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    07-10-2024, 06:03 PM
    Bill Hwang/Archegos convicted. He stays free on bail pending sentencing? Regular folks caught on petty fraud charges rot under the prison, though. Apparently the lesson is you have to steal A LOT of money, enough to grease the right palms when the fraud collapses, if you're going to defraud people. But don't be dumb like SBF was and break bail conditions. (it's interesting how every write-up on Hwang/Archegos since it collapsed fails to mention that he also shorted stocks using the same swap derivatives tactics. every article frames it like he only pumped stocks)
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    07-04-2024, 09:09 PM
    :sigh: I don't want to know. Safe and effective? Baffled doctors? Sad news regardless. Condolences to TfromKY Thomas is strong and will be ok but the kids are hit hardest by stuff like this.
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    06-26-2024, 10:22 PM
    I will leave this here for anyone who has/is following this saga and is needing some bathroom reading material eta: updated info from author of link above (if this theory is correct, and it seems to roughly be, the second half of july looks very interesting)
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    06-17-2024, 05:35 PM
    Yes, it is a giant scam but all scams must end eventually. Nothing lasts forever. Did anyone notice how GME's shareholder meeting was late getting started, yet tons of shorts and lower bids were started at exactly the scheduled meeting start time? The price was being slammed before the meeting even started, then later CNBC runs an article blaming the price slam on the contents of the meeting? The manipulation, followed up by blatant lies as to how/why. This has to stop. I think that with Kitty's livestream price slam (which also started before his stream started but was later the "cause" of the slam according to media) and now the clearly-timed shareholder meeting price slam, the SEC has more than enough evidence to crack down on this shit, force relevant parties to start clearing the fraud from the books and let this squeeze play out without the blatant manipulation suppressing it. I think that's going to start happening soon and go on for the next few weeks. All the pieces are there. The SEC needs to sack up and do its JOB.
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    06-17-2024, 01:46 AM
    Don't take it personally. This has been a pet thread of mine for 15 years (you should understand that as a 2007 date, also) so pardon if a random unquoted forum selection, without any context, written by who-the-fuck-knows-who, doesn't much impress me. eta: especially with teh collinz forum sliding with weak posts. little people are good at being sideshow distractions and powerless minions.
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    06-15-2024, 01:49 AM other got nothin' Thanks for playing.
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