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    Today, 08:04 AM
    oyarde replied to a thread For Sale: Feb 01 I expanded space in Marketplace
    These all sold by this past Sat , so I threw out another ( 1961 ) , same price .
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    Today, 08:03 AM
    oyarde replied to a thread For Sale: Feb 01 I expanded space in Marketplace
    Today in C 239 , I will be putting out a PCGS Mint State 66 1945 S silver Mercury Dime at 33.00 . Probably a steal . That is MS65 dealer wholesale price .
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    Today, 07:52 AM
    But just as amazing.
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    Today, 12:33 AM
    They'll always find a convenient target to blame in order to prevent themselves from being painted in any negative light. *Cough Cough BIG PHARMA* Who makes Fentanyl? Oh yeah, Big Pharma, so lets go for the fucking DEATH PENALTY against street dealers. THAT is a VERY dangerous slippery slope that can be expanded VERY quickly. How long until the DEATH PENALTY is extended to Fake News? Being a Libertarian? Non Christian? Or at this rate, hell even Death Penalty for being Christian in America? At the rate we are going downhill, do not be surprised by anything.
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    Yesterday, 10:01 PM
    I gotta say the whole article is bull . I would surmise the problems they are having last year and now are not related to raw matl.'s pricing .
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    Yesterday, 09:35 PM
    You mean you do not use your real name , Lamp ?
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    Yesterday, 08:46 PM
    Never happen. Too many too paranoid and still think they've got something to lose. Hell, if you could even get 10k to do it I'd join in. But, I doubt you could get even that.
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    Yesterday, 08:03 PM
    I just laughed so hard I may have shat myself.
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    Yesterday, 07:40 PM
    Time to address that issue. 30% on imported keg prices should exponentially increase his business and cause a workman increase. Win/win.
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    Yesterday, 07:40 PM
    IDK about that. Sassanian soldiers (Zoroastrians) were appalled by the amount of pornography they found when they looted a Roman camp.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:35 PM
    Things would be much better and lower cost if we just got foreign kegs filled with foreign beer. Win/win. If it's cheaper it is better for everyone!!!!!!
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    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    The Hubble is a relic. James Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed til 2019 http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/james-webb-space-telescope-launch-delayed-2019/ The James Webb Telescope is the "new and improved" version of the Hubble, and it has me rather excited. The Hubble, although it did advance our understanding of the cosmos, had limitations. James Webb will be another major step towards furthering our understanding of both what our universe is, and is not. I think it is just as important to learn what the universe is not in order to have a more complete understanding of what the universe is. And right now, it is estimated that we are only aware of about 5% of the basic concepts that are out there, so we are gonna get some things wrong. Important thing is that we learn from them. Eventually, even the James Webb Space Telescope will outlive its usefulness, and hopefully be replaced by even more advanced technology. I think that the reason that most of us are here to begin with is that we are almost all above average intelligence. It seems to be one common trait amongst most of us. Our individual perspectives and skillsets will very quite widely. Our ability to process data has led most of us to similar conclusions about things being very wrong with our government and had been unified in our support of Ron Paul and the Libertarian Principles. We dont all have the exact same point of views, and those differences have enabled us to become stronger as a community, even if the interest in Ron Paul himself has waned. I think we usually work best when we enact our ability to entertain opposing points of view without either accepting or rejecting them. We fall apart when individuals say I am right and the rest of you are all wrong, now blindly accept my idea because I dont care about your opinions. Do Black Holes exist? Math says they probably do. Stephen Hawking said they probably do. But Black Holes are not the and all and be all of our understanding, only a very small part of it. If we look to our past, people used to genuinely believe that the earth was flat because they had no way of knowing that it was not. I dont mean like a hundred years ago, or even Egyptian times, I mean like Cave Man times. Even the Greeks knew the Earth was round, and were even able to give a very good approximation of the distance from the Earth to the Sun. We believed that men could not fly. Then we flew. We also believed that "Time Travel" would occur if you went faster than the speed of sound, not light. Then we broke the sound barrier and found it that we were wrong. We thought we could not put a man in outer space. Then we did. We thought we could not put a man on the moon, yet, we did that too.
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    Yesterday, 07:30 PM
    Six percent , not too bad.
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    Yesterday, 07:25 PM
    The important thing is get what you will need now .
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    Yesterday, 07:20 PM
    Remember when that crazy Adam Kokesh had that bat-shit insane idea for a hundred thousand to march into D.C. armed? I do. And I'd have joined it. Still would. If it is ever organized I will be there.
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    Did you quit your position in GOP? I would love to read thread about that (what you said, what they said, whom did you kick in the nuts etc.).
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by ClydeCoulter on 09-10-2012 at 04:05 PM
There are so many opinions on the world stage that it is hard to decipher truth from propaganda. But there are types of propaganda that are hard to tell from the truth. We see the outright lies and agenda promoting of the mainstream media and, for those that are "awake", it is a sickening experience to even have such running in the background while surfing the net for truth.

The more difficult propaganda to sift out as such is that which agrees mostly with our point of

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