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    Yesterday, 09:33 PM
    Even the BLM organization is now acknowledging that the Democratic Party isn't democratic anymore (about time): 1815629502128533647
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    Yesterday, 05:28 PM
    This video shows a test was done on a recording of the call using an AI voice program. Five minutes:
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    07-22-2024, 06:01 PM
    Biden To Make Statement Via Ouija Board From The Babylon Bee: Read on here. :tears:
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    07-20-2024, 05:39 PM
    F-16s are, as far as I know, fighter jets. Putin has said that if any fighter jets take off from outside of Ukraine and do damage to Russian troops, the bases they started from will be targeted in retaliation. Of course the Russians will try to shoot down the jets before they can do any damage, because the Russians don't want a wider war. This isn't in the news yet because there hasn't been time, although it won't be long. I got the word from a friend who knows people who live along the Poland/Ukraine border and saw the jets going over in the easterly direction. One thing I know is that the F-16s can't land in Ukraine because they don't have any airstrips that are safe enough to be used by these craft.
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    07-20-2024, 05:06 PM
    NATO fighter jets are now entering Ukraine air space from Poland. Things will be heating up shortly.
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    07-20-2024, 03:11 PM
    At 1:06 in this video, you can hear Trump saying "let me get my shoes" v54ic25
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    07-20-2024, 01:22 PM
    Can you give me a link to the interview, or at least tell who did the interview (and when)?
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  • Suzu's Avatar
    07-20-2024, 12:32 PM
    This may be a dumb question, but I saw a video made around the time of the incident in which Trump asked the SS agents to wait for him to get his shoes. I don't understand why were Trump's shoes not on his feet when he stood up? Does he take them off when he starts speaking at a rally?
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    07-19-2024, 05:26 PM
    Two thousand and twenty-three individuals is hardly a representative of what hundreds of millions of people actually believe about mainstream media outlets.
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    07-17-2024, 07:58 PM
    Of course, Biden has COVID-19, and then they can springboard from his "Positive" case to continue the narrative that SARS-CoV-2 is on the rise again, which means the incoming drop boxes for "mail-in ballots" can be warranted in order to "keep people safe from its spread." :rolleyes:
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    07-05-2024, 02:56 PM
    We're just encountering more people on the Left who are unhinged from reality and are so desperate that they will do anything to keep Biden in the race because of their hatred towards Donald Trump. They don't live by ethics and principle; they exist by emotion and power-addiction.
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    07-05-2024, 02:46 PM
    My assessment is not just based on what occurred in the past, but it's also based upon current, undeniable observations with the way Trump is being villainized in the political culture. The very tactics of lawfare being used against him ought to be evidence enough of the extent to which his opponents in the mainstream media, the Democratic Establishment, and the liberals within the social media industry are willing to go to keep him from winning. But you also need to keep in mind that Trump supporters need as much help and numbers as they can muster in order for him to win. And you will have to deal with individuals such as myself who will not help Trump win the nomination because of our vehement disagreements with his populism, his fundamental philosophy of civics, and his own personal characteristics (i.e., his ego, his failure to repent of his past marital infidelities, and his over-the-top behavior at his rallies which do nothing to address root problems in our fiscal and monetary policies). The Democrats have hive-minded followers who are deep cultists devoted to anything marked with a "D," and that herd mentality isn't something which is readily available to all those to the right of them. That's why Trump isn't going to win, anyway, even if you accept that the elections will be "free and fair" on a national level. You simply need to "wake up and smell the coffee." The powers that be are not going to allow Trump to win, and that, of course, is because God has given us over to evil people in our political process. I blame us Christians for not being vanguards of our republic, as we were supposed to be, and because of our defeatist eschatology, we allowed (essentially) Atheists to come in and deconstruct our political process and institutions for their own good.
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    07-05-2024, 11:54 AM
    Here are a few noteworthy but very concerning quotes from the article: So after all the fuss from the White House Press Secretary about the danger of "cheapfakes" of Joe Biden, now someone on the Left wants to employ them, in order to stop "Orange Man Bad." They live in a sea of hypocrisies. But, of course, we know what a "can of worms" that would open up for future Democratic candidates (like Kamala Harris) who simply are cringeworthy in their speeches and their behaviors before the public.
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    07-05-2024, 11:30 AM
    Either way, the Democratic establishment (and the other Neocons who have taken our government hostage) will cheat to win, just as they did in 2020. You guys still think Trump has a chance to win, when it has already been rigged against him or any other Republican to ever win again.
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    07-04-2024, 03:45 PM
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    Holy cow, well said about social liberalism.
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