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    Today, 03:14 PM
    Oh. So that's why Johns Hopkins was the first with the live COVID map.
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    Today, 11:44 AM
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    Today, 11:38 AM
    "Finland has made bread with crushed insects. There are 70 dried and ground crickets in each loaf. Crickets make the bread a good source of protein. But make up just 3% of the weight. The bakery hopes to roll it out across Finland. In the future we might all eat a lot more insects. They require much less feed than traditional meats. They also require much less land. If we replace half the animal products we eat with insects or lab-grown meat we'd free up an area 70 times the size of the UK. We'd also substantially reduce emissions. Would you eat a loaf of cricket bread?"
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    Today, 06:46 AM
    Don't kid yourself. The vaccine STILL isn't "ready" as in safe for human use. You know it too. You're carrying Trump's water.
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    Today, 05:05 AM
    When looking at the COVID-19 bodycount, the credibility of the CDC, the NIH and the WHO should be part of the bodycount.
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    Today, 04:32 AM
    LOL. Even more proof that Trump was close to worthless as a president. And a judge he appointed just struck down Alabama's law to protect minors from being transitioned. Yeah, we some of his judges did help strike down Roe v Wade, but we also have Bush appointed judges to thank for that. Edit: Trump also deployed more troops to Congo, Irag, Gaboon etc.
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    Yesterday, 10:09 PM
    So not funny. But so on point. Here's the difference though. Russia actually found WMDs in Ukraine.
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    Yesterday, 06:11 PM
    I love a cappella music and I love the Eagles. I accidentally ran across this. Enjoy.
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    Yesterday, 02:16 PM
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    Yesterday, 01:02 PM
    Well at least progress is being made. Back in 2003 only Ron Paul was against the war in Iraq. Edit: Of course we both know this is because a democrat holds the Whitehouse. Some republicans were willing to speak out against Clinton's war in Bosnia too.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:32 PM
    The term "RINO" (Republican In Name Only) gets bandied about a lot. But it's the Paul/Massie types who are the RINOs, not the Bush/McCain/Rubio/McConnell/McCarthy types.
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    Yesterday, 11:39 AM
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    Yesterday, 10:30 AM
    And the libs are a celebrating.
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    Yesterday, 08:52 AM
    Wouldn't it be epic if an ulta MAGA candidate like Barnette claimed voter fraud against a Trump endorsed RINO? Heads would explode.
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    Yesterday, 05:46 AM
    After Columbine got all of the coverage that it did it spawned copy cat killers. The news media knows their coverage spawns more shootings....and yet they keep covering shootings.
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    Yesterday, 05:43 AM
    That would be you. It must hurt your back carrying Trump's water. Obama pulled us out of Iraq. Some republicans complained that he pulled us out "too early." Guess what? I don't miss Obama. One thing that's consistent. No matter who's president, drone killings of civilians will go up. Note that both of those are conservative news sources.
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    Yesterday, 05:42 AM
    I'm just going by the manifesto attributed to him.
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    Yesterday, 05:40 AM
    I don't watch MSM. Do you have a link on alternative media?
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    Yesterday, 05:39 AM
    That's a good idea. Men need more birth control options. I don't know why the FDA has gone 30 years without approving vagasel. The most that the sperm donor could expect out of a breach of contract suit in that situation would be to get his money back or whatever else he gave in exchange for the contract. And in most abortions the "sperm donor" doesn't care or may be even encouraging the abortion. If you've got enough money to pay a woman to have a baby for you then you (hopefully) have enough money to pay her to raise the child for you. There are a lot of women happy to accept that arrangement. It's called child support. And this brings us to what's really driving the abortion industry. It's economics. Children used to be an asset. They helped you run the family farm or the family business. If you were too poor to own a farm or a business, at a certain age you could hire them out. They earned their keep. Now, thanks to child labor laws, they are a liability. An increasingly expensive liability. There was no such thing as "child care" expense 100 years ago. Most women worked at home and those who worked outside the home could have friends or relatives raise their kids. Now most women work outside the home and laws in most states require day cares to be licensed. The current corporatist model, the fascists corporations squeeze as much money out of childless adults as they can.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    05-17-2022, 03:35 PM
    This Is About To Get Real - Part Of the Problem #858 On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave and Robbie talk about the baby food shortage in this country, the reasons, the responses, and what comes next for America. This episode was recorded on 5.15.22
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    05-17-2022, 03:29 PM
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    05-17-2022, 03:19 PM
    Critical Education Theory Series, Part 12: Paulo Freire and the Birth of Groomer Schools The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 76 (16 May 2022) This episode of the New Discourses Podcast continues into a second part a long miniseries exploring Paulo Freire’s landmark 1985 book The Politics of Education: Culture, Power, and Liberation, and it is embedded in the broader Critical Education Theory series here. In the previous part, James Lindsay presented the ideas in the first half of the sixth chapter, wherein we see how Freire Marxified education itself. The previous parts of this series, covering the earlier chapters of the book can be found here, here, here, and here . In this episode, James takes up the more complex second half of chapter six, revealing how Freire’s “dialogical model” of education is, in fact, the birthplace of what he has elsewhere referred to as “Groomer Schools.” Join him to understand how Freire didn’t just Marxify education but also retooled pedagogy to amount to Marxist political grooming, which is far worse than mere indoctrination. paulo-freire-and-the-birth-of-groomer/12924f89f3879262e81818ae9615b96826a94898
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    05-17-2022, 01:31 PM
    Some of the political left may have never understood, but others certainly have. For the latter, the creation of despotism is the whole point (and the former are idiots useful for that purpose). Pic tax:
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    05-17-2022, 05:32 AM
    She should have told him "Your side said if you don't have a uterus you don't get to choose." Then again...
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    05-17-2022, 03:26 AM
    Bvllshyt and you're a bad liar. A lockdown is a mandate. It mandated people stay home. To be able to end the lockdown mandates, and hopefully get re-elected, Trump pushed through an experimental vaccine that everyone knew wasn't ready. For once in his life Dr. Fauci told the truth when he said the vaccine wouldn't be ready for another 18 months. Trump said "It will be ready by November. The president of Pfizer told me." Well...if by "ready" he meant "We'll release it on the unsuspecting American people whether it's ready or not" then yeah. I guess you could say Trump told the truth. But no. It wasn't "ready" is in proven safe. Trump never had the CHANCE to push a vaccine mandate. And he knows how unpopular that is with his base. Hell, Trump got boo'd in Cullman Alabama, one of the most right wing counties in all of America, for pushing the idea of a booster. Trump is a political charlatan with not a single ounce of integrity. If he thought a vaccine mandate would get him more votes, he'd push it. If he thought being against the vaccines altogether would be beneficial to him, he'd do that. He can't go back and be against his experimental garbage vaccines now because that's the only thing CNN praises him for and he's a narcissist and lives for praise. So no. I have NOT changed the subject. Actually you attempted to change the subject you liar. The subject is "Biden authorizes more troops." You tried to change it to "Do you miss Trump." I don't. I gave a reason why I don't. You, being the liar that you are and the Trump sycophant that you are, just can't handle the truth.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    05-17-2022, 02:42 AM
    Liar. Edit: And before you double down on your lie, let me cut you off at the pass. If you say "Well telling the governor of Georgia to keep the state locked down isn't a vaccine mandate" the vaccine didn't even exist until after the 2020 election. And locking down a state is a mandate. Trump supported the lockdown mandate. Also the vaccine mandate isn't someone grabbing and jabbing you. It's saying "You have to stay locked down if you don't get jabbed." Under Joe Biden's most draconian vaccine mandate you could still avoid being vaccinated as long as you were willing and able to work from home, not travel on an airplane, distance learn or do whatever it is you were able to do under Georgia's lockdown that Trump said ended too early. So, Trump absolutely supported mandates. He felt some governors were not authoritarian enough in their mandates.
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