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    05-19-2024, 02:21 AM
    devil21 replied to a thread Toxic femininity in Open Discussion
    I didn't say it would be easy. Lordy lordy I know it's not. I see it constantly. But the alternative eventually is Meta headsets, AI girlfriends and Demolition Man.
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    05-19-2024, 01:54 AM
    SNL predicted it. "The question is moot" Only older folks may remember this. Perhaps you fail to realize that not all posters here are actually libertarians but are rather fascists larping as libertarians. I didn't make any comment on which flavor of authoritarianism is better. I merely posted my opinion of the tactic being used to nudge libertarians to embrace fascism due to fear of communism. No different than "vote for Trump 'cuz Hillary!!11!!'
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    05-17-2024, 01:55 AM
    devil21 replied to a thread Toxic femininity in Open Discussion
    Or....a young man could go out and like, meet real people. Maybe even a real female. Cool idea, huh?
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    05-17-2024, 01:35 AM
    What most of this thread recently tells me is that TPTB want everyone to fear communism while quietly implementing full fascism. Watch the left hand while ignoring the right hand? The magician's oldest trick. Communism is at least restrained by the Constitution since it would be .gov at the top, restrained by the BoR. Fascism, however, is not restrained and commercial contract law (thus surrendering the inherent creator's BoR voluntarily) rules the day. Source? Or standard internet fake bullshit, Occam's? It's obviously badly 'shopped crap. Why are you posting obvious fake shit?
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    05-17-2024, 01:06 AM
    Too easy. Honestly? Considering the knowledge I've dropped here over the years I'm growing weary of repeating myself. It's all commercial contract law now. ALL CAPS NAMES engaging in commerce.
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    05-17-2024, 01:02 AM
    and turmeric and citrus. Orange man may be bad but orange things from the earth are not bad. That is all.
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    05-13-2024, 12:08 PM
    GME is up 77% today so far. Normal market movements, yes? Bill Hwang's trial is underway. Worth a read to catch-up/refresh/learn.
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    05-06-2024, 01:20 PM
    A follow-up to Friday's post above: Ally Invest has locked my account, disabled trading and is requiring that I call them to unlock it. Blaming it on a "system issue". THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID BACK IN 2021 DURING THE SQUEEZE. Crooked bastards! I've been waiting in call queue for 1 and a half hours(!!) even though it said my wait time to speak to someone would be 3 minutes. Will they answer? Is my account basically permanently locked now? What if it stays locked and they never answer? I have other non-GME positions, including options, that I can't manage while my account is locked over their "system issue". But yeah everything is fine and markets are efficient, transparent and honest and there's absolutely no fuckery going on with GME or any other stock. Trust me bro.
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    05-05-2024, 01:27 PM
    Vaxx Daddy and a VP with no hesitation to "Put Down" an animal? I think I'll pass on that combo. (think about it, if my point isn't clear) ---------- Any way, she keeps doubling down on stupid. Now says Biden should shoot his dog for biting Secret Service. Dogs are good character sniffers imo.
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    05-05-2024, 01:07 PM
    It's not that he doesn't know, it's that he can't say it on the record. What's he going to say? "Well, you see, bankers took over the money system 100 years ago with the goal of stripping the country of its wealth and it's done through loaning you your own money with interest, so that you can never pay it back." Sometimes it's smarter to look like a clueless fool than to admit inconvenient truths....if that person is trying to keep that truth concealed.
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    05-04-2024, 08:50 AM
    Didn't register a vote but my guess is DeSantis.
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    05-04-2024, 08:40 AM
    There are federal statutes that provide for the criminal prosecution of "public officers", which includes police, along with civil lawsuit remedies, for violations of an individual's constitutional rights. 18 USC 241 and 242 42 USC 1983 I don't know specifically what comments by Trump jmdrake is referring to but qualified immunity isn't blanket immunity for all actions while acting as a "public officer". If Trump wants to repeal those federal statutes outright then yes that's definitely a big problem. It's also worth remembering that police departments in this country are not constitutional offices. They are commercial businesses and police officers are merely corporate agents of the business.
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    05-03-2024, 02:47 PM
    They trot this out every election in recent memory to entice the weed voters. Then nothing happens.
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    05-03-2024, 02:41 PM
    ^^^^^^^^^ "Big tech" is thoroughly an asset of .mil and intelligence complex. Always was. The Biden admin doesn't have to threaten anything, only direct it or act as cover for intel directives. Putting the blame on the Biden admin is limited hangout stuff.
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    05-03-2024, 12:47 PM
    I want to put on the record that Ally Bank / APEX Clearing (Ally's clearing firm and who ordered the GME Buy button shut-off in 2021 for over 100 brokers, including Robinhood, who took the brunt of the public fallout) shut off the GME Buy button again today during GME's vertical run up this afternoon. Their system wouldn't process my market price share order during the run and once it finally accepted the order it has been sitting at "PENDING" and not executing. It would usually be "OPEN" or "EXECUTED" status if the order was sent to the market. Ally / APEX is not processing the order. In other words, Buy button is shut off again. APEX Clearing was included in the firms alleged in Devin Nunes' second letter to Congressional committee leaders about investigating firms facilitating naked shorting of the Trump stock, of which Nunes is CEO. APEX and their brokers must be buried in fake shares of GME and DJT from naked shorting. I'm pissed, of course, that this is happening AGAIN but it's spicy. What are they so scared of? Ally won't answer the phone....
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    04-27-2024, 05:52 PM
    Yes it violated the Hastert Rule. It's not the first time this Speaker has done that, either.
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    04-27-2024, 05:40 PM
    I admit to not being very knowledgeable on this topic, but how on earth can the FTC "strike down" existing legal agreements between businesses? The FTC isn't a judicial body with power to strike down anything done between consenting parties during the course of business, especially retroactively. Declaring existing contract agreements null and void?? It seems the feds are now fully in "Constitution be damned, we'll do (say) whatever we want and hope it sticks" mode lately. Time must be getting short to something.
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    04-27-2024, 05:25 PM
    I don't doubt there's maybe a few people organically pushing more extreme POVs, but don't for a second think that the same provocateur playbook used by Antifa/LEO/FBI/.mil/Intel types during the Charlottesville marches, the Floyd BLM protests, 2020 election protests and the rest isn't also being used in these anti-war protests. The media and LEO, et al REQUIRE the presence of some bad actors to zoom in on in order to paint the 99% peaceful protestors as also being "violent extremists" or whatever label of the day, such as antisemitic in this case. Don't let partisan blinders fool ya into thinking they don't use the same playbook over and over to discredit protests and/or paint protestors as "bad" to the masses in the controlled media. Provocateurs aren't partisan.
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    04-27-2024, 04:43 PM
    Remember that the WEF Davos meeting a few months ago was centered around ramping up censorship and clamping down on speech. Ever since then, it's been bill after bill of this stuff. Heck, even some websites I frequent have turned ban-happy toward any post that even begins to be critical of Israel. It's interesting because it shows how almost fully their minions control damn near everything now. Even sites that it wasn't apparent, until now. FWIW, I still don't think it's permanent since Revelation, if one puts any credence in that, requires that the world turns on Israel eventually. In the meantime it appears to be pedal to the metal on censorship, though. eta: Speaking of Revelation, it's interesting to watch how the pushers of these measures are very publicly revealing themselves to be merely tools of other powers. The Great Revealing, indeed.
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    04-25-2024, 11:05 AM
    devil21 replied to a thread Toxic femininity in Open Discussion
    I came across his channel a couple months ago and basically binged on all of his videos. Very intelligent, accurate (imo and experience) and entertaining, also. Highly recommended channel for anyone wanting a better understanding of how the fairer sex thinks. Last I saw, he was working on a female perspective version with his girlfriend. I assume that's why he hasn't put out much content lately.
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    04-24-2024, 11:18 AM
    devil21 replied to a thread Toxic femininity in Open Discussion
    ^^^^^^^^ hoe_math is an excellent channel.
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    04-24-2024, 10:36 AM
    This is starting to maybe be interesting. If this gets legs it has big potential for spill over effects on GME and other "meme" stocks that have been infinitely naked shorted, as detailed by me in this thread.
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