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    11-06-2017, 05:35 AM
    You said that arguments cannot be made without making certain predictions about the future. Then you defined statelessness with a declarative statement, full stop (""the state should be abolished and a free market in security should replace it"). Note, there is no prediction in that statement - it is, quite precisely, a philosophical statement without presumption of future consequences. Just a statement about how human society should be organized. I agree with it, in fact - it is simple, yet eloquent, and makes the case rather precisely. Again - you've stated that arguments cannot be made without making predictive statements. That all of economics, history and political science would be upended if we didn't make presumptions about the future. Which justifies your adherence to "minarchism", since you "know" that stateless will not succeed. As an aside, We're fortunate, as human beings, that you weren't around when human beings were considering whether or not civilization would persist without the institution of slavery. Your definition of "minarchism" (again, just a lol term) jives with your ability to see the future... Which is nice and all. It's just that you can't actually know what humans will accept and refute in the future. Just as you couldn't have known that slavery would eventually been rejected if you'd been peddling your nonsense on message boards in the 1800's. ;)
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    11-05-2017, 05:40 AM
    I oppose the State. I believe that human interaction should be based on the reality of human existence, which is - OBSERVABLY - that human beings exist on objectively equal terms. Though some may be more physically or mentally apt, there is clearly no instrument which can determine an objective standard by which one human is superior to another. Therefore there is no justification for the existence of an entity within human society wherein some subset of humans may rule over the rest. That is a logically consistent "political" (if you will) philosophy congruent with objective, observable human interaction. One may say that this model of society is unlikely to persist; that it is inevitable that some humans will inevitably seek to acquire a position of absolute authority over other humans. Much as others in the past argued that it is inevitable that there are some humans who are subservient others. Yet this concept, which had gained wide acceptance amongst humans from centuries if not millenia, has been rejected broadly by people as humans have grown and gained knowledge. Similarly, I believe that some day people will reject the notion that there are some people who are suited to rule over the rest of people. Maybe that is a folly, and maybe it isn't. As they say, the truth will bear out. Regardless, I hold this position not because I believe it is practical, or because I believe it is inevitable (though I believe it is both); I hold it because it is True. Full stop.
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    11-05-2017, 05:26 AM
    I found a picture of your post, HVACTech: You've won this round, Gas Master... the power of your ass is indomitable! I think I too am going to start coding all of my internet POV's in cryptic, largely irrational arguments that can't be refuted on that very basis then claim victory over the retarded mass of humanity.
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    11-05-2017, 04:34 AM
    Hmph? How about that? By your very own words you define statelessness by making a declarative statement, and your definition of "minarchism" (the time we could spend on that term...) comes out the gate claiming that statelessness is impossible. That's interesting. Because above you stated that it isn't possible to make an argument without predicting the future. Yet even you define the anti-statist as making a declarative (and not a predictive) statement. It's almost like you're full of shit, isn't it?
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    11-04-2017, 10:20 AM
    Ron was the original pragmatist - he presented himself to the general public as a reasonable, practical constitutionalist politician; Hey, this is what the governing document of this body says we can do, let's only do that. It happens that the Constitution was a decent document for limiting the scope of a national state. Since RP has been a national figure, however, the national state hasn't been limited in any way, shape, or form. So it was a decent piece of high ground from which he could snipe. In the course of doing so, he brought many of us here. Much of what Ron has written and said indicates that he believes in a much, MUCH more limited state than what the CONstitution lays out. Now that he's a private citizen, we're seeing more of that.
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    11-04-2017, 02:48 AM
    I've been telling the ladies that for years... Ahem. I'll show myself out.
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    11-03-2017, 08:21 PM
    Oh, good... HVACTech is creating threads in the political philosophy subforum. This place has been lacking finger-paint pieces for the refrigerator, lately.
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    11-03-2017, 08:18 PM
    I'm sure you're a Trump supporter, which isn't "necessarily" congruent with *white supremacist*... but most of those folks are morons who wouldn't know a Paulian political position if he tripped over it, which wouldn't be surprising (the tripping over of, that is). But anyway, please continue along pulling your pants down and imagining you're not the butt of the joke...
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    11-03-2017, 08:03 PM
    I wasn't debating you. I just made an observation and recollection. :shrug: Little trigger happy there, aren't ya? That said, GFY. Also, I'm not in favor of open borders... because I'm not in favor of borders. I'm in favor of private property.
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    11-03-2017, 06:52 PM
    I may be mis-remembering, but I'm pretty sure kahless is an open fascist/white supremacist whose presence here only inaccurately ties RP to his twisted, BS collectivist ideology to the passers-by. On those terms, I endorse any and all GFY's he gets around here. Cleans the place up...
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    11-03-2017, 06:44 PM
    YES. THEY. DO. Unless they encroach uninvited or with malice upon PRIVATE PROPERTY, people have a right to move about the planet unencumbered. Adorable as it is that - like a child - you've endorsed the idea that there exists entities which have this extra-human authority to cordon off segments of the planet and claim them for their own, rational people understand that human beings doing no harm to others may move around as they may see fit. AND - CA's refusal to buy into the state's border scam does NOT mean that he favors violent people coming to this continent... he has stated that if people were allowed to possess whatever means of self-defense they so choose, none of this would matter. There was a time in this country when people who couldn't control themselves in polite society just ended up dead at the hands of people who could. That had a civilizing effect on folks. That sort of thing would be useful these days.
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    11-03-2017, 03:43 AM
    Were there any men or "legal" guns left in New York City, this POS would have been dealt with at the beginning, middle or end of his rampage.
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    10-28-2017, 04:23 PM
    You and Sisyphus. Poor guy. You, the all-knowing. We bow before you and your vice-like grip upon the unknowable. What things you must be able to tell us about the future! Please TELL US! We await your wisdom...
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