hope it goes a long time!!
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 05:15 PM
    Actually in the 60s the whole Kennedy mess was this same kind of operation.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 05:07 PM
    Posted it a few times but THIS seems the perfect analysis of Trump. ;)
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 05:04 PM
    Come on, ya gotta love Hugh Laurie, whether the show appeals to you or not. PLUS- There are only so many stories to tell- it's how you tell them. Classic literature is "classic" because of how it's told.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 04:59 PM
    TRUTH. And this is also the reason for the hatred of Iran; they need to be toppled for their oil.
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 10:15 AM
    Lol. We're getting it either way in case you haven't noticed. At least this has the potential to slow down their progress.
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 09:00 AM
    Maybe, but I'm still rooting for it! I did the same thing during the Clinton administration. Here's the thing: What would you rather have your government and media do? Fight amongst themselves or work together to remove more of your wealth and liberty? I know where I stand. None of them are talking about reducing government - only different ways to manage it. So I'll cheer on the in-fighting all I can instead of letting them "get back to the working on the business of the American people".
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 07:47 AM
    LOL Anyone who watched House has got a few brain cells; really well written and acted- same with Sherlock.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 07:45 AM
    Ya think? :rolleyes:
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  • Ender's Avatar
    05-19-2017, 07:44 AM
    I dunno....THIS seems to be right on:
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