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    Yesterday, 03:19 PM
    +reps, someone cover me.
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    01-21-2017, 10:04 AM
    I'm quite sure Trump looked at the initial success of Ron, especially in Iowa and the rest of the early primary states in 2012, when it comes to being anti-establishment.
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    01-21-2017, 09:58 AM
    I think it's hard to say. The LP could win a seat, I don't know.. There has to be a grassroots campaign though since the media will ignore them. And with ignoring I mean, zero airtime. And if there is any airtime it's probably to ridicule. They would need 15x the votes they got the last election or so to win a single seat. But then, anything can happen. I'm certainly talking to some people but I find that a lot people while receptive to lower taxes then say 'yes but not for the rich, they have to pay.', so I'm not sure if I can convince that many people to vote for them. On the other hand, I guess the people that voted in the last election are dedicated and will vote for them again. Which is a luxury that most other parties with no seats do not have. They are more of the same philosophy. I don't know about it becoming more libertarian. There are reasons why I think the future is great and then there are plenty of reasons why I don't think it will be so great. I think people want to be comforted by charismatic people and those charismatic people will run up the debt because they can, play to peoples fears... And while talking a great deal about good solutions, not actually accomplishing any of them. Overall though, I don't know. Anything can happen. If the LP for instance would be featured on some kind of TV program that people actually watch, a single seat would become easy to get. People with zero name recognition have successfully started new parties before, but they got media attention... In regards to an anti-immigrant stance, yes I do think people will become more anti-immigrant. Which I think is a sad thing since we're all people and there is no reason to have animosity towards others. I do think that we should stop giving immigrants benefits as soon as they come in. I'd like something where people are free to come but they have to provide for themselves for the first 5 years before they are eligible for anything. And I'm not against refugees but I don't like the way anybody can come over right now. It's not safe and we're allowing people with a vastly different way of life, ideology and birth rate over into our country, in large numbers. In my opinion anyone is welcome as long as they respect our ways and traditions.. I'm afraid though that the anti-immigrant sentiment that in the next years will become greater isn't based on such a rational thought. I'm afraid that people won't really see the difference. Which is a shame because there are some great people who happen to be immigrants.
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    01-20-2017, 12:04 PM
    It is illegal to have a sense of humor, comrad.
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    01-20-2017, 11:32 AM
    Good enough ? I'm going to vote for the Libertarian party again. They have no seats as of yet. They hired someone from the Ron Paul campaign this time around... They regularly use Ron Paul as an example and their platform is pretty Ron Paul-ish. BTW, as a foreigner, you are allowed to donate to the Dutch Libertarian Party if you want to make freedom happen in Europe. Keep in mind that all parties together may spend 10 million or so.. Up to several hundred Euro's donations can be anonymous IIRC. So yeah, our campaign finance laws are eh, pretty loose compared to yours. (at least this was the case last election, I must say I haven't followed any changes.)
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    01-18-2017, 02:08 PM
    Well, he was the campaign manager... They regularly received millions from moneybombs around the time this happened. I don't know about that approval thing that you mention.
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    01-16-2017, 01:14 PM
    Butyric acid stinks.
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    01-16-2017, 12:26 PM
    Well... Nobody ever considers the health impacts from people who fear the government. Especially those who did not harm anyone and those who's only potential crime is not following some words that were once written. There is a pretty famous case from the Netherlands where a nurse was convicted and sentenced to life in prison because she had apparently killed a bunch of patients. She was convicted based on statistics and experts who said it had to be true. Later she was freed because it was proven there were no murders. IIRC she spend 6 years in jail and during that time had a cerebral infarction from all the stress of being convicted unfairly. These are the kinds of things that make me really fucking sad because, there is absolutely no fucking reason why we have to treat each other this way. We are the people, lets be nice to each other and lets not accept anything less than that.
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    01-16-2017, 12:19 PM
    A very well written and proof-read article..
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    01-15-2017, 11:29 AM
    I put my case of beer in the boot. I don't want to damage the leather.
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    01-15-2017, 05:06 AM
    Very useful if you have a car that has sensors in all the seats and you are carrying shopping bags or any other sorts of goods.
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    01-14-2017, 01:05 PM
    I wish I could do that here. Maybe, in 10-15 years, I will be your neighbor. :p
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    01-14-2017, 12:30 PM
    Well, that's what I am afraid for. Most of these so called meat replacements aren't as tasty as real meat... Hardly ever juicy. But that doesn't mean it's not possible.
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    01-14-2017, 12:08 PM
    They want cows to become extinct. The reason there are so many cows on this planet is because they are so damn tasty.. Same with chickens, they hit the genetic lottery and have genes that make them very abundant species. If they didn't taste so well, as a species they would do much worse. So yeah. We should start eating tigers and other endangered animals. :p PS: I have no problem with eating vegetarian as long as it's just as tasty and nutritious. In fact, if it were proven to be just as nutritious and tasty, I'd go vegetarian. No point in killing animals just because you can. Growing wheat and stuff takes much less land than growing wheat and feeding it to cows... So more food for all of us, at lower prices. I don't see this as a bad thing. I call this progress. What I would not call progress is if eating meat where banned... Teh free market. That's what I want.
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    01-14-2017, 02:38 AM
    I like the Swiss. They have a well organized country and if you like it you can come there and live with them. But they don't like people who come there to live off other people or people who want to change the very fabric of the country... Agree or disagree with how they run their country, at least they have their own country and want to keep it. They are quite libertarian in some ways.. Tyrannical in others. They hate cars and smoking is ridiculously expensive... Apart from that, great country.
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    01-14-2017, 02:29 AM
    I'm not an anti-vaccination. I'm a science guy. However, I feel/think I have experienced adverse effects to a vaccination. I had to get a Hep-b vaccination, which consists of 3 different shots at three different intervals. The day after I received the second shot and for the next two weeks I felt sick, had to throw up a bunch of times and for a long while after that I was very sensitive to small movements, such as being in a train that rolls very slowly from side to side. Bad luck I guess.
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    01-14-2017, 02:12 AM
    Nice coincidence. My colleague felt not so well yesterday and later we found out that he'd called the doc at 1:13pm, which in Europe is 13:13. Must have been his lucky day, he lived. :p
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    why should I? The covering of the head represents submission to God , modesty and respect. It is Something that is relative to culture and time.

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    If you believe that the New Testiment is Paul's Opinion and not God's word. THen you must reject the whole bible as Man's opinion because non of it was actually written by Jesus himself. You may have read the bible, but your understanding of it is clearly limited. My intent is to present the truth of God, when i see it being misrepresented. BTW was not Jesus who said Matthew 10:34-36. "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.For I have come to 'set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law';and 'a man's enemies will be those of his own household.'" Was that Matthew's opinion?
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    my intent was never to make anyone cry. However, I only shared what the gospel teaches. That may offend some people, but it also brings clarity to others. My hope will be that she find that clarity. As far ad me being a hate filled biggot. You are allowed to voice your opinion, but I will say how can I be hate filled I don't hate you or her or anyone else for that matter.
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