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    Today, 12:45 PM
    Audrey Hale was undergoing counseling with Nashville school pastor whose daughter she killed Stephanie Pagones (30 March 2023) One of the six victims killed by Nashville shooter Audrey Hale was the daughter of a pastor who was “providing counseling for her,” according to a recent report. “Something didn’t sit right with her,” Jim Bachmann — the former pastor at the Covenant School which Hale stormed on Monday, killing six — told Inside Edition. Bachmann described how Covenant pastor Chad Scruggs, whose 9-year-old daughter, Hallie, was among those killed, had been Hale’s private counselor.
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    Today, 12:20 PM
    Shoot to Shill - A Rant From micro-aggressions to trans-gressions. @RazorFist:1/shoot-to-shill-a-rant:3
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    Today, 11:41 AM
    I'm skeptical of the "this is just routine" explanation. They came down on the "insurrectionists" with both feet, as hard as they could - and the "QAnon Shaman" in particular was by far the most prominent of such cases. The notion that they have no concern at all for the optics of the matter seems absurd - especially in light of (1) all the hysterical bloviations over the "insurrection", and (2) the recent semi-release of the so-called "J6 tapes" this thread]. They may have been worried that Chansley's lawyer's claim that relevant footage from the J6 tapes had been withheld from Chansley's defense might gain some traction, and that it might result in some kind of remedy (despite Chansley's "guilty" plea). By letting him out now, they "save face" (despite their disclaimers that that's not what they are trying to do), and significantly reduce Chansley's motivation to pursue any further remedies (which would bring even more attention and publicity to the matter, and could easily end up making them look even worse - even if Chansley lost any such bid).
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    Today, 11:12 AM
    THREAD: Jacob Chansley (aka the "QAnon Shaman") gets early release from prison
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    Today, 11:02 AM
    THREAD: Jacob Chansley (aka the "QAnon Shaman") gets early release from prison
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    Today, 10:57 AM
    But people actually were fooled into believing the Hunter Biden laptop story was a hoax when it was actually true.
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    Today, 10:52 AM
    QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley is released 14 months early from prison after Jan. 6 footage showed him being 'ESCORTED' by cops inside the Capitol - Jacob Chansley, 35, was released on Thursday after serving 27 months in prison - He had been sentenced to 41 months after pleading guilty in September 2021 - His move to a halfway house appears to be a matter of routine prison policy Keith Griffith (30 March 2023) The so-called 'QAnon Shaman' who pleaded guilty to storming the US Capitol on January 6 has been released from prison to a halfway house 14 months early, in an apparent reduction for good behavior. Jacob Chansley, 35, pleaded guilty in September 2021 to civil disorder and violent entry to the Capitol, among other charges, and was later sentenced to 41 months in federal prison.
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    Today, 10:41 AM
    Edit: Just now seeing this. Praying for Pete's family. He was one of my favorite people here.
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    Today, 10:27 AM to:
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    Today, 10:13 AM
    Does the Gun Free Schools act even apply to private school teachers? Edit: I'll answer m own question. Cliff notes for anyone that clicks the link and says TLDR. The law does apply to public, parochial and private schools.
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    Today, 10:10 AM
    One paved the way for the other. It's like Moses getting Israel TO the promised land but Joshua getting them IN the promised land.
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    Today, 10:00 AM
    Serious consequences are not necessarily a bad thing. The group that was pushing for a "day of vengeance" prior to the shooting and stated after the shooting that this while the deaths were sad this was the only was for the trans person to be "visible" should have to face the serious consequences of a wrongful death suit.
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    Today, 09:46 AM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Anti Globalist again. Never forget. AOC attacked the "Love your enemies" Superbowl commercial as somehow being pro fascism.
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    Today, 09:44 AM
    Is the agenda really damaged though? I don't think any Christians will take the obvious bait, but imagine if just one nutcase shot up a pride parade? You'd NEVER hear the end of it. I read the comments on the NewsBreak app. There are a handful of nutjobs that are still trying to pull leftwing talking points out of this dumpster fire.
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    Today, 02:38 AM
    So stunning and bold. Worthy of 2024 votes, no doubt.
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    Today, 02:35 AM
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    Today, 02:26 AM
    devil21 replied to a poll Don vs. Ron in U.S. Political News
    The original Don vs Ron thread, with way more posts and views, before OP tried to co-opt and data-mine it:
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    Today, 02:22 AM
    Except the part where Viking hat guy was given VIP tour treatment by Capitol Police to his various photo ops around the Capitol.... I don't need to post links or videos because we've all seen them by now. Or at least I hope everyone has seen them by now.
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    Today, 01:53 AM
    Can we stop calling it the leftist agenda and start caling it the weftist agenda? I'm coining that shit right now. #WEFtist spread it
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    Today, 01:44 AM
    Damn, that's deep. Too many flappy sails in Congress. Only a few stiff sails.
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    Today, 01:37 AM
    What would be most amazing is if his daughter took over his handle here and his life of freedom carried on to her. That is what needs to be encouraged in these times of great (coerced) transition. Godspeed Pete. I hope whatever choices you made during your life made it all interesting, at least. As RP told us all years ago, go have fun. Whatever fun is to you. "May you live in interesting times." - Confuscious
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    Yesterday, 10:25 PM
    Manhattan Trump grand jury set to break for a month A previously planned hiatus would push back a potential indictment of the former president. Erica Orden (29 March 2023) The Manhattan grand jury examining Donald Trump’s alleged role in a hush money payment to a porn star isn’t expected to hear evidence in the case for the next month largely due to a previously scheduled hiatus, according to a person familiar with the proceedings. The break would push any indictment of the former president to late April at the earliest, although it is possible that the grand jury’s schedule could change. In recent weeks, the Manhattan district attorney’s office hasn’t convened the panel on certain days. But it is District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prerogative to ask the grand jury to reconvene if prosecutors want the panel to meet during previously planned breaks. The grand jury, which heard testimony in the Trump case on Monday, isn’t meeting Wednesday and is expected to examine evidence in a separate matter Thursday, the person said. The grand jury, which typically meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, is scheduled to consider another case next week on Monday and Wednesday, the person said, and isn’t expected to meet Thursday due to the Passover holiday.
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    Yesterday, 10:01 PM
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    Yesterday, 09:59 PM
    This is terrible news. Pete will certainly be - and has been - missed around here. :sorrow: I've started a memorial thread in the Remembrance forum: Pete Osmar memorial thread I copied over your previous post (and ClaytonB's reply). Condolences and updates for donations/offerings/etc. can be posted there.
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    Yesterday, 08:57 PM
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    Yesterday, 08:26 PM
    Jury in Douglass Mackey trial tells judge they cannot come to a unanimous decision "We have completed our deliberations and we have not reached a unanimous decision. Please advise." The Post Millennial (28 March 2023) After the first full day of deliberations in the meme trial of Douglass Mackey, the jury sent a note saying that they had completed their deliberations and were unable to reach a unanimous decision as to his guilt. "After the first full day of deliberations in the Douglass Mackey trial, the jury sent this note: 'We have completed our deliberations and we have not reached a unanimous decision. Please advise.' The judge sent them home for the night, told them to keep going in the morning," the Daily News' Brooklyn Court reporter John Annese reported. "Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Ann Donnelly told the Mackey jurors, 'This is actually not unusual. By our terms you've only been deliberating for a little while.' She told them to take their time," Annese continued.
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    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    THREAD: Thomas Massie to reintroduce bill to repeal Gun-Free Schools Act
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    Yesterday, 08:12 PM
    Whither art thou, NRA?
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