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    03-30-2023, 09:23 PM
    This is what I was getting at, it may be too late. There would have to have been extensive testing on closed systems that mimic networks. a) creators of AI don't want to alarm politicians b) politicians don't want to look at computers c) creators of AI can afford salesmen who just show the politicians what they can win with this wonderful software
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    03-30-2023, 06:20 PM
    This website has not filled up as much as I'd like to help out with requests like this, but it's something: In particular:
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    03-30-2023, 06:13 PM
    Seems evident from the past few years, doesn't it? I imagine that, since they are worshipped for their careers and ostracized for questioning anything, it becomes an easy choice to just, go along to get along -- at least for the alarming number of people who are able to work on cadavers without quitting.
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    03-30-2023, 06:11 PM
    Doctors are to health as police are to crime. They show up after to take information and send it to some 3rd party, where you may or may not ever hear anything back that helps you.
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    03-30-2023, 06:03 PM
    What's the solution? I don't tend to just sit scared at things. I have for some time posited and predicted that programmers will experiment irresponsibly and avoid responsibility by blaming it on runaway AI. If it can runaway, they programmed it to run away. Which is not to dispute what you are saying. I do doubt that failsafes would be difficult to implement by anyone reasonably responsible. (It seems it's too late - unless Asimov was soft disclosure).
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    03-27-2023, 10:14 PM
    I would think it would be most helpful to spend time on the first few steps, such as ensuring that the goal, plan, idea, vision, is defined as best as can be at an early stage. Your initial description above reads to me as focused, logical, understandable, and coherent, but it still might be worth further consideration of how it might be improved or whether it is inaccurate or insufficient in any way (even though I do not myself see any specific ways that it is.) And to the extent it might be worthwhile to brainstorm surrounding, here are my thoughts: - The obstacle is that definitions change over time and can be manipulated or co-opted. The solution? I don't know but I think of roots. Connect the definitions to what is timeless wherever possible. - Plain language that has remained unambiguous in our known history and that have numerous precedential contextual examples would seem preferable to new words. - Examples of words that have been co-opted or definitions that have been manipulated and education on the techniques of such propagandistic manipulations is as important a defense as the dictionary itself? Here's what ChatGPT says about 'tell me how to outline a plan or idea' FWIW
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    03-27-2023, 09:48 PM
    Wow, I think I never saw that. Ambitious! I like it. My similar thoughts around that time were associated with a 3D click/draggable matrix of facts that can be rated by the crowd to visually show consensus (this is not something that exists, as far as I know). I imagine there is already a lot of material toward this end. I was thinking that to have any sort of educated opinion or critique on what you are/were trying to do with the Foundational Knowledge Dictionary idea, I'd need to do a lot of reading. To compare the tables of contents of encyclopedias and similar compendiums, to see what ancients may have said about delineating nature, to see what neural net / artificial intelligence programmers have written about how they try to define the boundaries of reality in their computational models. The same is true generally of the New Dictionary Project of this thread. There is requisite legal reading I would have to complete. However, I would be glad to help.
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    03-27-2023, 09:39 PM
    It seems with the times. Defining our own path forward rather than relying on the venerated experts who lost their way. And yet, the conservative principles are as valid as the liberal ones. It is time to embrace some big changes, while holding steadfast to what has always worked. The principled libertarian and his timeless axioms are as vital as his drive and courage to shed corruption.
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    03-23-2023, 01:40 PM
    ^^ Sage
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    03-05-2023, 12:31 AM
    LCN Opinin’ 026 – Macaque Mentality on AI and the Job Market Posted on March 4, 2023 by Macaque Mentality
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    03-04-2023, 01:37 PM
    I know you're looking to publish somewhere more established (just getting started) but feel free to drop anything for consideration @
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    03-04-2023, 01:45 AM
    Thanks for the explain :thumbsup:
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    03-03-2023, 03:22 AM
    FYI This PDF is actually for #15
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    03-01-2023, 10:23 PM
    It's a long election season.
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    03-01-2023, 09:34 PM
    Musk tweeted about it:
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    03-01-2023, 09:32 PM
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