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    When did your balls disappear? I took a few weeks off and noticed everyone was neutered.
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    Someone's been dicking with your rep bars!
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    The latest beauty product. O_o

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    An impostor!!!

    Btw, I'm having rep issues. Franzia overdose is probably how I'll end up going. I read somewhere it has arsenic in it...

    I also had an accident and (surprisingly) Franzia wasn't involved. I slipped and broke my fall with my eye. This was taken right after I got stitches - can't really see them good, my eye is too swollen. The bruising hadn't started yet, it looks much worse now. I was really doped up when this was taken and could barely hold my good eye open.

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    Your ex?

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    This is an MRI of a banana. Kinda neat.
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    For real...
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    A beautiful bunch o' ripe banana

    You're the most 'a-peeling' of the whole bunch!
    Happy VD, Banana!

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    No boating today!!!

    5 Food Superstitions for Friday the 13th

    1. Bananas On a Boat: Bringing a banana on a boat has long been thought to be unlucky. The superstition started with fishermen who believed that the presence of a banana would bring bad luck for that day's catch. Others take the myth more seriously, thinking that a banana on a boat will bring death. According to the Los Angeles Times, modern day sailors and boaters are still extremely superstitious when it comes to bananas. Many captains go a step further than banning the yellow fruit, and also prohibit Banana Republic and Fruit of the Loom clothing.
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    Is this what you look like when you're mad?
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