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    Today, 02:17 AM
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    Yesterday, 10:50 PM
    How did you gain this knowledge? You bought some? Now we learn danke's into women's clothing.... The Inner World Of Danke is a very strange and ghey place. :eek:
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    Yesterday, 08:12 PM
    Thank you! I have just passed the year mark of these losses. I have been in a total fog for the most part. I am so glad that my fir babes made me get up and stayed right by my side the whole time. They kept me on task with feeding and walks. They even helped me dig my garden up they were so funny out there digging too getting dirt all over their noses. I pulled on a big root and I pulled so hard that I fell backwards and they came right over to me making sure I was alright and my big male stood very firm while I held on to him and got up.I made a harness for him that hooks up to my wagon and I get him to help me carry heavy stuff. He loves it when I pull out the harness cause he knows we are going to go out side and work he is such an awesome dog.
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    Yesterday, 06:54 PM And the morons will say "so what, can i still use Fedbook"?
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    Yesterday, 05:34 PM
    My dogs have been a great comfort to me this past year after losing both my husband and mother in the same month. I think it would have been so much harder without them.
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    Yesterday, 05:18 PM
    Typical California lunacy. Trying to make people safer by making sure the law abiding citizen is unable to defend themselves against the criminal who could give two shits less about making sure their guns they intend on using to hurt people with are "safe". The whole point of a gun is to be the opposite of safe. The law can not stop or prevent a determined criminal. The idea of a visual indicator for when a bullet is in the chamber might be a half decent idea, but the burden should be on the manufacturers to innovate without the interference of the law. If they innovate and incorporate those visual indicators into guns, fine, if they dont, also fine. The clip idea does nothing for me, either as a feature, and especially not as a govt mandate.
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    Yesterday, 05:16 PM
    I don't really care but, I think it has hurt the NFL. I know a lot of people who are mad at the players who are kneeling. Football is their job and they are being paid nice salaries and if the NFL wants them to cut it out then since they are the ones paying them to do their job I think they do have a say. I could not do something like that at any of my jobs that I have had. When you are working for someone else you are pretty much obligated to do what they want you to. I think if these players want to start their own league and kneel when they play the national anthem then they are still free to do so I think.
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    Yesterday, 05:09 PM
    Typical Dutch food, potatoes mashed roughly with raw endive. Lots of pieces of fried pork belly (crispy) and smoked (and fried) sausage... Gravy made from the rendered pork fat and beef stock. Simple but good.
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    Yesterday, 04:58 PM Full article at link. --- Innocent Until Proven Guilty Guilty Until Proven Innocent
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    Yesterday, 04:34 PM
    In other news... a "Dyslexia for Cure" may have also been found! Uh, wait...
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    Yesterday, 04:32 PM
    Im not. To me, it is as much of a form of Free Speech as Flag Burning. Although I dont like it, I have to respect it as much as I want my own Free Speech to remain protected. I understand why they do it however. They are disgusted with the Politics of the US, as much as any of us are. However, there is a difference between the Politics of the US, and the US as a People. The other side of the story is that any National Anthem is as much of a form of Tribalism and Pavlovian Behaviors as anything else, in any country. Off topic for a sec, then coming back, our Educational Model is intended to create "Fixed Habits of reaction to authority", and standing for a National Anthem is a form of expression of those Fixed Habits. A big problem is that one is taught to love only their own country and offer ZERO respect for other countries. It is one of the reasons Americans are considered very stupid when it comes to the cultures of other countries. National Narcissism. I think what is more important than standing for the National Anthem of ANY country is what the founders of this country endured, so we may show respect for what they have given us. Although the Founding Fathers did not grant us Rights, they gave us the Bill of Rights which enumerated some of our many Rights. I believe it may be more important to respect Free Speech than either the country or our politics, so if I am to take the moral high road, I would need to be supportive of BOTH those who stand and those who kneel. Historically, by turning the US Flag upside down, it is a Call Sign of Distress. "We need help". Inverting the flag is not intended as a form of disrespect, it is intended as a form of saying "emergency". That has long been forgotten by far too many however. Inverting the Stars and Stripes is as much of a form of Free Speech as either flag burning or kneeling. I may not like what they are saying, but they still have a right to say it, so go ahead and say it. What worries me however is how many of those people who are kneeling seem to want to replace what we had and what it has turned into with something that is far worse.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:29 PM
    That was fun! :( #depressing You're free!You have spent 133 days in jail Mike turns out to be a credible witness and he convinces the jury that the officer was lying in your case. You're acquitted. You've lost your job.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:17 PM
    300% markup, eh? Dang! Not bad. Very common on ebay, but IDK about Posh, so I wouldn't have expected it. :eek:
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    Yesterday, 04:07 PM Great! Now we can go back in time and stop the Bankers from taking over!
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:59 AM
    I just stopped in on this one to read the comments...:cool:
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    08-12-2018, 07:49 PM
    True, but companies have figured out to how create the social problems that profit from them. For people to be able to vote with their wallets, but when there is no alternative to heavily controlled socialist social media platforms, they win, we lose.
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    08-12-2018, 06:26 PM
    A Cookie! (its totally synthetic and GMO by the way...)
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    08-12-2018, 06:01 PM
    They're all crazy. It's just a matter of degree and how tolerable they are.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    08-12-2018, 05:57 PM
    Yup. Just like the total invasion of privacy has led to no more convictions of criminals. The only people they are going after are those who pose a threat to the Status Quo.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    08-12-2018, 05:28 PM Note the source: SF Gate
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    08-12-2018, 05:25 PM
    In the end, if the Constitution is eliminated, guess who thinks they will be left standing? *cough* NYT, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fedbook, Youtube, etc.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    08-12-2018, 05:20 PM
    So what Zippy says is it just fine for 1% to own 80% of the wealth. Its okay because its not 80% but only 9%, even though the bottom 50% own nothing.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    08-12-2018, 05:18 PM
    The Hegalian Dialectic is most easily described as Problem Reaction Solution. It merely describes a way of thinking for those with power as Reverse Social Engineering, so you have to start with a Solution and work backwards from there. The real goal when ever the Hegalian Dialectic is applied is to have a resulting solution that causes a benefit. For example, if someone wanted to charge more for their product, cause an artificial shortage of your product. Thus, Solution is people pay more. Working backwards, they have to really want your product, so next look at the reaction. The reaction of Panic Buying could work, and what else could cause that but to cause an Artificial Shortage of your product. Free Speech, both on Individuals and Journalists is under attack. Think Backwards. The goal is to flat out BAN Free Speech. That is their solution. They want the people so upset about having Free Speech that they clamor to have it banned. Thus, they need to instigate a strong Reaction to Free Speech. That is their current stage. They want people pissed at both the Left and the Right. The only way to do this is to create a Problem with Free Speech by only recognizing REAL Hate Speech. When people see that the only thing being said by either side is Hate Speech, both sides will be so angry they will call for Govt to prohibit Free Speech, meaning that most people are effectively SILENCED, except for a handful of those with License, and guess who will hold those licenses? Yup. MSM like Fox News, NBC, ABC, and on the Internet side, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. They will be the only one whose voices are recognized, and will eventually be granted authority to engage in Censorship of ALL who do not support their views. Do you think that the Elimination of Free Speech is not the true goal here? Debate.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    08-12-2018, 04:56 PM
    Twitter monitoring “off platform” behavior to BAN people who haven’t violated anything on Twitter The difference between Free Speech and Hate Speech is subjective. With the ridiculous things that are said every day, this is racist, that is hate speech, how long will it be before normal behavior is completely demonized? Paying your bills on time will probably soon be considered Racist. Paying for something will also be Racist. It gets much worse when you factor in things that you dont do as being racist. If you dont hate Trump enough, is that also Racist? If you dont march and decry violence against the right, is that also Racist? I usually say "eating bacon" can be subjectively interpreted as "bad" and used as an excuse to jack up your insurance premiums. What happens if "not eating bacon" is equally dangerous? Damned if you do, damned if you dont.
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    08-12-2018, 04:40 PM
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