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    05-18-2024, 01:13 PM
    Very important you understand this now. Not later. Central database digital ID will mean a government controlled single key to everything in your life. Your bank accounts. Your doctor appointments. Your government benefits or tax refunds. Your Ability to get student loans, travel, buy food and gas. It is very convenient. It also means this same convenience can be shut off in a heartbeat. Remember Biden was willing to force companies to fire you for not taking the clot-shot by making it part of OSHA regulations, much to the regret of millions of people who paid with their health or even their lives, around 17 million lives around the world according to University of Ottawa Prof. Denis Rancourt, and many other doctors and scientists. So far. So what will you do when your central ID goes off because it shows your "vaccinations" are not up to date? These mass killers thought nothing of recommending these untested, fiendish mRNA substances for 6-month-olds. Do you think they would hesitate? Just another way to get all your personal data, face mapping, iris scans, health records, whatever right? Gubmint gonna gubmint. But have you thought it all the way through? Before you shrug and say what the fuk so what's new?
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    05-14-2024, 11:42 AM
    What actually is Real ID?
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    05-14-2024, 11:41 AM
    This is exactly the goal. With a central ID and central bank digital currency the feds can do this at the flip of a switch. Edit- Only the Yanex.com search engine brings up any info about this.
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    05-13-2024, 09:31 PM
    None of the dystopia the elites have planned works without a centralized database digital ID. Then they tie it to everything, bank accounts, medical records, browsing history, "anti-social" RPF posts. Don't like being required to get needle-raped again to keep your job? Obey or your bank account gets shut off. Prof. Richard Werner was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Bear Stearns. He has run with these people, and is here to tell you they are up to no good. Prof. Werner CV https://www.winchester.ac.uk/About-U...les/Werner.php If all you do is help stop centralized digital ID in your lifetime, you have earned your rest. Your children will be free. They have got CBDC all ready to go, a WHO treaty to declare another global pandemic, and new laws against "misinformation" so they can round up dissidents now that they have a pretty good idea who they are. But none of it works without centralized digital ID, so they can shut down your money whether you are in Skokie or in France. Stop centralized digital ID and you stop Agenda 2030. The way it will work is one day you will try to log onto your bank account and you will need a new "identity verification", and a bunch of info. Then it will ask you to take a video selfie. Don't do it. Now you fight.
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    05-10-2024, 03:27 PM
    They accuse their opponents of exactly what they do, being authoritarians, except they REALLY DO IT. These J6 grandmas are IN JAIL. The Biden FBI actually spent time, manpower, resources hunting these misdemeanor charges DOWN because they had a different opinion on the election. Broke nothing. No violent charges. When is the last time you saw the FBI flying agents around the country and deploying SWAT teams for misdemeanors?
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    05-10-2024, 02:00 PM
    https://coronanews123.wordpress.com/2024/05/07/it-begins-massive-japan-uprising-against-deadly-mrna-bill-gates-who-pandemic-treaty-april-13-2024/ #JapanUprising #A13 April 13, 2024. Full media black-out. This is the moment the elites at Davos dreaded. Time to head for Paraguay. Then we confiscate their ill-gotten wealth when they tell us Social Security is bankrupt. The Japanese don't make much noise but when their back is finally up against the wall, watch out. These peoples' granddaddies were Samurias. It's all over.
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    05-10-2024, 12:28 PM
    The Dali is a modern ship built in 2015 by Hyundai. It definitely had rudder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Dali
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    05-09-2024, 09:38 PM
    If all this generation does is stop this treaty, abolish WHO, and prosecute Bill Gates, it will earn its rest.
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    05-05-2024, 09:52 PM
    The COVID lockdowns gave politicians and government bureaucrats all kinds of swell ideas. They are loving all these apparent new powers in the post-COVID toolbox like a kid at Christmas. Bottom line: More random control over your life by faceless retards who could not give a damn about you. They need to be slapped down QUICK and HARD. ----
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    05-04-2024, 01:41 PM
    Power goes off, official story says ship drifts toward critical support column. But when the power goes back on (lights on) the ship pulls a hard right aligning itself with the column in a precise fashion. Power goes off again for a moment, then back on as the ship throttles forward. Media muddies the issue of whether or not there was rudder when the lights went back on. Of course there was. The turn was too sharp to be drift. Clear as day this was an attack. Port critical for farm equipment and fertilizer coming into US. Food supply chain attack.
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    05-04-2024, 01:16 PM
    No it is not but it seems like a critical mass to push the issue to the forefront. A vote for WHO is very simply a vote to make Bill Gates dictator. This could be nonpartisan.
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