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    Yesterday, 08:15 PM
    MelissaWV replied to a thread Spiders! in Open Discussion
    Dr.3D prepare for your superpowers to appear by morning
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    Yesterday, 07:31 PM
    Let us not forget what an intelligent real libertarian looks and sounds like...
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    Yesterday, 07:07 PM
    1. Your entire post structure, language use, and general signature has changed dramatically. Weird stuff. Hope you're feeling okay. 2. Do you know what a "coffin ship" is? ETA: 3. Do you know that some black slaves were allowed to buy their freedom as well? Being able to buy your own contract does not change the fact there's a contract to begin with. There were white slaves, just the same as there were black masters (which you yourself mentioned). There were also plenty of black people selling fellow black people into slavery. I would not say it was a racist institution originally, but it led to racism in that the common Colonial was raised with the vast majority of black people they came into contact with being property, therefore it was easier to think of them as lessers and dehumanize them. 4. A lot of white slaves were more of the legs-spread variety. It doesn't make them less a slave to call them a prostitute. They are owned, with no chance of buying freedom, and far less chance of a lovely life. Not all slaves were whipped.
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    Yesterday, 06:51 PM
    MelissaWV replied to a thread Spiders! in Open Discussion
    A movie ending fit for AF ... stay with it ... then hate me forever.
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    Yesterday, 04:56 PM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to GunnyFreedom again.
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    Yesterday, 09:25 AM
    There is a good reason that the trust in MSM is at an all time low.
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    Yesterday, 08:39 AM
    Five years ago, a unit of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a 19-page report that all but ruled out the possibility of children here getting lead poisoning. Government supplied science - You get what you pay for.
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    09-27-2016, 05:37 PM
    No one won in last night's debate, except maybe Bill Clinton, who looked super happy to be greeting Mrs. Trump.
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    09-27-2016, 05:35 PM
    I thought that, too. You could swap around the punctuation and come up with some interesting variations. white people. do something. white people? do something. white people! do something! white people do something
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    09-27-2016, 05:28 PM
    The thread had been gone for a couple of weeks :( I thought it might actually die. Alas.
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    09-27-2016, 05:25 PM
    You really shouldn't be allowed to criticize someone's (ab)use of English.
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    09-27-2016, 05:22 PM
    Holy overreaction. I didn't say anything about forcing someone to vaccinate (actually, I said the exact opposite, but whatever). What I said was that you and another poster surprised me with this dangerous and outdated view on STDs. You can teach your daughter to be moral, and never sleep with anyone but her one true love who will also be a complete and total virgin, and I guess she will also not come into contact with any contaminated blood or objects, and you're fine with her being at the mercy of some guy's honesty with regards to his past sexual history... sure, nothing can go wrong in any of those steps. I'm sure your family comes from a long history of virgins-only-at-marriage-getting-together-and-never-splitting-up. Please don't bring up protection, either; HPV can be transmitted by incidental contact that occurs during putting a condom on, etc.. It gets transmitted to the hand, and then that hand touches other things. Heck, it can be transmitted to babies by their mother during birth. Then there's always the curious matter of where the first cases could have come from, but for some reason people don't give that enough thought. I won't go too far into the prevalence of sexual assault, but suffice to say you can do everything "right" and wind up on the losing end of that. Hopefully I won't hear a "I'll teach her not to get into those morally repugnant situations where sexual assault can happen," because that's pretty much in this same category where someone getting HPV only did so because they were immoral and hedonistic. You can teach someone to drive really well, but you still have to worry about the other drivers on the road. /end rant.
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    09-27-2016, 01:56 PM
    I don't think they need to defend this. Nobody expects politicians, candidates, presidents, etc to be honest and not lie. Quite the contrary, I think Americans expect to be lied to by these people. Were you under the impression that people expect to be told the truth and not lied to?
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    09-27-2016, 04:07 AM
    No, it's in WV near my hometown. And yeah, I can definitely understand why you wouldn't really be on board with accepting tyranny for the sake of peace. I'm not really either, but it's not my country here so I guess that means I don't have to worry about it.
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    09-27-2016, 04:05 AM
    Good idea! I'll get around to that soon.
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    09-26-2016, 10:52 PM
    I was really hoping that Hillary would cough-fart and that would be the end of the whole race. :(
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    09-26-2016, 08:38 PM
    This country is so screwed. Ron Paul could destroy both of these fools. Almost anyone on this website could out debate them both. One of these two people are going to be our next president and neither gives a shit about liberty.
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    09-26-2016, 07:30 PM
    Bad timing. This debate is a couple of "white" people "doing something" lol It's an interesting piece. I hope the people who put it up never get sued for an idiotic reason like "the artwork made that guy decide to shoot people" or something similar.
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    09-26-2016, 07:28 PM
    Don't forget that she is also going to cut taxes more than ... I mean ... raise taxes more than... I mean... what?
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    09-26-2016, 05:32 PM
    That isn't what the OP is saying. It's saying there's a benefit that's being lost as the skill is no longer being widely taught and learned. What's taking its place is also part of the problem, since it's largely reinforced "No Child Left Behind" leftovers taught on tablets and computers. I would settle for people developing penmanship of any kind.
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    09-26-2016, 05:30 PM
    Nor have the responses to your observation, honestly, so we should just pretend we already hashed it all out :) * * * As for the OP, the big excuse I hear a lot for grown people not in a relationship is a lack of time. They don't want to invest time in getting to know someone, or in spending time with someone. I'm not talking decades of deep philosophical discussion. I mean that they would rather just walk up to the woman of their choice and get a yes or no on the spot, which they could then instantly cash in. This goes for the other side of the coin, too. People want what they want and they want it instantly, with as little effort as possible. So when I hear someone who wants to be a non-virgin and still is one at 25-30, it screams that they do not want to put forth any effort at all. That's bad on a micro scale (do you want to have sex with someone who makes you do all the work?) all the way to a macro one (if you wind up married, good luck with someone who thought of getting to know you as a terrible chore). There IS a stigma... just like people wonder about you if you've had three failed marriages, or if you're grown and working in fast food, or if you were in jail for some time, or live with your parents, or dropped out of HS, etc.. It's not that they automatically make you a bad person on their own. It's that they send up caution flags.
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    09-26-2016, 05:24 PM
    I got this when I Googled girls with pens. I got other, more interesting pictures, but this one spoke to me. "Its" a great one, and it's very telling that she says she wants to escape the free world and go to a more "colorfull" one.
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    09-26-2016, 05:17 PM
    Who says this place is predictable?
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  • PaulConventionWV's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 05:06 PM
    I agree. In fact, that was part of my point, that the people of other nations, particularly China, don't seem to have as many quarrels with their government because they've already been subdued for a long time. America's only not quite that way yet because it's a relatively new nation. Right now, it is quite a lot more outwardly oppressive than other nations, but part of my point is that, if tyranny yields such results and is inevitable, then maybe it's actually preferable to the blind patriotism and deep-seeded belief that we're "special" held almost exclusively by the US (and the UK to some lesser extent).
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 04:54 PM
    The same could be said of people who think vaccines ruined everything. What's weird is that earlier you admitted you were fine with the vaccines themselves, just not the additives and poisons contained therein and the mandating of so many damned vaccines at such a young age (and, by extension, I'd imagine the easiest objection to cure would be to allow for opt-out of innocuous diseases that are now being vaccinated against for no good reason). * * * There's some truth in just about everything being said that isn't about personal insults or demonizing an entire swath of the country. Autism likely did exist before vaccines. It's fruitless to try to figure out precisely which cases of people acting certain ways were really autism, or would at least be categorized as such today. The diagnoses they were saddled with at the time are all we have to go on. It would be a hundred times more futile to argue that autism rates were anywhere near what they are today --- even accounting for a broadening of the spectrum and a much higher frequency of pediatrician visits where the physician is on the lookout for autism in youngsters. Something, or many somethings, obviously changed and contributed to a climb. Studies of "unvaccinated children" are usually not great. Even though I'm not going to whisper about conspiracies here, the main reason is that unvaccinated children are rare and could easily be categorized as endangered. Would you want your unvaccinated child to participate in an official study?
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  • PaulConventionWV's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 04:23 AM
    I really appreciate that thoughtful response! Most people reject the notion that China could be good in any way, shape, or form based on knee-jerk reactions to the ideas they've been fed about it being one of the worst, most oppressive places on earth, along with the China-US competitive mentality that has been widespread lately.
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  • PaulConventionWV's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 04:20 AM
    Yeah. Nobody can really make those decisions for you. It's one of the most notoriously complicated issues in history. I chose to leave the country, others may wish to start a revolution or simply live an agorist lifestyle or just be a sucker and play the system while ignoring the vast injustices, which I don't recommend. I wholly agree, however, that America is not one of the best places for an agorist lifestyle, not even close. I've considered South America and a few other places. I hear society as a whole is pretty happy in some of those countries, like Colombia, but I've never been there so I don't really know. It seems most of the developed countries are out of the question as far as freedom is concerned, but China's pretty close to a developed country, and you don't even have to really interact with its bad parts if you stay in the big cities so it's not hard to live as if it is a fully developed country. You just have to get used to the local customs, and some of them are a bit hard to swallow, like the work environment, which I could go into more detail about but it's kind of long so I'll wait and see if anyone's interested. The point is, find a place that suits you or fight if you really want freedom. Passively accepting it might work out in your favor, but for the obvious reasons it wouldn't be the noble thing to do, and besides, why risk it? The system might chew you up and spit you out, even if you try to merge with it. Everyone's situation is different, which is what makes it so hard to start any kind of revolution, and this particular system has the unique advantage of being inundated with mass media and a ***** belief in freedom that really doesn't stand up to scrutiny but is reinforced by the constant barrage of propaganda from the media that allows us to believe that what we have now is still anything like what the founding fathers gave us and that we can actually do something about it. To me, that's the worst part. Before we can do anything, we need to get rid of this false notion that we can change things through entirely passive means like voting. We need to stop using the system to change the system.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 09:21 PM
    Which is why I am sure you will shortly rally to defend angelatc from someone naming her Angela in his post. You also may want to reread the posts in this thread belittling the "medical profession" (weren't you just pointing out sarcasm quotation marks...) as a bunch of profit-seeking monsters only interested in stringing people along to make a buck, dispensing pills and cashing big ole checks. This is not the first thread to do that, nor will it be the last. It's a pattern old as the forums themselves, so no, not projecting .
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    For your information English is my first language. But it seems you have a quite aggressive repetition on here, by the way i am not the one whose being aggressive why dont you take a look at your own post and read it again? maybe then that would clear up a few things.

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    Your PM is full. That said, the second link you gave me totally confirms what I was saying to you. People are consumed in hell. I'm not sure why you thought that would change my point of view. I could have written it.
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    That neg rep and name calling was really uncalled for.
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