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    Today, 08:31 AM
    I agree that Trump was lied to by the many people who claimed they knew the science. If you recall, in many speeches he had made early on, he brings up the 1918 pandemic of which allegedly killed 50 million people. Many of the people around him told him that Covid-19 would more than likely turn out to be worse than that. Trump is not dumb, he needs to pay attention to the many of his constituents screaming about these kill shots. I am angry that he allowed his ego to get in the way from the truth. He should have realized Fauci was the very man that threw him under the bus from the get-go of this plannedemic. His HHS appointment, Azar had too many conflicts of interest as well.
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    Today, 08:17 AM
    1 John 4:12 No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.
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    Yesterday, 11:29 PM
    Museum appoints Veronica Stein as the new Woman's Board Executive Director, Learning and Public Engagement https://artdaily.com/news/134062/Museum-appoints-Veronica-Stein-as-the-new-Woman-s-Board-Executive-Director--Learning-and-Public-Engagement CHICAGO, IL.- The Art Institute of Chicago announced today that Veronica Stein will be the museum’s new Woman’s Board Executive Director, Learning and Public Engagement. Stein joins the Art Institute from Chicago’s Snow City Arts Foundation, an organization dedicated to inspiring and educating children and youth in hospitals through the arts, where she has served as program director since 2018. In her role as Woman’s Board Executive Director, Learning and Public Engagement, Stein will explore what museum education can be, guiding a holistic vision for learning and creativity that fulfills the needs of diverse constituents of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Stein’s strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and energy will shape our path forward, and her particular experience with organizational culture transformation, capacity building, and accessibility, as well as her impactful work with students and educators, will be assets to meeting the changing needs of the museum and our communities. Radiating out from the newly improved and accessible space of the Ryan Learning Center, Stein will lead the museum’s relationships with various constituencies, innovating how individuals and communities can make meaningful connections with our collection and exhibitions through a range of digital and in-person experiences. In addition, as a practicing darkroom photographer and textile artist, she will bring creative energy to the department and the museum.
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    Yesterday, 11:21 PM
    Bet every last one of them voted for Obama, Biden, Pritzger and BeetleJuice. (sad trombone sound) Fuck off white devils, you're not welcome here anymore. I'm sure De'No'Tray and Ta'Queesha will feel much more welcome now, and instead of shooting each other in gang warfare ambushes, will instead stroll down to the Art Institute to gaze at Rubens and Picassos.
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    Yesterday, 09:46 PM
    I apologize for my post in this thread. For some reason, I misread it and thought it was a covid thread rather than a polio thread, been a busy day.
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    Yesterday, 09:42 PM
    I got shingles five days after my boss got a shingles vaccine--the people who are superspreaders are the ones that get the jabs! :mad:
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  • RJB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:33 PM
    A cousin of mine developed Bell's Palsy the day after his second jab. An uncle developed shingles. He told his doctor and the doctor said that was very common. My uncle asked why no one told him (besides the whacko cospiracy theorists in his family) and the doc shrugged it off.
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    Yesterday, 09:18 PM
    Reported. The Count hacked The Texan's account.
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    Yesterday, 09:05 PM
    I can't believe he is only 24 as well. I know I am only seeing what he shows in the limelight, but this kid (an older fart like me sees everyone under 35 as a kid) holds himself up better than I would with the attention he's getting.
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    Yesterday, 06:00 PM
    And even if that happened, they'd nail him to the podium and claim his lack of motion was because he was depressed and "pinin' for the fjords".
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    Yesterday, 05:58 PM
    Of course it is. Trouble is the only real opposition is filled with quislings, traitors and gullible maroons who refuse to recognize and respond to that fact.
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    Yesterday, 05:52 PM
    A flat universal tariff is not "central planning". Try again.
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    Yesterday, 05:39 PM
    "Importers" are more worthless baggage who produce nothing and profit off others labor just like every other suit-n-tie. No idea what "scare quotes" are? There's good cronyism and bad, if they agree with my ideology they're good, if they produce any tangible good they're good, if they profit off others labor they're inherently bad. If they push social or political agendas I disagree with, they're bad.
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:52 PM
    I've not argued for or against tariffs but I am arguing for production as close to home as feasible. If for no other reason than to avoid 'entangling alliances'. I'm also arguing for localized production for serviceability of goods, even John Deere is buying the majority of their parts from overseas at this point and farmers are struggling to get their crops in and that's time sensitive. I'm one of those people who will pay more for made in USA but even that has been bastardized by lawyers/fed-gov to where the phrase doesn't really mean made in USA. I'd like to have the option of supporting labor forces with whom I have common ground when I purchase goods. Having the ability to say "I'm not going to buy from you" works locally and nationally so long as there's a choice of suppliers.
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    Yesterday, 11:55 AM
    We could. The Immigration Act of 1921 effectively shut down all immigration. The Emergency Tariff Act of 1921 allowed US agriculture to survive disruptions caused by the Great War and become what it is today, the last thing we make well. The Fordney McCumber Tariff of 1922 also was in place. The tariff was supported by the Republican Party and conservatives and was generally opposed by the Democratic Party, liberals, and progressives. One purpose of the tariff was to help those returning from World War I have greater job opportunities.
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    Yesterday, 10:43 AM
    Here is another interview. This man is very solid in his inner integrity and faith in God. I like his interviews. He reminds me of Ron Paul in the way he speaks from his heart, with no showboating. This man wears no mask. (no pun intended.) https://rumble.com/vnssex-nba-star-jonathan-isaac-is-standing-up-for-freedom.html vl6ma7
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    Yesterday, 09:15 AM
    Great Sachem is truly wise. Where is your sidekick, Danke these days?
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    Yesterday, 09:12 AM
    Because it isn't just Stanley. And it is the Stanley's and Black and Deckers and Milwaukees and hundreds of others that employ millions of people in good paying middle class jobs that pay enough money so that you can live a comfortable life and raise a family, and be part of and supportive of our nation and western civilization, instead of becoming a drug death statistic or a pink haired lesbian communist burning the place down. That's what this government is supposed to do: provide the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. It is actively doing everything it can to do the opposite.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:05 AM
    And he's right. There is more to this than just dollars.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:47 AM
    No doubt. But there is no question in my mind that the start of all this was handing our currency, our manufacturing, and by extension the American middle class, over to Chairman Mao, by the twin snakes of Kissinger and Nixon. That's an absolute that CCT declared. And it's not true.
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  • sparebulb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:43 AM
    A man who would fit right into today's democrat or neopub party.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:24 AM
    Never ever let Tyrants pick your heroes for you. --- When we let them do so, we end up with the likes of Steve Urkel and Gilligan vs any of our REAL Founding Fathers, or fictionally Rambo or John Wayne characters. California Gender Neutral Mandates ARE Modern Day Lynching In a way, this is not that different from Lynching.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:16 AM
    If that's the case then why has fifty years of relatively tariff free (only on our side of course) "free trade" left the nation utterly bankrupt, middle class wages stagnant, the family destroyed as everybody has to get out and work with nobody left to raise children but the Marxist "school" system from infancy to adult, individual debt at record levels, manufacturing, the source of those middle class jobs, decimated, and an entire generation so beat down by not only the propaganda being forced on them but the economic reality that they couldn't buy a home and start a family even if they wanted to, that they are killing themselves with dope to the tune of 100,000, mostly young white men, a year? In the same 50 years how has China become the world's leading economic and soon to be political and military superpower, with massive restrictive tariffs in place?
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:07 AM
    I'm all for it. I'd happily slap a tariff on goods made in, say, California, as matter of protest against their policies. I've had this argument many times here, you can go back and see my position has always been in favor of protective tariffs. I've always been in favor of an across the board 30 percent tariff on everything Made in China. Had that been put in place, perhaps China would not have been in the position to create, then release, a biological weapon on us and the world, that has now killed close to three quarters of a million US citizens.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:59 AM
    Let's say you're Stanley tools in CT. To manufacture a hammer in China, ship it halfway around the world, get it here, package it for retail sale, ship it to retailers or direct to customers, costs $10. To make it here, costs $12. MSRP is $15. Even though the Chinese product is of inferior quality, the supply logistics are a nightmare (your last shipment of 100,000 hammers went to the bottom of the sea when the container they were packed in went overboard in a typhoon off in the Pacific), the in shipment "shrink" is significant, in spite of all those added difficulties, the $2 of extra profit in each hammer is too much of an incentive to pass up.
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:43 AM
    Eventually the 50 states are going to have that option, how or if they exercise it remains to be seen. Fed-gov has proved it's unable to govern effectively given the disparate interests of the various states and their people. And in this age it's unlikely Fed-gov would survive another civil war leaving the only option deferring to the states. The states may/should remain united for civil defense but it's long past time to separate legally and economically.
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