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    Today, 05:02 PM
    North Korea is an elite kleptocracy where everyone below the ruling and managerial classes lives like dogs. That's the model that the globalists want to strive for.
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    Today, 01:01 PM
    First, it is not a premise, but rather a mandate to control the free choices of others. Where does such a mandate lead? Apply it to simple scenarios: Ben never graduated high school and has limited skills and lacks discipline to develop greater skills. Therefore his abilities are limited. He is only expected to put boxes and items on shelves, and maybe tab the amounts he puts – very routine work. Therefore he has very low expectation requirements according to his ability. Nevertheless Ben has eight children so has very high needs. Plus Ben is not capable of handling much of his own budget and affairs so He requires additional assistance for someone to come and help with routine care of his children, hygiene, basic budgeting and shopping. Therefore Ben gets a higher general salary according to his higher needs. Paul however is not only very bright, but also dependable, studious and disciplined. He must go to extended education and learn mathematics and engineering and put in long hours because he has the ability. He works as an aircraft engineer designing systems for flight and braking and maneuvering and sensing various inputs and stresses. Because he has the ability, He is held accountable for the lives of others and responsible if something fails. It is very stressful and he is expected to put in hard work and long hours at his job. Meanwhile Paul has only two children and is very responsible. Therefore his needs are very low compared to Ben and so Paul receives less than half Ben’s salary according to Paul’s needs. From each according to their ability: Paul must work much longer hours, requiring many years of training, at far more stressful occupation with magnitudes greater responsibility. To each according to their needs: Ben gets twice the salary of Paul because Ben is less responsible, less disciplined and less skilled and has far greater needs.
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    Today, 10:03 AM
    20 years of Diplomacy? What diplomacy? Diplomacy like every year staging a massive war game mock invasion of your nation complete with bombers and jets flying righty up to your borders, missile launching ships and air craft carriers, mock missile deployments, and pretend to obliterate your nation even worse than we did in the 1950s. Diplomacy like perpetual sanctions to isolate your country from most of the rest of the world. Diplomacy like blocking trade between North and South Korea or with other nations, and actively interfering and preventing any reconciliation or trade dialogue between North and South Korea. Diplomacy like intentionally sabotaging the Sunshine Policy that was embraced by both countries and would open up trade, dialogue and gave South Korea to create its own industrial enterprise zones inside North Korea, and actually called for process to begin demilitarizing the “demilitarized zone”.
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    Today, 09:27 AM
    Different blood factions are constantly vying for control, but relatively the same agenda is being administered through these supranational organizations.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Today, 07:38 AM
    Yes you are absolutely right that it would be a catastrophe. Yes, Washington has air superiority from the get go, but it would not be as quickly and easily as the first gulf war. Even just an air invasion would be more costly than the Washington establishment admits. The vastly larger area, terrain, and hardened target sites alone makes it more risky and costly. Yes, air alone was the ingoing belief for victory for Korea, and Vietnam, and Soviets in Afghanistan, and they all lost in the end. Be skeptical of buying into the sales pitch that air superiority trumps everything and it will be a cakewalk. We’ve heard that over and over before. Of course Washington could and would drops lots of bombs and missiles, but they will still lose jets and pilots. Iran has both S-300 as well as Chinese air defense SAM systems. While limited, it is certainly not nil nor impotent. And the truth is, Washington really does not know how effective Iran’s air defenses are. It won’t be free. Washington will blow up things; kill some people; but they will lose some jets and pilots; and in the end have negligible military effect. It will not accomplish any strategic objective. Not to mention Iran has hardened and secured its most important targets. And of course Iran has tactically scattered its military targets and missile launch locations strategically throughout its very large and mountainous terrain in hard to reach and protected locales. Additionally cheap decoys are probably being used and will certainly be implemented to saturate Washington;s ability to strike targets. Meanwhile Washington has provided plenty of near targets for retaliation. Response would be asymmetrical. Even if Washington launches strikes from near bases, it has 2 aircraft carriers and twenty ships as sitting targets in the Persian gulf for the attack boats and the anti-ship ballistic missiles. In addition Washington has extended plenty of nearby targets in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the middle east. Iran has the Sejjil missiles that can reach throughout the middle east. Then there is supplying Shia militia throughout the middle east. Iraq is now an ally of Iran, Shia controlled, and majority Shia. Iran could easily supply Shia militia in Iraq, as well as militia in Afghanistan, wreaking havoc for Washington in the middle east. And then of course there is Hezbollah - man per man perhaps the most effective ground fighting force in the middle east. The only force to take on Israel head to head and against odds and deliver Israel a humiliating defeat. Now Hezbollah is equipped with modern high tech smaller missiles. Response would be asymmetrical and unending. Any air attack on Iran would not come without costs. Then of course even Washington does not dispute that Iran has the capacity to shut down the Strait of Hormuz - trapping any Washington ships and shutting off vital shipping lanes from Saudi Arabia. So of course Washington can drop lots of bombs, but they will not achieve any positive outcome and not come out unscathed.
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    Today, 05:12 AM
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  • AuH20's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:04 PM
    Please elaborate how we cut access to welfare? I'm all ears. See my post #32 above for the entrenched legal obstacles.
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  • AuH20's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:33 PM
    Encouraging. Build the wall and make Nancy Pelosi sob uncontrollably. 858479028948414465
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:40 PM
    I doubt it would be the cakewalk you envision. And it is not as simple as simply counting beans. Its more a comparison of apples to oranges. Despite its advanced weapons and money, remember Washington’s great war machine lost in Korea and Vietnam. After 16 years, it is losing in Afghanistan. It’s proxy war to overthrow Syria is now all but embers. Let’s compare some of the differences from Iraq. Iran is more than three and a half times the area of Iraq. And it is far more mountainous and varied terrain. It does not allow for easy fast ground invasion, and more lengthy, risky and difficult air raids. It is far more defensible terrain. Iran is also more than twice the population of Iraq, and the population is unified. Iran is not the fractured Sunni – Shia – Kurds factions that were in Iraq. Iran is an ancient nation. Iran is not a made up country of artificial borders dreamed up by Western nations squeezing together a mish mash hodge podge of separate nations and varying groups. Washington would not have Shia and Kurd factions rising up to fight the government forces during the invasion. Iran has a population that is overwhelmingly ethnically and religiously homogeneous. Nor would you likely have generals and military so quick to surrender like many of the Baathist of Iraq that had little true loyalty to Saddam. The population would be effectively unified in resisting the invaders. Also, Iran’s military is not the backwater brigades of the 1980s when Washington instigated and supported Saddam Hussein’s failed invasion of Iran. Since that time their defenses are substantially improved. Plus Iran and other nations have had the past two decades of opportunity to watch study and plan for Washington's military tactics, chain of command, logistics, assault, invasions, weapons, coordination, SOP, in action because Washington has actively been invading, attacking and warring with other nations continuously since that time. First Washington’s modus operendi of bombing of nations with no effective air defense against Washington’s air superiority would not exist. While Iran has a modest air force of over 450 operational jets and military aircraft, it would not scramble them to go toe to doe with US air force. Over the past twenty years, Iran has hardened, buried and concealed the most valuable military, government and civilian targets. Washington would not simply obliterate all targets in 24 hours. Remember Washington launched the most concentrated bombing raids for 78 days straight against Yugoslavia yet Serbian forces survived virtually unscathed. That is when Washington decided to really up the rain of terror by targeting civilian targets while offering a deal to Milosevic. Basically Washington resorted to openly using terrorism to get the deal it wanted.
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  • AuH20's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:07 PM
    If we could reverse the following 3 USC rulings and 1 legislative act, we wouldn't need a wall. But until Ron Paul and other emotionally vulnerable libertarians can provide a miraculous legal roadmap to do so, the only logical course of action is to build a physical barrier to prevent entry. The Hoppean strategy of physical access denial is the last civil answer that has not been fully usurped by the U.S. court system. 14th Amendment Birthright Citizenship Clause that originally only applied to recently freed slaves: Plyler v. Doe which guarantees publicly financed education to non- citizens: Graham v. Richardson which prohibits states from denying benefits to noncitizens:
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  • AuH20's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:23 AM
    See my comments below:
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  • AuH20's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:59 AM
    Sounds like Satanists and not the relatively mild kind that Anton LaVey typified. It's the only remaining answer that logically fits into what we're witnessing. Why go to such absurd lengths and risk the potential karmic fallout? This is a Faustian network built on the concept of irrevocable trust and the abominable acts which accompany this rite of passage.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:06 AM
    Monday the USS Mahan fired warning flares towards Iranian patrol boats a kilometer away. Iranian Foreign Minister responds with truth tweet: 857301748456837125
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  • AuH20's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:58 AM
    Released today. Slower pace and then ramps up to mid tempo. Chorus is typical Schaffer. Stu Block is probably better suited to sing the faster, breakneck songs. Matt Barlow mastered all the slower, mid tempo stuff because of his warm, robust baritone. Ripper Owens and Stu Block are more comfortable shrieking and wailing at the extremely high registers. They can't modulate their voice in the lower registers to the degree like Barlow could. BTW Here is a sampling of Barlow's abilities, who is widely considered the voice of IE.
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    Yesterday, 08:28 AM
    I never liked her before and now I wouldn't rescue her at open sea.
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    04-28-2017, 09:38 PM
    Not bad. Seems more interesting than some of Schaffer's recent attempts. You can hear echoes of Slayer in the rhythm intro.
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  • AuH20's Avatar
    04-28-2017, 09:15 PM
    This is a piece of 'family-centric' data that I would like to separate both myself and my wallet from.
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  • AuH20's Avatar
    04-28-2017, 09:07 PM
    Why are black congress critters always exploiting the most vulnerable in their community? Did she also steal wheelchairs from the disabled? I'm starting to believe that some don't even believe in the much ballyhooed socialistic voodoo, but merely utilize the rhetoric and associated platform as a ticket to a comfortable life.
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