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    02-17-2024, 03:26 AM
    devil21 started a thread Nvidia stock in Economy & Markets
    Probably coincidence? The eye logo is probably coincidence along with the Latin definition of the name.
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    02-17-2024, 02:57 AM
    Is the thread title a serious question? Because it keeps the sheep distracted and divided. Bread and circus....and a side of hate. Social engineering and profit opportunities by harvesting the energy of the sheep (shearing) who buy into the narratives and spend their currency (current-cy=energy) on it. Most of what we call "political" is created by intel agencies, such as the CIA who works for the City of London bankers, fed to their assets and then injected into human interaction by the black mirrors.
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    02-17-2024, 02:44 AM
    Remember that the Kennedy bloodline is an elite (Pilgrim Society) New England family. As easy as it is to envision him in a JFK light, don't forget that Ted was his uncle. I've personally found that, strangely, I have more in common behaviorally with my uncles than I do with my father. Not sure how that happened but just my .02.
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    02-17-2024, 02:35 AM
    It's remarkable how much mileage his owners have gotten out of him and continue to. Quite extraordinary how much the fear of prison and irrelevance, for those not already accustomed to irrelevance, can get puppets to dance and sing on camera.
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    02-13-2024, 03:33 AM
    Thx for the tie-in CJ but I haven't the foggiest clue what the 1309 is?
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    02-13-2024, 03:15 AM
    Did you ever wonder why you don't make money during "retail trading" hours but hedgies still buy Hamptons houses and fly around in private jets and the cabal always bails each other out and leaves you with the bill, inflationary prices and oppressive taxes and onerous "rules" to fund it all? It's because all the money is taken during the trading hours where you are locked out and they are not. A wise man once said that the only purpose of equity markets is to separate you from your fiat. Overnight Gains PDF More Overnight Gains Info PDF (links are safe generally I uploaded myself) The "Trading With The Enemy Act" of 1917 (4 years after FedResAct and IRS) doesn't mean what people think it does. Who is the enemy?
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    02-09-2024, 02:25 AM
    Remember my friends, Putin is a WEF YGL graduate. Don't get too captivated by the camera and microphone productions. Let's remember that Tucker single handedly torpedoed RP2008's Iowa caucus win when he was a MSNBC script reader many moons ago.
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    02-08-2024, 03:27 AM
    Yep, it was so hidden that GW wore his apron and regalia at the setting of the Capitol building's cornerstone. Keep swimmin' upstream, son. Makes ya tougher.
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    02-03-2024, 05:49 PM
    How do we even know they're "fake"? It's sort of an open secret in Hollywood that most female celebs can be had for a market price and their nude photos are marketing materials. Remember The Fappening? Second, if Congress is springboarding off it, right around the time the tech CEOs are also in front of Congress, and also coincidentally right after the theme of January 2024 WEF Davos was "Rebuilding Trust" (heavy emphasis on censorship and criminalizing "disinfo"), the "fakes" were put out to draw attention and public support for codifying deep fakes and "disinfo" as criminal behavior. Where's that vid of the DoD openly suggesting using Swift as an "asset"? It's floating around on the net lately. Clearly that has been taken to heart and implemented, given the non-stop coverage she receives from the media these days. She's being used to guide the sheep, particularly young women, and it's only going to get worse and more pervasive.
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    02-03-2024, 05:18 PM
    I edited my post to include more information, but most of it is confirmed, as much as any history can be confirmed, I suppose. It's worth noting that all the man who defaced the statue accomplished was bringing more attention to it. Not terribly bright. Now he looks like an unhinged Christian, hater of religious freedom, and will apparently go to jail for it. Not too bright strategically on his part.
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    02-03-2024, 04:48 PM
    I'm on vacation and usually I would let this slide but it's so fundamentally wrong that I had to say something. You do realize that many, if not most, of the Founders were Freemasons, right? GW, Franklin, to name a couple. Who is the "God" of Masonry? Shocker here but it's Lucifer. The torch of Liberty (including the Statute of Liberty itself and the Libertarian torch) is, in fact, the Light of Lucifer and Baphomet is a representation of the balance of Man's duality (or at least his seeking of it) between his higher spiritual self and his animalistic self. The Light/Flame above Baphomet's head, at least based on the statue in question, spawned from the depictions made by Eliphas Levi and worshiped as far back as the Crusades (which I know you're a big fan of) by the Knights Templar, is the Light of Knowledge and Liberty, which was inspired by the Templars ventures into regions where Eastern religion (Enlightenment) was then incorporated into their Christian belief system. So, to say that Baphomet an antithetical to the (Founding) values of the USA shows a profound lack of knowledge of history on your part. This is not to say that perhaps some of the symbolism, doctrines and purposes haven't been hijacked in the meantime by entities like the Vatican, however. Your Mormon founder was a Mason and blatantly ripped off various degree rituals (such as the veiled handshake rituals taught in the Temple) for his "new" religion, Mormonism. Plus, your idol DJT throws up so many Masonic handsigns (downward triangle, 666 "OK" sign, among others) that it's plainly obvious to people knowledgeable of the topic that he is one himself. Maybe read more and post less Swordy.
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    01-25-2024, 12:43 PM
    Now the Fed is apparently shutting down the arbitrage and plans to end the BTFP (Buy The Fucking Paper?) program on March 11. I'm thinking April will be an interesting month.
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