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    Today, 04:53 PM
    Loose lips sink ships. You're a looser. Way to blow it.
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 04:46 PM
    Pan fried sirloins, brussels sprouts w/garlic, baked taters....
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 04:41 PM
    Ryan would have been out as speaker now if you hadn't gone and blabbed Trump and Rand's plan here on the forum. You know damn well there are Ryan interns spying on these forums. I blame you.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 04:32 PM
    That is correct. RyanCare was Romney/ObamaCare lite. Ryan is a nasty neocon that was trying to get this through.
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 04:19 PM
    FBI POSED AS FILMMAKERS TO INFILTRATE BUNDY SUPPORTERS https://www.infowars.com/fbi-posed-as-filmmakers-to-infiltrate-bundy-supporters/ Undercover FBI agents disguised as documentary filmmakers went to Nevada in 2014 to interview supporters of Cliven Bundy during their armed standoff with the government, says FBI Special Agent Charles Johnson. Testifying on the government’s behalf in its case against two supporters, Johnson told jurors Wednesday how the bureau used a fake film crew to gather statements during the standoff, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The videos were then played in court during Johnson’s testimony, showing jurors the defendant’s mindset during the standoff. Scott Drexler, one of Bundy’s supporters standing trial, told the bogus filmmakers that he traveled from Idaho to Bunkerville ranch when he learned about protests being waged against the Bureau of Land Management after its agents tried to seize cattle from Mr. Bundy following a legal land dispute. “What I was looking for was just a show of support…it seems as if when there are armed people around a situation, then the authorities have to be a little more civil, have to treat you like a person,” Drexler said on camera. “If nobody is facing any kind of consequences for their actions, they can just do whatever they want.” When asked by prosecutors what the protesters’ objective was, Drexler replied that “it was just a show of force.”
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Today, 03:49 PM
    From Drudge; In 24 States, 50% or More of Babies Born on Medicaid; New Mexico Leads Nation With 72% http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/24-states-50-babies-born-medicaid In 24 of the nation’s 50 states at least half of the babies born during the latest year on record had their births paid for by Medicaid, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. New Mexico led all states with 72 percent of the babies born there in 2015 having their births covered by Medicaid.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 02:51 PM
    Ryan was reading the forums and came across dannno's posts and was alerted. If dannno wouldn't have put the plan out there Ryan might have fallen into the trap.
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  • HitoKichi's Avatar
    Today, 02:49 PM
    God Bless the ‘Alt-Knight’ Based Stick Man! May His Tribe Increase!March 7, 2017 Ambrose Kane Racial15 comments This guy, affectionately and proudly dubbed, the ‘Alt-Knight Based Stick Man’ or ‘Based Stick Man’ showed up at the pro-Trump rally in Berkeley this past weekend and fought the ‘Antifa’ scum who were attacking Trump supporters using the very same kind of weapons they employ (e.g., stick and shields). I’m not sure if he had pepper spray, but he sure made good use of their Libtard heads! Even though the ‘Antifa’ wussies had sticks too, the ‘Based Stickman’ made sure to fight fire with fire. Now that’s a guy who understands what he’s up against. He was eventually arrested by Berkeley cops, and later bailed out of jail. Few of the ‘Antifa’ agitators were arrested doing the same thing as ‘Based Stick Man.’ Our commie-crusher’s real name is Kyle Chapman (it’s already all over the Internet so I’m not outing him!). He’s facing about five felonies and a misdemeanor, so he’s going to need some cash to get himself a good lawyer. He has a site soliciting funds for his legal defense, so I encourage my readers if they have some spare change to send it his way if possible. I don’t know if Kyle would necessarily agree with White nationalism or the kinds of things I post on this site. I suspect, in fact, that he probably wouldn’t. He’s married to an Asian woman, and she’s currently pregnant with his child. Nonetheless, the man has fought on behalf of Trump and his supporters, and he’s now paying the price for it. He bravely fought against our enemies, and I’m grateful for it. I think Kyle at least deserves our support, don’t you? Some of those on the ‘Alt-Light’ are not pleased that Kyle is being praised and supported by those of us on the Right. I don’t care what they think. We can only take so much from these thugs along with the police doing nothing before we start to rise up and fight back. Sticks and pepper spray now, but I suspect bullets later as the inevitable unfolds before the watching nation. It’s just a matter of time.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 02:28 PM
    Ya gotta admit. This shit was pretty funny while it was playing out.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 02:03 PM
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 01:48 PM
    Unless they just BML it like the fed gov has done for most of fly-over country. Doesn't matter who it belongs to, if the feds want it, they'll take it- just ask the Bundys or most Indian tribes.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:39 PM
    No, what you suggest is a continuation of the problem, and exacerbation of it.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:35 PM
    Youre sooooooo right. We should just give up and let them take all our Medical Privacy, not for actual medical usefulness, but so each of us can pay our "fair share" based on information gathered from that same Medical Invasion of Privacy for BILLING purposes. And we should pay 90,000 for drugs if we have MS, be denied for anything and everything for any form of Preexisting Medical Condition, allow medical marijuana to be made illegal once again as it should be, obey our reptillian overlords, ground our Tinfoil Hats so they dont act as amplifiers, consume Roundup With Glyphosate, not actually treat medical conditions, and shoulder the financial burdens despite having some sort of Mandatory Health Insurance and not Health Care (in its current evolving form), and have no control of our persons what so ever. Please go take a long hike off a short dock.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:28 PM
    Population Replacement. At least for the time being...
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:22 PM
    True that. Also, Illusion of Choice. That applies to Congress as well, but the methods are a bit more akin to what you said. The truth is that the outcome of the vote does not matter. Devil is in the details. No matter which way the vote goes, the people lose.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:12 PM
    The recount of 100 million votes is understandable. How the fuck can they say "too close to call" in Congress? Did their math skillz suddenly drop to their collective IQ's?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:09 PM
    https://www.statista.com/chart/8658/health-spending-per-capita/ I wonder why people, not just Millenials, are trying to avoid the doctor? Oh, and I wonder what happens when there is no Medical Privacy? Pay more for illnesses that are beyond your control to do anything about? Sounds about right. When all Medical Privacy is completely eliminated, do you think that those costs will get better, or worse? Hint: this is 'murika where the rich make more by providing lower quality services and products for as high of a possible cost as can be achieved... --- Related RPF Thread:
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:06 PM
    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-23/americas-1-again-healthcare-costs-around-world https://www.statista.com/chart/8658/health-spending-per-capita/ 'murika! We're #1! We're #1! ...for all the wrong reasons...
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  • HitoKichi's Avatar
    Today, 01:05 PM
    what surprised me was that Jackson was up there in the 10 worst
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 01:03 PM
    https://tech.slashdot.org/story/17/03/24/0110206/red-light-camera-grace-period-goes-from-01-to-03-seconds-chicago-to-lose-17-million Automatic fines of any sort are nothing more than a Taxation by Citation racket.
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  • HitoKichi's Avatar
    Today, 01:00 PM
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 12:57 PM
    Trump has been very supportive of Trans.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 PM
    They are an American company that identifies as a Canadian company. Hence, "Trans." Quit being a hater.
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  • timosman's Avatar
    Today, 12:28 PM
    Are they trying to distract us from something?:confused:
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