• DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 11:05 AM
    They dont need facial recognition when they have cell phones that far too many people volunteer EVERY shred of private data to. Just wait until our "coin shortage" turns into the end of cash. That is the end of transactional privacy. PayPal already says you cant buy guns or ammo using their bank acct. What happens when Wells Fargo tells you that you arent allowed to buy certain items at the grocery store because you are too fat or your cholesterol is too high?
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 10:42 AM
    Search for the "Red Pill movie" on here, if memory serves Casey Jay made it....
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 10:34 AM
    Yes, this is all true, but has no bearing at all where the rubber meets the road. The state says you must register. You refuse. If you are small enough fry, you skate, for a while. But if you are a large and successful business owner, you will have cops show up and they will shut you down for failure to comply.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 10:22 AM
    Because, right or wrong, you have been made the face of the enemy by Marxist revolutionaries. You (and me) represent The Old. The old is racist, oppressive, patriarchal, hommo-phobic, pedo-phobic, trans-phobic, sexist, imperialist and utterly incapable of "redemption" or change. You Are Obsolete. You are to be eliminated as a counter revolutionary threat.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 AM
    Yep, the good news is this won't be hashed out in the court of public opinion, cuz it's not a very good court at the moment.. it will be hashed out in, hopefully in a fair trial. I think with a fair trial, the good news will be that the McMichaels will likely be exonerated. The bad news is that with all the misinformation in the media, a lot of people will think it was a miscarriage of justice.. particularly the people who like the riot or defend the rioters.
    9 replies | 361 view(s)
  • dannno's Avatar
    Today, 09:50 AM
    Here is the video of him walking into the house, and running away when a neighbor comes up and yells at him. Hard to tell, but looks like he might be carrying something with his right arm. In the 911 call from the father McMichael, you can also hear him say "drop it!" once or twice, which corresponds with the timing on the original video where the tool appears on the street.
    9 replies | 361 view(s)
  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Today, 09:34 AM
    I'd bet good money that the RPF shills are employed by the Open Society Foundations. I've seen these shills elsewhere. They use the exact same techniques as the shills here.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 09:01 AM
    At 10:00 or so: Yes, they tell white people all the time not to buy guns and that they are going to take them away. And once the hollering about skyrocketing black crime in the cities gets traction, the new wrinkle will be "self defense is white supremacy". And why not? The core of the western (white) philosophy that our entire society is based on, is one of the primacy of the individual, and nothing is more important to that, than the right of the individual to defend themselves against hostile criminal or government attacks. And that is what is under attack by the Marxist mobs. Lost on me is the justification for the hypocrisy that says the bill of rights and the Manga Carta and common law is white supremacy (all creations of white western men) but Marxism (created by a white, western man) is not white supremacy?
    5 replies | 89 view(s)
  • RJB's Avatar
    Today, 08:53 AM
    This is one of those cases where I will let a jury decide. Every media account that I read is hyper sensationalized for one side or another. It's a shame that this incident happened, but I got more pressing things to dwell on in my life.
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  • RJB's Avatar
    Today, 08:49 AM
    When else do they label a pro rights group, a "so-called?"
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 08:38 AM
    BLM is the street muscle that will be used to carry out a Jacobin-esque genocidal "cleansing". And the liberty candidate just embraced it. Right now everything else: the Fed, the wars, the ever fucking debt and taxes...all of that is now of secondary or no concern to me. This is now life or death on a lee shore.
    84 replies | 1460 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 08:12 AM
    Our De Facto Antiwhite Apartheid https://www.takimag.com/article/our-de-facto-antiwhite-apartheid/ David Cole July 14, 2020 It’s charming how upset some of you are that the new apartheid isn’t “fair,” as though it’s supposed to be, as if cries of “This isn’t fair” are a devastating indictment of a system that’s unashamedly engineered for unfairness. This refusal to accept reality is “charming” because it’s childlike. “No fair” is an utterance of children. The concept of “fairness” is for most of us our first introduction to notions of ethics and morality: “Tommy got an extra cookie but I didn’t. No fair!” “Josh got the good crayons, I want the good crayons too!”
    3 replies | 80 view(s)
  • sparebulb's Avatar
    Today, 08:04 AM
    Maybe it was a drop hammer. Pardon the pun.
    9 replies | 361 view(s)
  • Madison320's Avatar
    Today, 07:46 AM
    Better in what way? As far as I'm concerned the most important aspect of any political party is the laws they support. Everything else is just noise. You guys seem to be way too focused on the noise and the politics and the gossip then on actual laws. The libertarian party has a much better platform than those other parties. I know for a fact the constitution party supports bad law on a bunch of major issues. Go read Ayn Rand's "Capitalism the Unknown Ideal". Learn about what true freedom means. You guys are worried about the wrong stuff. Who cares if facebook or youtube bans somebody? That's their right. Who cares about public statues? What we should really be worried about is when stuff manifests itself into law. That's where the rubber hits the road. Personally I think the biggest problem when it comes to law and race are discrimination laws. That's where the government actually initializes force against peaceful citizens for a "thought crime". But when I mention that on this site all I get are crickets. Why is that?
    84 replies | 1460 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 07:09 AM
    Damned if I know...these days all that has to happen is to fart sideways at an Anointed, and your life is over.
    56 replies | 1107 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 07:06 AM
    Victim #1 of the coming Marxist genocide?
    7 replies | 121 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 07:02 AM
    Yup, this. I'm convinced these polls are garbage, simply because too many are scared to reveal their true thoughts to some random stranger on the phone. That said, there is the flip side...freedom is not popular and people want this, lockdowns, Marxism and all the rest.
    20 replies | 345 view(s)
  • RJB's Avatar
    Today, 06:33 AM
    If the media wasn't hyping the virus, would anyone know it existed? In your daily life have you seen it actually effect someone (other than fear)?
    14 replies | 173 view(s)
  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 06:08 AM
    Very powerful information. Lots of good patriots out there, there is no doubt. I know General Flynn knows it as well, one of the reasons the enemy from within our country tried to take him out of the equation.
    15 replies | 141 view(s)
  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 05:14 AM
    1 Corinthians 12:13 | KJV For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.
    1421 replies | 108668 view(s)
  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 04:22 AM
    From Drudge; Men’s Rights Activist Marc Angelucci Shot Dead at His California Home https://www.thedailybeast.com/mens-rights-activist-marc-angelucci-shot-dead-at-his-california-home California police are investigating the homicide of a well-known activist in the so-called men’s rights movement who was found shot to death at his home over the weekend. Marc Angelucci was the founder of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Coalition for Men and the force behind many of the group’s lawsuits, and he was featured in the controversial documentary The Red Pill.
    7 replies | 121 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:13 PM
    Of course they are. They wanted this. Frankly, I wish "we" would hush up about it as well. Nothing but excuses for the Marxists to disarm me.
    13 replies | 296 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:07 PM
    You gotta hand it to our oppressors, they are clever, they work hard and they never, ever stop. By pivoting Marxist canon from class to race, and then to introduce intersectionalism, so as to render nothing of the old order (including us) worth saving, is brilliant, strictly from a Machiavellian, political planning view. How I wish "we" were one tenth as committed, smart and organized. Instead we run around yipping and sniffing each other's asses, too scared to even acknowledge the threat, let alone fight back effectively against it.
    84 replies | 1460 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    49 replies | 845 view(s)
  • sparebulb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:20 PM
    Let me submit that I would only recommend people to leave the big cities after a review of their voting record. I would be happy to serve as the gatekeeper.
    68 replies | 1578 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:01 PM
    This is the only nit I'd pick in your post: the Marxist takeover of education, especially at universities, has been ongoing since the end of WWII. It was funded, as were Marxist revolutionists around the globe, by the USSR. There was a brief respite in the 1990s when the Soviets left the field broke, until the Maoist Chinese could get set up, with Bill Clinton's and Donald Rumsfeld's help, to take over in the new millennium. The Chinese are proving to be much better Marxists than the Russians ever could have been and in one generation have managed to turn them against country and family.
    84 replies | 1460 view(s)
  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:53 PM
    Tod and AF are nailing this thread. Put them on the prez ticket! And good God already, follow Tod's advice and GET OUT OF CITIES!
    49 replies | 845 view(s)
  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:49 PM
    Looks like the area. I don't know much about gates, but they look like some half-assed HOAs. The people living behinds gates in cities are fools. Get out of the cities!
    68 replies | 1578 view(s)
  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:47 PM
    Why aren't you? Where's yours?
    49 replies | 845 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:40 PM
    Good fucking question. One I have been asking for years now, as it's been my position all along that you will not push back out of control cops and the state behind them without force. I tried for decades to get somnolent white folks to get pissed, get angry and start raising hell in the streets because, even more obviously now, that is what works. Everything else is just mental masturbation. Now I'm trying to get them off their asses and stir their stumps to save their fucking lives, and still, I'm met with nothing but suicidal sloth and stupidity. Freedom is not popular...and the only way you can get idiot white people out raising hell is in the larger name of Marxist revolution, because they are high functioning retards, and that is all they know and have been indoctrinated in. And where the hell the "cold dead fingers" crowd is at, well, that's an even better question.
    49 replies | 845 view(s)
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