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    07-12-2019, 10:32 AM
    buenijo replied to a thread Home Brewing in Freedom Living
    I got back into brewing almost two years ago and got decent equipment. I made some batches of beer that turned out very good. However, beer is too much trouble. It also puts serious weight on me. So, I took up my old meadmaking practice and mastered it. By carefully controlling fermentation conditions and sourcing excellent raw honeys, I now make fantastic meads that are crystal clear and ready to bottle inside of two months - and at 16-17% abv and dry, yet no alcohol heat. This stuff is amazing. My favorite is made from a wildflower honey I source in bulk from Central America. I also make a few different products from various botanicals including cactus fruit brandy and a spirit made from the body of the cactus that is amazing. These have a tequila like nose and may be substituted for tequila in mixed drinks with good results, but retain a unique flavor. I have had more than one person claim to prefer my oak aged cactus fruit brandy over high end tequilas including Don Julio 1942. My experience is one can make their own beverages at a fraction of the cost of purchasing directly, and make a far superior product. Beer is a pain in the ass. Working with fruit is messy, so I don't bother with fruit wines (but brandy is easy). Mead is surprisingly easy and makes a divine product ONLY when done properly. Stilling is the easiest of all because control of primary fermentation is not so critical and aging and clearing is not a factor (unless one is looking to barrel age). Fruit brandies (eau de vie) are easy and excellent - and low cost if you get the fruit at low cost.
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    07-09-2019, 12:20 PM
    Hey everyone. Just adding a video to the thread for interest. Also, I am starting a steam engine project and will provide periodic updates here (assuming it progresses). Please do not expect much. I am constrained by a very limited budget, so I must advance slowly. I had to think way outside the box to reduce costs. My general approach is as follows: (1) FIRST develop the furnace. (2) Only after the furnace is completed will I advance to the steam generator. (3) Once the system can generate steam at the required rate, temperature, and thermal efficiency will I advance to the engine and battery charging system. (4) Finally, once the engine performance proves satisfactory (including control and safety systems) I will continue with thermal storage, space heating, and water heating systems (generally these are straightforward). (5) Later, I may consider heat powered space cooling systems (the video I posted here describes a promising space cooling approach that I discussed somewhere in these forums years ago). Clearly, this project will take years. VIDEO: Anyway, the system described in the video regenerates a liquid desiccant by heating it, trickling it over a large surface area contained in a column, then forcing air in the opposite direction to remove water from the desiccant. The now warm and more concentrated desiccant is cooled, then trickled over a large surface area contained in a second column. Air is forced in the opposite direction within this second column. The air is dried and heated in the process (the absorption of water into the desiccant generates heat). So, the dry air must be cooled back down to ambient. Now one has very dry air at ambient temperature that can be used in an evaporative cooler to achieve low temperatures.
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