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    Today, 05:22 PM
    When the time finally comes, you can be sure that they will concoct every possible excuse (and more than a few impossible ones) for exonerating "this 'system'", Keynesianism, etc. and shifting all the blame onto scapegoats like "the free market", bad-faith actors, etc. It is to be hoped that Ron Paul, Mises, etc. get through to enough of the "right people" to make some kind of difference.
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    Today, 05:08 PM
    Occam's Banana replied to a thread Proud Boys in Open Discussion
    Only if you wear a viking helmet at the same time. (Horns on the helmet are optional, as they may not be historically accurate.)
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    Today, 04:59 PM
    One? Two? Ten? Why not save some time and just skip right to the pillow ...
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    Today, 04:48 PM
    Pretty much what I see here , Chicago , California , Mass , NY, Mich, Maryland , DC is a list of places I'd rather not visit . Might be too late for them to reopen a year later . A lot of business will have gone under , a lot of people will be leaving those states , cities and a lot of people probably dont care if they ever reopen .
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    Today, 04:35 PM
    The devil gets lot of fan mail thus his box is full .
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    Today, 04:30 PM
    oyarde replied to a thread For Sale: Feb 01 I expanded space in Marketplace
    This month has been my best since 2019 . Plague year was tough . Thanks everybody for your purchases !
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    Today, 03:08 PM
    Good job Brett.
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    Today, 03:07 PM
    Ya but you didnt vote and said you wont take a bullet so we're going to have to look into you .
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    Today, 03:05 PM
    I have one for my pecker so I'm good .
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    Today, 01:07 PM
    I'd almost prefer they had no time in between . That way maybe they'd not be as tainted and act more as a public servant. I dont see any advantage in having MIC company board members in that position .
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    Today, 01:01 PM
    Ok, BitChute and Rumble so far... Not sure on, site is also kind of ad heavy and not very well organized...
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Today, 12:42 PM
    Somewhere around mid May to June the 17 year Cicadas should come out in the woods and sing for me . Nothing sings for Danke .
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    Today, 12:39 PM
    Trees are getting covered in ice now so I restarted my fire from last night . I was going to let it go out until Thurs and clean some coals out but these past couple days I kept it going thinking it was likely the power would go out . Thurs , Fri & Sat nght are supposed to be very cold so I chucked a half rick in the basement. I've got three rick there and 2 1/2 are dry . this today is wet but it will dry fast.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 PM
    Agreed. Video quality could have been better. Given current information tho I think it was most likely correct in what he said, but I am not 100% on that, more like 95%. While we are on the topic, and excluding YouTube because their videos are taken down so quickly, do we have any Video Hosting sites that does not censor? BitChute maybe?
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    Today, 11:59 AM
    I have a special permit .
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    Today, 11:57 AM
    oyarde replied to a thread Proud Boys in Open Discussion
    Now that proud boys are out of favor does this mean this coming summer I can go back to wearing my hawaiin shirts Danke ? I have one for ea day of the week .
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 11:34 AM
    They only need Two Masks for themselves because they are all TWO FACED! They just think everyone else is as TWO FACED as them...
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Today, 11:27 AM
    He should use a plastic bag over his head.
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    Today, 10:54 AM
    If that is the case, next time I see anything on National File, I will try to find an alternate source. I didnt get any ads, but I am rather extreme in Ad Blocking, far more than even experienced users. So I apologize for not being aware of the pop up ads.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 10:50 AM
    I have been having an internal debate as to whether or not I genuinely regret having taken that oath. Im just very conflicted. I feel like a lot of the people that I would have defended years ago would have just as quickly stabbed me in the back. You know the types I mean. The ones that complain loudly that they can not get a Free Education (at YOUR expense) or Free Health Care (also at your expense, or Free Housing (I'll stop repeating myself, they want EVERYTHING for FREE, and highest of quality too). They would just as quickly stab people in the back if they dont get what they want and STILL expect you to DIE for them, and should they ever see you literally set on fire, and had a glass of water, they would drink the water than use it to put out your fire and help you. So if those are the people I would have been supposed to DIE to defend, I am just not so sure any more. Those snowflakes are the unraveled threads of society that used to hold us all together. I think those Snowflakes are not the source of the problem, but a result of a much deeper problem. As Ron Paul once said, its the Entitlements that cause many of our problems. For example, was it just MSM that created the Snowflakes? I doubt it. I think it was many Seniors who expressed their own sense of Entitlement for their Social Security that taught the Snowflakes to expect things to come to them for free. Highly unintentional by the Seniors, yet that is what they taught. And at least the Millennials already know they are fucked. They know only too well that there is not gonna be ANY Social Security for them what so ever. Perhaps they are trying to take what they can while the getting is still good? I dunno. This topic could probably go on all day I am sure, but thing is that I now question if I placed my values properly on what I thought was a country that placed value on Hard Work, and reaped the rewards of working for yourself, which no longer seems to be the case. So you might be defending something. I think my greatest fear, and I dont feel alone in saying this, but take a bullet for no reason at all. It may not even come from the government, just someone that demands I change my mind to suit their view of it, or someone else that wants free shit.
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Today, 09:18 AM
    I think it would be more fun to compile a list of RPF's members I think should get out front to get that bullet for uncle sam .
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  • oyarde's Avatar
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 06:27 AM
    Gee, I wonder why ... 1353661050290319360
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 02:23 AM
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 12:20 AM
    If Biden raises minimum wage, then the COST of EVERYTHING goes up, so YES, that IS hurting Black teenagers. It hurts EVERYONE.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:39 PM
    The Cathedral is no longer even trying to pretend to be anything other than outright Orwellian. In fact, its mouthpieces in the corporate media are now openly embracing it, without irony or shame. Notice how the author doesn't make even a token attempt to deny the "dire warnings" she forebodes. "Concerns about threats to our liberties" are "overblown", she says - and we are not to "waste arguing about it". Big Brother, you see, is a very "pragmatic" fellow, and he ain't got no time for that.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:21 PM
    Thats fine. If I support Freedom, I have a responsibility to also support the Freedom of others to do things I try to recommend against. So not saying "dont use Facebook" at all for you, although I recommend it, its fine because its your choice and that I will defend, even if I respectfully disagree. What I am asking is Pic Linking to Facebook pics to come from other sources like Duck Duck Go, and avoid posting those here, just because of the way the tech works. For example, you post a link to something on facebook, thats fine because it isnt a Data Source here. Its a link. I can choose to click the link or not click the link. Facebook cant see me if I dont click that link. But posting a pic, then we dont really get a choice to not be viewed by Facebooks data tracking system. Then they know who saw the post here and put that data in the database. Does that make sense, sort of at least, how that works?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:58 PM
    Not a Terrorist to me. Youve already earned a LOT of trust and respect from me. I have no beef with you as a person. Believe me, youre one of the people whom I have the most respect for here. I am just looking for something else that doesnt put other users here at risk, slightly aside from Facebooks eyes, which I truly feel is putting those users who are not technically savvy in DIRECT DANGER. Even linking to pics like AntiFederalist does I think is sufficient. Or host it on your own server if you have one set up...
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:27 PM
    I just want to politely ask to look for other sources. I do understand exactly how the tracking works. Whats on you is already on you. Not a big deal. Whats on us tho is that pics posted from Facebook puts their eyes on EVERYONE that views that pic on We need a better solution than Facebook because they are the ones that will sell out anyone that is deemed a threat based on info that they try to collect on EVERYONE. What do you think?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:24 PM
    Title was too long, I had to truncate it. 'Aid and Comfort' To the Enemy: Speaker Pelosi Ramps Up Attacks On Republican Colleagues Amidst Calls For Expulsion
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