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    Today, 12:20 PM Hey prosecutors, don't forget to look into his numerous "diplomat" trips to the Dominican Republic. He was dippin' somethin' but it sure wasn't mats.
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    09-18-2023, 12:01 PM Of course this official story doesn't make much sense for various reasons so no need to rehash the obvious. However, last week there was a fighter jet circling my city of Charlotte NC, with 6 passes overhead over 30 minutes. It didn't show up on military plane tracker so the transponder was off but ATC was giving it half of the region's airspace. That never happens here so I thought it odd, then saw this bs story. Charleston and Beaufort are only about 3 hours away by car. and only minutes away by fighter jet. Probably unrelated but worth noting.
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    09-18-2023, 02:17 AM
    Perhaps that is true but always remember that DC is a sovereign city under martial law and has been since the Civil War. Secret trials, military tribunals, etc all the accoutrements that come with martial law. In the same vein, it also means that any trial can be a military production (propaganda) and the "defendant" whisked away to a tropical beach somewhere. What the reality of this particular example is, is what makes it intriguing.
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    09-18-2023, 02:00 AM
    The tiktok vid also demonstrates the end-stage looting going on at all levels of government, Chicago in this example, via crony contracts that are not being accounted or disclosed. It's truly lawlessness underway. Just plain theft, perhaps not in a material sense like taking your neighbor's lawnmower but in a philosophical sense of taking your neighbor's energy. Nurses in migrant shelters pulling $20k per week? $60m disappearing into accounting blackholes? Since Covid started (and I posted this thought when it did) it was the start of the "steal everything not nailed down" phase of empire dissolution, not unlike the last days of Rome. It's a shame that humanity has fallen for such greed as to throw each under the bus for imaginary accounting book entries that are erased as easily as they were created...smh. At least the Romans stole real hard money and treasures, not imaginary Matrix bullshit.
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    09-17-2023, 09:59 PM
    Actually, it's Cloward-Piven strategy, which has been written about many times on RPF over the years. Overwhelm the social support system to the point of mental and fiscal collapse. It's interesting watching the "sanctuary cities" now see the repercussions of their voting and rhetoric choices in the recent past. In fact, it reminds me of George Carlin's rant on environmentalists (specifically starting at 1:55 mark in vid). The thing about easily emotionally manipulated liberal minds is that once their "habitat" is disrupted by their voting choices, they complain and flee, taking their tax money with them but also the same liberal mindset. I see this in the bigger societal picture and have seen it in personal one-on-one observations. Black Lives Matter! Diversity! Inclusion! .....until the black people are taking over their favorite friday night white bar watering holes.... It all sounds great to them until it disrupts their "clean habitat". Well worth rewatching George's bits today for perspective on what's happening now. The man was a prophet.
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    09-16-2023, 11:51 AM
    That is a really good take on it and makes sense since the federal suit was filed the very next day. It's generally not possible for a fully contemplated federal complaint to be written and filed that quickly, so it likely shows advanced knowledge of the governor's "order", not unlike how the Patriot Act was already written and ready to be introduced right after 9/11/01.
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    09-15-2023, 04:31 PM
    Give it time. Election season is just starting and his cult of personality is just starting to be built. My guess is he's the new "Joe The Plumber" type, but much more engineered into the role than Joe was.
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    09-15-2023, 02:42 AM
    Are people really still talking about this manufactured fake? His "rise to fame" has been the most manufactured astroturf "grassroots organic" thing I've ever seen. Come on people. He even paid homage to the Jews (the fake ones posing as Jews today, not the biblical Israelites) wondering the desert for 40 years and I'd bet any amount of money he's a Freemason.
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    09-15-2023, 02:33 AM
    (assuming elections weren't rigged even back in those days) In their defense, they had much less access to information than we do today. Their perspectives and beliefs were solely formed by newspapers and pamphlets controlled exclusively by handful of people. It is slowly being reimplemented now (Elon, Zuck, etc) but the net still has much more reach of information than FDR voters ever had. Don't be hasty. It depends on who she is. My instinct, based on physical traits of mom alone, is that it may not be bad for her's to end. She may, however, instead be posting such cringe to entice others to embrace such an ideology that she doesn't really ascribe to............she has a bit of a duper's delight smirk. Note the ankh in the background and what the ankg symbol represents.
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    09-15-2023, 01:57 AM
    It's a trial balloon to see how much opposition from the public and LEO is received to such a blatantly unconstitutional (NM state constitution, namely, since Governors are beholden to state constitutions not the US Constitution) order. Makes one wonder why such an order is being tested? Without LEO support she is pissing in the wind. I just looked at the NM Constitution. Holy shit the BAR has been meddling all up in it with "exceptions" and legalese via low turnout special election amendments.
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    09-14-2023, 02:12 AM
    Controlled opposition. The "mainstream" patriot groups were co-opted long ago by fake leaders. Any movement tptb deem a threat is co-opted asap.
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    09-14-2023, 01:57 AM
    Are you just now figuring out that the "government" (term is used loosely as the USG is a corporation, not a government) is at war with the people? The gold fringe flag has always been a war flag flown by pirates engaging in maritime war. Watch Pirates of The Caribbean with this perspective in mind.
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    09-14-2023, 01:34 AM
    Jefferson, eh? Must be coincidence. It would be a shame if googling "Jefferson Banking" was directed to some Fed puppet instead of Thomas. They wouldn't plan that ahead of CBDC enactment, would they? Naaaa. That's crazy talk.
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    09-14-2023, 01:29 AM
    Registration is a legal act of placing (conveying....grantor) title of property to another entity so that the other entity may administer the property as the administrator (trustee....grantee) deems in the best interest of he who conveys the property. VOTER REGISTRATION? Trust law.
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    08-31-2023, 02:30 AM
    Just adding the Vivek pledged to keep as much money flowing to Israel as they want and it's up to Israel to decide when enough USD has been sent. Sounds pretty anti-war, right?
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    08-31-2023, 02:22 AM
    Now that I've stepped back a bit from the forum for a while, it's kinda funny to read threads now. Arguing about shit billionaires say on tv lol. Their only relevance comes from the attention we give them, whether directly or indirectly.
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    08-31-2023, 02:17 AM
    Oh my such drama! It's like a reality tv show! But so real! Maybe we should tune in next week for the next episode of As The Trump Turns?
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    08-25-2023, 01:57 AM
    13 counts lol. But of course.... Do you want to hear it? Are you sure? Are you REALLY sure??
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    08-24-2023, 07:52 AM
    Saudis, UAE, Iran and others announced as BRICS members, taking official effect 1-1-24. No specific announcement of the rumored gold backed BRICS currency yet.
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