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    Yeah I understand and I agree assuming by "rape" we mean actual force and not slight age of consent violations. I doubt most cops even know the difference though. I've heard that they reject applicants for the police force who have IQs above a certain level and it wouldn't surprise me. It certainly seems most (not all) of them are morons who don't even think about the things they do.

    One thing I've found crazy is when I've seen "resisting arrest" as being the ONLY cause for a person being arrested. Don't you kind of have to commit some other crime before you can be legally arrested? ITs getting crazier and crazier and my resentment toward them is growing more and more.
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    Does this tick you off as much as it ticks me off?:
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    I usually reserve neg repping for total morons and people I don't have respect for.

    I really wanted to neg rep you because I like SF's posts and I really wanted to show disapproval of that particular post but I know some people take neg reps personally and I like you to so I decided to do what I did instead.
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    Hi TC. Just thought you should know that the correct translation from the original Greek of the word hilasterion in your sig is not 'propitiation', but 'expiation', and the difference is significant.
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    Good point. That would almost be insulting, but it would be funny
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    I'm so tempted to send Rand a copy of American Atrocities
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    Hey, you ran out of space too

    Basically I was just going to drop it because I disagreed with what you said but I didn't think I could convince you.

    I wanted to discuss political ethics briefly because we hadn't done it in awhile. What is your opinion of Christians who serve in the US military, police department, and/or IRS? And, do you believe taxation is theft?
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    I have space now.
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    I was out of rep but I wanted to +rep your comment to Nang about murder. She's blatantly wrong about this. I'm guessing she hasn't thought it through very deeply, but you were still right.
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    TC, if I'm coming off as harsh right now I apologize. I happen to be really aggravated at the moment and it mostly isn't your fault.
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