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    Yesterday, 11:51 PM
    It means you're a literal slave, working for absolutely free. They don't even have to spend the 2 cents to print ink onto paper....
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    Yesterday, 11:46 PM
    The ending of the Fed and IRS have been planned for years already.
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    Yesterday, 10:42 PM
    All Presidents declare a national emergency of some sort every 3-6 months. The country has been under a constant state of emergency since at least 1933. It's how it has remained under military rule (fringed flag) the entire time.
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    Yesterday, 10:37 PM
    Another nail in the global dollar's coffin, if true. Trade deficits are a requirement for dollar global reserve so it's more like bye-bye global dollar reserve.
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    Yesterday, 10:24 PM
    Even though the article shows paper cash and uses the term "cash payment", I'm betting the payment will be fully digital. The term "cash" has lost all meaning these days.
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    Yesterday, 10:19 PM
    Who, exactly then, are they advising and on what, exactly, are they advising? Of course, crazy conspiracy theory. Riiiiight. Is the ESF a conspiracy theory too? You know, that giant slush fund that's expressly for the purpose of buying and selling securities under the direction of the PPT, which includes the FED. You'll have to try that nonsense on someone that doesn't understand that the Fed and Treasury are currently the same entity, only separated on paper. Laws! Like they care one iota about laws, especially when Open Market Operations are not audited and not subject to public disclosure. And even if they did follow such a law, a quick call to another central bank to do the buying instead (ahem, balance sheets expanding again) isn't a separation except on paper.
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    Yesterday, 02:24 PM
    Actually, it is an accurate label but not for the reasons most people are brainwashed into thinking. The term "illegal" means they are not under the jurisdiction of the legal system administered by the corporation (US Inc.) seated in the sovereign city of Washington DC over the foreign 50 states, where the men and women of the foreign 50 states are legally subjects/employees/property (consentually but they don't know that) of that corporation under the term known as "US Citizen". Someone that is not a US Citizen, naturalized or otherwise on the landmass by asking permission or consenting to that legal jurisdiction is therefore deemed an "illegal alien". In reality, we are all men and women just living on the landmass. We're bound up by various contracts and legal maneuvers that deem us subjects (physical collateral) of the corporations that have sprouted up to entice us to give up our rights in exchange for benefits. There's also liabilities attached to those benefits. It's all a mind fuck. No one is "illegal" by merely existing in nature.
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    Yesterday, 02:11 PM
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    Yesterday, 03:13 AM
    Still in love with media personalities? Tucker is same dude that torpedoed Ron in 2008. They're paid to say whatever they're told to say. Btw OP, what made you decide to reappear on RPF after disappearing for over a year and a half and why show back up just to post a bunch of various MSM links?
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    01-17-2019, 02:00 PM
    CBs are back to buying via QE and even the FRB's already-ridiculously-slow-roll-off slowed a bit. The stock market bounce is purely coincidence, I'm sure, while the BOJ, ECB, PBOC and probably the FRB and others start buying again. They seem terrified to pull the curtain back and let the market show that it's all been QE fakery since 2008/09. The manipulation is well coordinated. A CB and/or PPT starts buying during the day and at the same time some headline is rolled out across the DJ Newswire to trigger the algos to jump aboard and buy and hide the CB manipulation. The headlines are false cover stories. This afternoon was a perfect example. Markets hung around no gain all day then spiked straight up on a DJ Newswire headline about lifting tariffs on China. It's a BS headline to cover backdoor CB/PPT buying. Sometimes they cart out Kudlow or Mnuchin or some other jawbone to create the Newswire headline, since they are also the same people that know exactly when the PPT is activated.
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    01-15-2019, 09:48 PM
    It's mostly part of the depopulation and globalist race-mixing agenda to eventually create a homogenous world society. Get white guys to be non-aggressive toward women via shaming campaigns, therefore breeding less and having less children, based on pure demographic statistics. We already know that hispanics tend to breed like rabbits and black males generally don't care about this sjw stuff and are more aggressively going after white women. There's a few bars in my city that I visit occasionally that a year or two ago were pretty much only white people. Many of the black folk's bars and clubs have been demolished to make way for agenda 21/2030 developments. Now, they hang out at the previously white-majority bars and hit on the white women that still go there, while less white men go there now. The white guys are staying home playing video games and jerkin' to the pr0n instead. This post isn't a comment about race-good/bad/whatever, just what I have observed. The power of social engineering media campaigns is pretty amazing to watch unfold.
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    01-15-2019, 09:28 PM
    I guess everyone will have to shutter their E-Trade and Fidelity accounts too.
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    01-14-2019, 01:24 PM
    Notice that the ad is in the "unlisted" category, which I think (correct me if I'm wrong) means it doesn't show up in search results and can only be viewed by direct link. Not intended for mass viewing... When all the soy boys stop growing hair due to the estrogen, bye bye Gillette.
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    01-14-2019, 01:08 PM
    Yikes at that thread. Naa, couldn't be that Rand just wants the best in the world to perform the procedure and he has the money to pay it. Then it morphs into a thread about Ayn Rand. Look! Shiny thing!
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    01-13-2019, 10:53 PM
    Automatically spend money? Naaaa, the failures of Congress should hurt. You voted for 'em, now enjoy the fruits of your effort.
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    01-13-2019, 01:30 PM
    You're right that the terms of service is what matters. However, whether he was using the FB platform to further other scams is pretty germane to the topic, I think. Was he advertising the "fundraisers" via his FB pages? I have no doubt their mile-long terms of service expressly forbids using the platform for furthering any criminal behavior. Attorneys can pick through the maze of legalese, I have no desire to, but if it's reasonably clear that his fake news operation and associated advertising expenses were in furtherance of scams/criminal behavior then FB would be within their right to tell him to pound sand without due process, if the contract terms don't otherwise require it. It is still a private company and private contract so no constitutional due process provisions apply in the slightest. It's obvious to me that he's slimey, disabled vet or not. So is FB. They deserve to screw each other.
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    01-11-2019, 06:15 PM
    Allegedly this is the email gofundme sent to donors. Gofundme is making a killing on the interest for now, it seems.
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    01-11-2019, 05:36 PM
    Thanks for the correction regarding refunds. Good to see gofundme at least taking that step. Kolfage is quite clearly a fake news purveyor. Ex-employees are quoted in the article I posted attesting to his pressure to write nonsense and create fake pics for the pages, with it getting more ridiculous the longer it went on. In some ways I don't blame him, I guess, since he got his limbs blown off and there's not many ways to support yourself with only one working arm. Taking advantage of dumb people isn't really a good way though.
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    01-11-2019, 04:07 PM
    I'm not surprised you support fake news purveyors like that guy. Without fake news, how would Trump supporters continue to justify their belief that Trump is still kicking the deep state's ass? Talk about living in a fantasy world. And now he's basically saying he's going to take all of the money, stick it into a private bank account and make you ask for it back and hope you actually do get it. He'll clear about $500,000 per year in interest on the balance alone... edit: refund correction in zips post below. guy's still a scammer.
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    01-11-2019, 03:44 PM
    He's a fellow Wharton alum, trained to lord over the rest of us.
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    01-11-2019, 12:08 PM
    I witnessed it first hand back in the early 2000's when employed in the IT dept of a local government that borders DC. Soon after hiring a new Network Manager (who later went on to become Obama's first CIO btw), the first major software development project under him resulted in the hiring of completely H1B outsourced development staff. A floor of a govt building literally nothing but Indians that did not mingle at all with the rest of the IT dept. He is Indian. This was around 2003 and was a peek into what laid ahead, no doubt.
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    01-11-2019, 11:45 AM
    Thanks. Never have been able to figure out the Twitter stuff. While everyone is worried about the southern "invasion", the bigger threat is the importation of Chinese and Indians that are actually being employed into positions of power. Most tech company CEOs are Indian. Google, chip makers, among others. Why does that matter? Because they're the ones developing out the surveillance state that is being implemented and they have 0 concern about constitutional principles or freedom in general. So yeah keep worrying about Pablo picking tomatoes instead of Sundar the CEO.
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    01-11-2019, 11:03 AM
    Or not. MH1BGA?
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    01-11-2019, 10:57 AM
    Maxine and Alex? And Trump and Liz Warren, all bashing banks and the Fed? The next Big Short is the entire banking sector.
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    01-11-2019, 10:53 AM
    He doesn't mind the H1B visa invasion, however, and even promotes it now. lol
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