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    Today, 09:43 PM
    I can't think of any leaks that were more damaging to Trump than that except perhaps the leak of the Ukraine phone call.
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    Today, 09:41 PM
    The root cause is U.S. foreign policy. You try to destabilize foreign governments and "Surprise, surprise" you cause a migrant crisis. And....Trump worked to destabilize Latin American countries like Venezuela as well. And there's the ongoing failure of the war on drugs. Anyhow, I doubt Kamala will be able to deflect Trump's "border czar" attacks by explaining to voters that she was really the "immigration root causes policy coordinator" or whatever her title was. She'll probably pivot away from that subject whenever it comes up.
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    Today, 07:08 PM
    You, of course, are exactly right. And......Trump is unlikely to do that because he's currently running as a law and order candidate as opposed to a criminal justice reform candidate. That's a shame really because his record on criminal justice reform is actually pretty good and in 2018 he was praised for it even by democrats. Personally the reason I was hoping for Tim Scott to be the VP nominee is I was looking forward to Tim asking Kamala why she filibustered his police reform bill. I predict Trump's main attack will be her obvious failure as a border czar which she will respond with "Why did you scuttle our bipartisan border control bill? Why (cackle) oh why?" And his comeback will be "I was able to control the border using the tools I already had." And she will respond with "Like that border fence that you never finished?"
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    Today, 06:19 PM
    This is from the Moscow Times. We'll see what actually happens. Tara Reade, the U.S. woman who moved to Russia after accusing President Joe Biden of sexual assault, said she has returned to the U.S. to press charges against the incumbent running for re-election. Reade said during the 2020 presidential race that then-Senator Biden sexually assaulted her on Capitol Hill in August 1993 while she was working in Biden’s congressional office. Biden categorically denied Reade’s claim. In May 2023, she appeared in Moscow asking President Vladimir Putin for Russian citizenship in a press conference organized by state-run media, claiming that a Republican Congressman had warned her she was in physical danger. “Tara Reade, the Joseph Biden sexual abuse victim has returned to the United States from Russia to press criminal charges against Joseph Biden for Third Degree Sexual Abuse,” her lawyer Jonathan Levy said in a statement emailed to The Moscow Times.
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    Today, 06:17 PM
    Of course not. Trump was running away with the "Joe ain't really here" special with an undercurrent of "The Biden family is really corrupt even if you won't admit it" side order. The side order helped mute to some extent for thinking voters (i.e. independents) the "Trump is a 34 count convicted 91 count indicted felon found liable for sexual assault/rape." Now that Biden's not the candidate how to attack Harris? That's the question. Yeah she can be attacked for covering up for Biden not really being there and for not standing up for Tara Reade (even though she initially said she believed Tara Reade's story) but that's not the same as being someone with classified documents in his car next to his Corvette and not being prosecuted because of his faulty memory. So...what to do about Harris? Trump cut Hillary's legs out from under her in the second debate when Hillary was attacking him for his record on women by pointing out the women Bill messed over. Trump needs to make Tara Reade the Monica Lewenski of 2024 and child Harris not standing up for her. Harris said in 2020 that Tara Reade has a right to tell her story. Well, now Tara Reade is returning to the U.S. to press charges against Joe Biden. Will Kamala ensure that she gets to "tell her story" now?
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    Today, 06:02 PM
    Matt Collins posted a video about the 1968 Chicago convention which pointed out that for many years political parties just picked whoever they wanted without a primary process. I seriously have no freaking idea how third parties like the Libertarian or Green parties pick their candidates. (I see AngelaTC on X talking about it at times and it's all opaque to me.) That said I think most Democrats are okay with the choice. Who else were they going to pick? Gavin Newsom? LOL!
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    Today, 12:29 PM
    Trump was his own worst mole. Nobody forced him to give that interview to Bob Woodward where he said the following: Woodward quotes a subsequent interview on March 19, wherein Trump says: "I always wanted to play it down. I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic." For the life of my I cannot understand why Trump did that level of self sabotage.
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    Today, 12:17 PM
    You are, of course, correct. In 2020 my best friend at the time, a black woman and Spellman graduate, agreed with me initially that Kamala Harris was a horrible candidate based on her record of what she did to black people and that Trump had done more for black people than the community was willing to admit. (She brought that up, not me). Then, once Kamala got the VP nod and the black sororities got behind her, this same friend was like "Don't you want to be part of history and support the first black woman VP candidate?" I was like "If I felt that way wouldn't I have supporter her when she was running for president?" Prior to Biden dropping out, one of my sons asked my ex wife is she supported Kamala or Gavin Newsome replacing Joe Biden and she said "Neither one." But I bet she would vote for a Harris / Newsome ticket if it came to that. Of course Republicans don't help themselves with black voters. Trending right now from the RNC is video of praise from one of the RNC speakers of a college frat jerk making "gorilla noises" directed at a black woman who was on campus in support of the Palestinians. Like....why?
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    Today, 11:33 AM
    Maybe the demon in him thought the pot was filled with holy water?
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    Today, 10:55 AM
    Seriously? That's what she said? "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus?" And then he shot her? Was this cop demon possessed or something?
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    Today, 09:35 AM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Anti Federalist again
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    Today, 06:24 AM
    At 18 seconds I am once again reminded of what Democratic power broker Mayor Willie Brown saw in Kamala.
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    Today, 05:52 AM
    I didn't take the jab and as you know I was REALLY sick for a few days, took a strong laxative on my ex-wife's advices, and was back on my feet in 24 to 48 hours. I've been sick a little bit on and off but never off my feet and if I caught COVID again it wasn't bad enough for me to worry about even getting tested. I have a church member who was gung ho pro vaccine, had all her boosters and said she was going to keep taking them because she was still catching COVID. Then...she sent me the article about the 90 million subject international COVID vaccine study that showed serious side effects from the jab. I haven't talked to her about that since (don't want to rub her face in it) but I think she had a rude awakening. (I hope so anyway. She's a nice lady, just badly misled.)
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    Today, 05:30 AM
    Wow! Thanks for the update! And ^this is why I don't complain about it taking so long to execute someone. Yes sometimes there are cases where there's no doubt about guilt. But sometimes there is. But I don't know why, once the evidence shows innocence to the point that the prosecutor wants the condemned released, the person isn't let out the next day. Schedule an emergency hearing like immediately. Clear everything off the docket. Come in on the weekend if necessary. SMH.
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    Today, 01:23 AM
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    Today, 01:21 AM
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    Today, 01:19 AM
    There's no point in him coming out, politically and fundraising-wise. What would that accomplish? Seriously, what? This is his "lame duck" period and as long as Congress doesn't pass any high visibility legislation requiring Pres PR, which is unlikely leading up to the election, he can fall into the background without much notice going forward but still legally hold office of Pres, with maybe an exception of the DNC next month where he can video endorse or AI/CGI (Max Headroom Pres) can endorse Kamala or whoever. Having said that, no one likes Kamala. No one. Maybe Kamala kinda does? Doubt even that, though, because deep down she knows how she got to where she is. I fully expect her to not be Dem nominee. Newsom is too "slick" and unlikeable (French Laundry memes while voters can't buy groceries?) and Cali is a wreck. Whitmer would certainly spin up the right after the Covid/fake kidnapping crap but she's otherwise severe and unknown. If TPTB want to tank it for Donald, nominate Gavin and Whitmer lol.
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    Today, 12:56 AM
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    Today, 12:41 AM
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    Today, 12:37 AM &
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    Today, 12:30 AM]
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    Today, 12:07 AM
    Court Won’t Postpone Execution Date for Man About to Be Released {Steve Lehto | 16 July 2024} It's scary but it should work out.
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    Today, 12:01 AM
    CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #301: Scandal at Washington Post Involving Neocon Max Boot and his Accused Spy-Wife {Glenn Greenwald | 22 July 2024} v55o3v1
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    Today, 12:01 AM
    CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #301: The Dem Party's Growing Civil War {Glenn Greenwald | 20 July 2024}
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    Today, 12:01 AM
    CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #301: After the RNC: Which Side of the GOP Will Trump Embrace? {Glenn Greenwald | 20 July 2024}
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    Yesterday, 11:42 PM
    She accidentally admitted it, but he can't stop her {Decoy Voice | 22 July 2024} As President Joe Biden dropped out of the 2024 Presidential Race, he is endorsing his VP Kamala Harris. But as people wonder why he has not been seen for 5 days, his call into Harris' campaign only raised more questions.
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    Yesterday, 11:34 PM
    Scott Horton Gives the Full Story of October 7 The Bob Murphy Show: Episode 333 {Robert Murphy | 22 July 2024} Scott Horton is director of the Libertarian Institute. Prompted by questions from Bob, he explains why Benjamin Netanyahu deliberately propped up Hamas, a strategy that backfired horribly on October 7, 2023. Mentioned in the Episode and Other Links of Interest:
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