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    09-09-2021, 06:59 PM
    No longer?! They were never to be trusted to the door.
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    09-01-2021, 05:02 PM
    While unlikely to improve humanity's near-hopeless condition, I urge you all not only to read this article very carefully and to understand the truths it presents, but to spread it widely. The author, Bishop Vigano, is a superb writer. As many of you are aware, we are being made war upon. Vigano brings several of the disparate elements of that war together here into a rational and understandable gestalt. His style is concise, economical, eminently graspable, and what he writes hits like a hammer, only with subtlety. Read this and you will understand why for a dozen years I have been telling you all why we are so deeply hosed. Humanity as humanity is on the brink of death. What will be left shall be less than human and shall bear the Luciferian mark upon it, which means luxury for Themme and misery for the rest or, at best, tolerable existence for those who kiss the ring. Lastly, my reference to Luciferianism is not perforce an acknowledgement of the devil - a notion whose truth I hold skeptically as it has thus far been neither proved nor disproved to me - but that Theye acknowledge it. Theye believe in it, and it is therefore pursuant to those beliefs that they act. That is all that matters in practice. The devil may exist, or not - it makes no matter. All that counts is that Theye believe in something onto which they plaster the label, and I verily doubt that is spells anything good for the vast majority of us. I no longer have any faith that we will lift a finger to save ourselves, as Theire campaign to corrupt bulk humanity has clearly met with more success than anyone, anywhere deserves to enjoy. But my lifetime of bujutsu training compels me to say fight on even if the cause is lost, for it is the Freeman's drive to press on to the bitter end, come what may.
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    08-26-2021, 05:51 PM
    Well put.
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    08-26-2021, 05:48 PM
    In a very broad sense, we agree. But here I am zeroing in on the fact that we have been given an opportunity that nobody else on the planet has even the wisp of a hope to get. We hold it cheap. Were it otherwise, we would not be deep in the kimchee. To my way of seeing it, that makes us worse than the rest, who have little choice in the matter of their respective tyrannies and political corruptions. We don't HAVE to tolerate this abuse, we choose to. Even more reason for us to be jealous guardians of our liberties. Instead, we have boys running around in dresses with butt-plugs firmly ensconced.
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    08-26-2021, 05:36 PM
    I read enough, thanks. Polemic? Now who's being hyperbolic... I have stated my view. If you don't agree, that's fine. But I do object to gratuitous attempts at wasting my time. Have a nice day.
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    08-26-2021, 01:13 PM
    You call that hyperbole? You must be one of those "sensitive" people, so easily set upon their ear by words. Hell, you call yourself "snowball", after all. And if you really think it's hyperbolic, then I must infer from that that you are one who has chosen to remain asleep. Please do point out the hyperbole, if you can. This should be amusing.
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    08-26-2021, 06:57 AM
    Americans are the most despicable people on the planet. Why? Glad you asked. Because we are the only significant population left on the human-dominated planet who retain even the least glimmer of hope to become free, yet turn our backs to a gift that has been bestowed on no other civilized people in recorded human history. For the briefest moment, our forebears managed to wriggle us all free from the Tyrant's grubby mitts. Did we treasure and endeavor to protect and preserve that jeweled opportunity given us, and paid in so much blood? No. We have systematically and consistently squandered it - taken it for granted - regarded it as cheap and easy as shown by actions that run in diametric contradiction to our big fat talk of "freedom". We revoltingly make every excuse why we should not return the war that is made upon us in kind. We don't even get it up to engage in mass civil disobedience, much less anything else more kinetic.
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    08-25-2021, 12:50 AM
    osan started a thread Motto? in Grassroots Central
    I've adopted a new motto beyond "mors tyrannis": Resist, Refuse, Rebel. For those who get all stupid for Latin, I think it translates to "Resistere, Negare, Rebellorum"
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    08-25-2021, 12:42 AM
    That might be a bit over-stated, but your point it taken in any event. Bastiat did the same, as did Spooner, and perhaps one or two more. That aside, reaching hearts and minds is apparently not quite sufficient to break people of the serf's mindset and the now-normal state of corruption in the Meaner. We have all this edumacation freely available, and yet we remain effective slaves to the punk Tyrants who regard us with such deep contempt, that they steal elections in bald-faced manner, abandon tens of thousands of Americans to the viciously murderous Muslims of Afghanistan, involve us in wars of foreign aggression, make us pay for them, tax us to death with nothing in return but more tyranny, foist fake epidemics of bio-engineered viruses upon us, act like raving lunatic clowns, and so on, while we sit idly by and take it all in. The best I've seen from "us" has been the moaning and complaining about SOME of it, but doing not a thing that is materially effective in altering our reality for the better. A respect Dr. Paul and agree with most of his positions, but let's be serious now and dispense with the gratuitous idol-worship, much as the good doctor might deserve it: the net effect of his 36 years in the House has not been positive in the broader perspective. He held to his principles, and for that I respect him greatly, but in terms of real results he accomplished little. Now, before you burst an artery, allow me to be very clear here: that is not a bad reflection on Dr. Paul, but just evidence to show that one boy scout has more than his work cut out for him when he finds himself in a den of vipers.
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    08-19-2021, 11:27 PM
    I thought she would be a good choice. Boy was I mistaken. At this point, I would have no problem seeing her publicly hung upon conviction. This shit's got to be stopped. America hasn't the sand, I suspect. Draw your own conclusions.
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Global War On Terrorism: Are We Winning?

by osan on 03-25-2017 at 07:19 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
Short answer: If you are still fighting it you are losing it.
After 26 years, I'd have to agree.

Global War On Terrorism: Are We Winning?

by osan on 03-25-2017 at 07:19 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
Short answer: If you are still fighting it you are losing it.
After 26 years, I'd have to agree.

Guns and Marijuana in Missouri

by osan on 01-02-2017 at 08:51 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Mach View Post
"castle doctrine," which permits homeowners to use deadly force against intruders. The revised law will allow invited guests, such as babysitters, to use lethal force.
I find it amazing to consider just how hopelessly corrupt a land we are, and have been for so very long a time when I read things like this. To think not only that some people would dare usurp the authority to remove those which are the most obvious prerogatives of free men, but also that we as a people would

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RP: Who Brought the World to the Brink of World War III?

by osan on 10-17-2016 at 11:14 PM
Quote Originally Posted by osan View Post
We did.

Quote Originally Posted by PierzStyx View Post
Uhm, no. Not all of us. Only most of the countries involved. We few radicals and rebels do what we can to prevent it. Whether that works or not still doesn't change whether it is our fault or not.
To which I responded thusly:

The number of people out there who are putting their asses on the line is vanishingly small. My statistical assessment therefore stands. To wit...

The fact is this: we failed from the earliest days.

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How to defend liberty and property in a stateless social construct?

by osan on 04-15-2016 at 07:22 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
How would you defend liberty and property in a stateless social construct? The use of private security firms is a stock answer, but let’s consider some more detail. Consider the following situations…
And it has its problems. It is a partial answer at best.

1) A band of thugs is going around robbing people, how do you defend your home from invasion?
By killing them to eliminate them from the book of immediate and potential future threats to others, including

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