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    Today, 10:01 PM
    Yeah , pretty much I always look just the same .
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    Today, 09:52 PM
    I have been intoxicated while flying but nobody would know . I like to nap . I did not know they let Nigerians on , I assumed they were all on the no fly list .
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    Today, 09:23 PM
    Consider that immigration is one of the few things the fed govt should control I think the judges would need to be more specific about what they feel is over reach . Personally I have no problem with tax dollars going unspent .
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    Today, 09:06 PM
    Today , I picked up an About Uncirculated 1853 Large Cent.
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    Today, 04:58 PM
    Trump scores bigly for transgender diversity quotient.
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    Today, 04:48 PM
    Apr 20 in history , 1534 Cartier sets sail on his first voyage to Newfoundland , Labrador and the East coast of canada . 1657 Freedom of Religion is granted to jews of New Amsterdam ( NY City ) . 1775 Siege of Boston begins . 1828 Rene Caillie was the first european to live through a visit to Timbuktu . About the 10th Century Timbuktu became a permanent settlement that became a trading center for slaves , gold , ivory and salt . The southern edge of the Sahara . 1836 US Congress , with nothing else to do , creates the wisconsin territory . 1861 Robert Lee resigns his commission to the US Army . 1914 Ludlow Massacre, colorado national guard murders 25 women and children on Orthodox Easter . Colorado militia has a long history of horrible murders so these come as no surprise to those wicked peoples . 1961 Failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion . 1972 Apollo 16 lands on the moon . 2015 Danke was rumored to be seen in Puntland .
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    Today, 01:23 PM
    Right after Nixon "temporarily" suspended the convertibility of cash to gold, and we ended up with the Petro Dollar, hmm... ----- It is said that the Rich represent the past of our country, the economic opportunities that existed in the past. The Middle Class represents the Future of a country, based on the economic opportunities that exist currently. If we have no Middle Class today, there will be less Rich in the future. A few of the rich will be even richer, but the opportunity to ever get to that level no longer exists. Since the rich are supported by the existence of a Middle Class, eventually even the rich will fall as well.
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    Today, 11:56 AM
    I suppose that I should have clarified that I do not give two shits about this supposed injustice and Starbucks in general (I did not watch every video regarding this incident). I was commenting from a private property perspective (which to be clear, allows for anyone, for any reason, to be asked to leave). I was commenting because this sort of nonsense is becoming the norm and will affect all business. They say a retired Federal Judge in Philadelphia is involved in mediation between Starbucks and the two trespassers. A nice payout for refusing to leave private property upon request... do you consider this a win?
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    Today, 11:15 AM
    And if I'm understanding this correctly, they asked to use the bathroom but were denied because they hadn't bought anything. They then sat down and hung out for a few minutes. The manager politely asked them to purchase something or leave. They refused to leave. The manager then did what society has drawn out as the solution to unwanted trespassers- call the police. The police showed up more understanding than I typically expect and try to reason with the men that they had been asked to leave and would need to do so. They still refused to leave. The police arrest them for trespassing. The person they were meeting showed up after this and all is supposed to be good? They were asked to purchase something or leave. Not that uncommon a request. They refused to do either. They were then asked to leave. They became trespassers at that point and regardless of who they were waiting for or what their intentions were, they were still trespassing. Starbucks being ran by a bunch of emotional progressives, they've effectively helped the pending lawsuit against them by publicly apologizing and terminating the manager who asked some pretty basic requests to a couple of trespassers. They should have doubled down and explained the real nuisance that is caused by loiterers and trespassers. I probably couldn't count the number of times I've been asked to purchase something or leave on one hand. You know what I did? I purchased something or left. If the establishment was particularly rude about it or insinuated I did not belong in their establishment (because they assumed I did not have money to pay) you know what I did? I left. And boycotted their establishment. I didn't sit down, refuse to leave, and act like an entitled piece of shit with a victim mentality. Pretty simple stuff, actually.
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  • kcchiefs6465's Avatar
    Today, 10:46 AM
    It's funny that this has happened to Starbucks but it will happen elsewhere. Squatters (homeless) and criminals (drug dealers, prostitutes) alike will be given slack as to not possibly upset the mob. I'm not sure where this Starbucks is in relation to the layout of Philadelphia but in every major city the McDonald's or Starbucks etc. near downtown becomes a hangout for the homeless. The homeless shelters typically only let people stay there at night so during the day there is a large amount of homeless walking around (and subsequently loitering at McDonald's, Starbucks etc.). And BTW, this generation is a bunch of whiny, self entitled, little bitches.
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    Today, 09:12 AM
    Once they declare war on everybody there will be no more crying about war without declaration .
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    Today, 09:09 AM
    Those food stamps will not buy much then . Finally america might lose a few pounds .
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    Today, 07:34 AM
    oyarde replied to a thread Firehouse Subs in Personal Prosperity
    I have not ever tried it . Subs and pizza etc not really high on my list . At 14 FRN's , I would rather go by my butcher and pick up some steaks , chops or chicken legs and throw the on the grill .
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    Today, 07:25 AM
    What could possibly go wrong ?
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    Today, 07:22 AM
    May the deceased little children Rest in Peace .
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    Today, 07:17 AM
    I still remember that day. I was on a plumbing call. The homeowner was watching breaking news. We just both watched it and shook our heads.
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Today, 07:11 AM
    17 years is nothing . If trump gets beat next election it ill be 20 years and the new Dem will bring on the Surge , a lock for 28 years then . The question is , as it nears 30 , will anyone stop it ?
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    Today, 12:39 AM
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    Today, 12:25 AM
    https://developers.slashdot.org/story/18/04/18/2348233/login-with-facebook-data-hijacked-by-javascript-trackers Friends dont let friends build websites that use Facebook Login.
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    Yesterday, 10:57 PM
    Flurries in the forecast for the morning I think .
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    Yesterday, 10:37 PM
    oyarde replied to a thread For Sale: Feb 01 I expanded space in Marketplace
    Probably Sat , in C 239 I will be putting out an Uncirculated 1941 D silver Walking Liberty Half dollar at about 22.00 or ten dollars less than dealer wholesale bid / ask of 32.00 / 35.20 . Also , I am still currently buying shotguns and rifles chambered larger than .22 .
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    Yesterday, 09:23 PM
    Well I figured when I saw the Stones it would be Brown Sugar , but then figured it could be Some Girls or When The Whip Comes Down . I always like the Stones , Lou Reed and Dire Straights . Not surprised Lou made the list but I figured it would be a heroin song . I did not expect to see Elton John , Elvis and The Crystals , LOL .
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    Yesterday, 08:12 PM
    Today , I picked up a pair of Carson City Mint silver Seated Liberty dimes in Fine , 1876 CC & 1877CC ,five NGC Canadian silver dollars in MS 68 or Proof 69 , 1981 , 1982 , 1986 , 1987 , 1989 , a 1917 Type 1 silver Standing Liberty Quarter in Extra Fine and a PCGS 1921 S Buffalo Nickel in Fine . That was fun
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The more difficult propaganda to sift out as such is that which agrees mostly with our point of

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