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    11-28-2017, 05:32 PM
    You are one of the people on this site that rarely goes for cheap attacks and more importantly does the hard work of researching topics being discussed i.e. no lazy posting on your part unlike some people I dare not mention. Thanks for the post which confirms my earlier suspicion that either this was a hoax or the flier was made in jest. From snoops link we can assert that it was the latter. The word facetious gave the context to the flier which most of the triggered wingers would prefer is not disclosed. Psst, the website still uses LGBTQ in their subsequent official documents even after the seminar. If they were serious with the flier, they would have kept the longer abbreviation after the seminar but they didn't. The funny thing is that even after this point is revealed by snoops, this wouldn't deter the incessant adolescent jokes and snickering by the multitude of RPF wingers. I put the last part in the hope that u guys will try your best to prove me wrong :) Btw, trying to quit RPF is harder than trying to quit crack. The moment u come back, the stronger the urge to stick around and reply to all the shyte posting that people make.
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    11-28-2017, 03:15 PM
    Well officially, I am supposed to have quit RPF a while back but every once in a while I decided to lurk to see what silly adventures you kids are up to. Anyway, as is very common with RPF, someone usually posts something outrageously, hard to believe feminist and SJW related article to get everybody riled up. To cut a long story short because I am on a timer. What evidence is there to support this pic? any shyte stirrer could have easily made it, taken a pic of it and then went ahead to spread it to the masses. I am not saying this is what happened but this could have happened and absent any real evidence to support this pic, I wouldn't go around spreading it like it is gospel And why do I think this could be fake? for one, go to the elementary teachers federation of Ontario (ETFO) official website and use the calendar function to search for June 6th events and this inclusiveness training doesn't show up, also the website still uses the abbreviation LGBTQ in their documents(need microsoft word to read their documents (type inclusive in the search bar and start reading) posted after the June 6th (2016 maybe?). Does this mean that they disregarded what they learned in their inclusiveness training? that is possible. But seeing as there is really nothing backing this picture, I would definitely stay the hell away from it. You don't want to be the one spreading fake news. Don't believe everything you read on the internet that confirms your bias. Peace out people. official website.
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    You gave me a negative rep a month ago because you have no sense of humor. Lame.
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    Working from within has worked. Just not for us. The progressives have taken over.
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    I was making a sarcastic comment just as Dr.3D was making fun of the phoney outrage at crayon makers being racist.
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    Are you kidding? Watch it? I studied it. A brilliant piece of work I try to get all my family members to watch. One of the best movies I have ever seen. Likely to remain on that list as long as I remain in this body.
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    What exactly did I say that surprised you?
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