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    Today, 01:45 AM
    All of that can be subsumed in my reference to their desire for more "power" and "control". It would not be enough for them merely to want the destruction of which you speak. They would also have to possess the ability to actually implement it - and by the means I noted, unchecked mass immigration would help provide them with (or bring them closer to) the degree of power and control necessary to achieve it. But as far as the particular point I was trying to make is concerned, it doesn't really matter what their ultimate aim might be. Even in the absence of such a goal as you describe, that point would remain: it doesn't really matter what the immigrants themselves actually want or believe, or what policies they would or would not support. Their mere presence in such large numbers, all by itself, will be (and is) used to justify and excuse the desired policies (regardless of what the ultimate goal of those policies may be). So long as significantly large numbers of immigrants are arriving here as a result of artificially political (rather than organically economic ) factors, it doesn't matter how decent or hard-working (or "libertarian", or whatever) some of those immigrants might be. Collectively and en masse, they are still just pawns and cat's-paws being used to empower a coalition of particular political factions to the detriment of liberty. An example of significantly large but organically "economic" immigration is the massive influx of Scots-Irish migrants into America in the 1800s. While this did have important political and cultural consequences (as any such large influx is apt to do), this was not the result of an intentional attempt to foster or engineer particular political outcomes (though it was certainly exploited "after the fact", so to speak, by politicians as best they could - because of course it was). The same can rarely (if at all) be said of today's (deliberate inculcation of) mass immigration. (As with so many other issues, the feds should never, ever have been permitted to have anything to say or do about it - and we are now living with the consequences of that failure.)
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    Today, 12:07 AM
    COVID must surely be the most accommodatingly civic-minded virus in history.
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    Yesterday, 11:53 PM
    Probably not - not yet, anyway. But if things are ever going to get to that point, then stages like this will have to be gone through first. They have to learn to say "no" before they can be expected to say "hell, no! FAFO".
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    Yesterday, 11:01 PM
    They can't stop what? All in-migration? I suppose they can't. But they can stop enticing, encouraging, and engineering these massive inorganic influxes we're seeing. They can do that, but they won't - because they know those influxes work to their political advantage. After all, that's exactly why they're enticing, encouraging, and engineering those influxes in the first place. Democrats in particular and leftists in general do not support so-called "open borders" immigration policies because they believe in the so-called "freedom to travel", or in the organic and economically natural "free flow of labor", or in any such things. They support it because it gives them more opportunities to gain more power. And this is true entirely regardless of what the political sensibilities of the immigrants themselves might be. The mere presence of such inordinate numbers is exploited as a justification for more government action and control (in the form of more spending programs, for just one of the more obvious examples), which in turn gives them yet more power and control over other sectors (such as health care, education, etc.).
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    Yesterday, 09:27 PM
    There actually is a lot of truth to the headline. What was not included in the headline that the unvaccinated are at risk of being hit... by THE VACCINATED. This is known as a Vaxident.
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    Yesterday, 12:37 PM
    A bird probably ate it....
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    Yesterday, 12:11 PM
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    Yesterday, 10:42 AM
    Highly radio active capsule lost in Australia...
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    Yesterday, 01:34 AM 1620314141419507712
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    Yesterday, 12:47 AM 1620044910689648641 "What is the right age for a child to start using social media? I worry that right now, if you look at the guidelines from the platforms, that age 13 is when kids are technically allowed to use social media, but there are two concerns I have about that. One is, I personally, based on the data I've seen, believe that 13 is too early, and I think that it's a time, you know, early adolescence, where kids are developing their identity, their sense of self. It's a time where it's really important for us to be thoughtful about what's going into what they think about their own self-worth and their relationships, and this skewed and often distorted environment of social media often does a disservice to many of those children " -- U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Interesting ... Now do puberty blockers, hormone replacement, and chopping off breasts/penises, Dr. Murthy. I double-dog dare you.
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    Yesterday, 12:40 AM
    She is so racist she misses the whole point. Utterly useless.
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    Yesterday, 12:26 AM
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    01-30-2023, 09:32 PM
    As we have learned, its not separate schools, its just NO SCHOOLS FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    01-30-2023, 09:30 PM
    Well its been EIGHT YEARS since the post that I quoted. Does anyone now believe that information harvested by all these data mining companies will not be used to control every aspect of your life? Mention COVID Vaccines on Facebook and get BANNED. Doesnt stop there. Big dings in your NOW ACTIVE SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES. Thus, you tell the truth, and your loans are denied. Applications are denied. Public transport is denied. College denied. Jobs denied. Access to YOUR OWN FUCKING MONEY DENIED (Canada). Buy FOOD DENIED. They WANT permission to LEAVE YOUR HOUSE (which is what COVID lockdowns were all about) to DENY that too! Or even BREATHE! YOU ARE THE CARBON THEY WANT TO ELIMINATE.
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    01-30-2023, 09:25 PM
    How about a 2023 version? A lot has changed since this 2016 post...
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    01-30-2023, 09:23 PM
    Well, now its just to provoke WWIII so Biden can make his Kill Quota. Putin flat out said that if the US sends DEPLETED URANIUM (still highly radioactive despite what all the so called "scientists" say, and Putin KNOWS this) that he will consider that a radiological attack and will seriously consider the use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Stupid thing is that these idiots are TRYING TO PROVOKE RUSSIA. So whats left, if the fallout doesnt kill you then COVID will. If COVID doesnt kill you, starvation will. If starvation does not kill you, then you will freeze to death. If you dont freeze to death, the CRIME will. If CRIME doesnt kill you, then AI will. They arent just poking the bear, they are cattle prodding the bears testicles with the intent of making it as mad as possible.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    01-30-2023, 09:17 PM
    Funny that the video in the OP is gone... but we are supposed to think there is no censorship. Only thing these censors censor is the truth.
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    01-30-2023, 07:13 PM
    Why the fuck are they housing these people in four star hotels ?
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    01-30-2023, 05:33 PM
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    01-30-2023, 04:09 PM
    You are in my thoughts ea day Pete .God Bless you .
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    01-30-2023, 10:40 AM
    new poitburo inflation number should be ready for St Valentines Day
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    01-29-2023, 09:12 PM
    oyarde replied to a thread Cowboys win the NFC in Open Discussion
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    01-29-2023, 07:45 PM Pfizer Exposed For Exploring "Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution' v24ih1i
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    01-29-2023, 07:20 PM
    The work force participation rate in this country is too low now , the GDP growth is to low ( with no obvious chance of recovery to respectable level consistently at all) , Debt up about 450 percent since yr 2000 ( 5.3 trillion to 31.5 trillion) . The debt will increase a staggering amount going forward. Weve just had 20 months of third world indlation. Adding immigrants has no chance to help. What is needed is less govt , less govt spending and a more productive citizenry with the people already here. By next yr tax collected will be less than 5 trillion and it will take 1 1/2 trillion to pay interest on the debt. Where we are headed the less mouths to feed here the better. We are down to simple math now .Everyone can put feelings and opinions aside .
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    01-29-2023, 03:43 PM Pfizer Exposed For Exploring "Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution' v24ih1i
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