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    Today, 06:19 PM
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    Today, 06:18 PM
    He said "a silver .10 dime" - not merely any coin (or combination of coins) having "10 cents" of "face value." The current* melt value for US silver dimes is $1.21. The current* price for a gallon of gas (national average) is $2.16. So two US silver dimes are currently worth more than a gallon of gas. * current = as of 2016-12-02
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    Today, 05:34 PM
    And that is exactly what the US & Israel hardliners want. A moderate Iran is much less likely to provide US & Israel hardliners with the kind of excuses they need to attack Iran and install a puppet regime, ŗ la the Shah ... This question answers itself.
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    Today, 05:08 PM
    False dichotomy is falsely dichotomous. (Some people have the gall to walk and chew gum at the same time, too ... :rolleyes:)
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    Today, 01:46 PM
    That's not a "failure" (preventing the Fedcoats from stealing from people is a success), but you are otherwise correct.
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    Today, 12:20 PM
    Posting more shit from fake news site. Not a Clinton
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    Today, 12:14 PM
    Post Holding steady, Kellogg down quite a bit...hmmm.
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    Today, 11:53 AM
    Well, after enough experience with folks, one makes certain associations. Check out his post history. :eek:
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    Today, 11:51 AM
    Fantabulous. :) Sorry I haven't had time to update it properly in recent weeks. It's a very busy season nao. :( ~hugs~
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    Today, 11:48 AM
    WTH? I leave for a little bit and this thread happens. We already gave the Injuns prime fishing and hunting land here in MN. That is enough.
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    Today, 03:08 AM
    I am not able to vote in the poll, as there is no swordfish option ...
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    Today, 02:26 AM
    You should be embarassed to say such a silly and pointless thing. Obviously, you just don't understand 9D chess ... ;)
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    Today, 12:06 AM
    Going by my experiences with danke on teh forums, he'd want something like this: or this:
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    Yesterday, 11:28 PM
    What color of beads do you want this year?
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    Yesterday, 11:26 PM
    Same thing with regards to St. Augustine. He is a Saint of the Church, but he taught things which contradicted the earlier fathers of the Church. Because of time and space and distance and language and cultural barriers, his new teachings were isolated from the greater witness of the catholic Church and not corrected (which, I believe, he would have submitted to happily in obedience, having understood the importance in holding on to the traditions and teachings of the fathers), but rather, his opinions found ground in the western Church and proliferated and became the main theological framework with regards to soteriology and pneumatology. This led, ultimately, into a divergence in understanding which we find starkly between the traditions and teachings of the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. It begins with St. Augustine's teachings and blossomed with St. Ambrose and Thomas Aquinas, wherein a juridical emphasis was placed in the forefront and mixed with human rationalism, leading to human logic and reason circumscribing God's will and economia in the world. This has led to vastly different understandings of the the energy-essence distinction between these two great traditions. Also, it led to differences with regards to changes in doctrines and additions to the creed and the authority of the Pope. This led ultimately to the Great Schism, where we have on the one side, the 4 Patriarchates of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem, comprising the majority of the Christian world and the ancient of Christian cities, and on the other hand, the Patriarchate of Rome, insular and overreaching. The first ones holding on to the original Creed, sticking religiously to the canons and delivered faith, and holding onto the early witness and patristic consensus. And Rome, alone, adopting uncanonical additions to the Creed, inventing new doctrines and dogmas apart from the catholic Church, and infusing the Church and the State into one whereby the Bishop becomes the King, and considers himself infallible and the Vicar of Christ on earth. St. Augustine is a great Saint, but some of his teachings on original sin and certain teachings on predestination and the nature of God are theological opinions which he developed which have never been considered authoritative within the eastern Church (and what is now called the Orthodox Church), for it lacked consensus and apostolic witness. Instead, it became the foundation for much of the theology of the western Church where it was expounded and developed. This has led to certain irreconcilable differences in theology and faith between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church (and the Protestant Churches which were born from it).
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    Yesterday, 11:07 PM
    Btw, some of what I wrote are not 'official teachings' of the Orthodox Church. Again, there are things which are dogmatic and not debatable, while others, especially when it comes to the eschaton, which allow for personal opinion. In this topic, there can be respected different viewpoints. A heretic is someone who persists on teaching something after being corrected by the Church, not someone who holds onto an opinion with regards to certain mysteries to come. Thus, the teaching of universal salvation (or apokatastasis) has been condemned and those who teach it within the Church are considered heretics since the Church in Council under the guidance of the Holy Spirit has spoken. But that being said, St. Gregory of Nyssa (one of the greatest saints, from the 4th century) who came before that decision and espoused this belief, is not condemned or considered a heretic. For saints can err, and it is forgivable, for they too are human. And it is expected that had the Church spoken in his days or before, the Saint would have submitted to the voice and the mind of the universal Church and corrected himself (as it is believed the Saint does today, awaiting the Judgment). It is when a person persists in their condemned teaching and do not repent, whereby they are caste up to God (lifted to God, what the word 'anathema' means in the original Greek) for Him to judge according to His Wisdom and Just Judgements.
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    Yesterday, 10:40 PM
    It indeed can be deduced by the teachings in the Bible. I listed some of the proofs in my post, referencing verses and teachings from the NT. Some of the greatest saints of the Orthodox Church express this understanding, most notably St. Isaac the Syrian, but it comes earlier than him. As there has been no particular proclaimation in a Ecumencial Council, there can coexist varying opinions on the eschaton and the Judgment and recreation within the Church, within the boundaries of the Scriptures and the theology and Christology of the faith. What will come is still a great mystery, and the Church bows before the Almighty acknowledging the limits of man before God and His Wisdom. Nevertheless, what I wrote above is an ancient understanding of Heaven and Hell, biblically based, where Heaven and Hell are not so much mere different places, but also, different conditions before the the presence of God. Many wise and holy men, spanning many centuries, have handed down this teaching, and while it remains 'officially' in the Church as theological opinion worthy of consideration, it's biblical interpretation is well grounded and it's tradition is ancient. It is the teaching of monasteries and Bishops and held to be patristic and apostolic.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:37 PM
    I agree. Trump trolling the media and protestors like this is indeed hilarious. In fact, it's almost as hilarious as when Trump trolls his own supporters and they fall for it, too ... ("Because you'd be in jail" ... BWA-HA-HA-HAAA!! ... "Drain the swamp" .... OOH-HE-HE-HEE!! ... etc., etc.)
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    Yesterday, 08:37 PM
    WTF? I thought he was liked around here. I know he left years ago and didn't indicate otherwise. Not sure why you're going Full Retard here, cocksucker...
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    Yesterday, 08:31 PM
    Grouchy? No, I was just thinking about you the other day. I was gonna PM Donnay this X-Mass Gift idea for you:
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    Yesterday, 08:25 PM
    Also, if she could have gotten the other 40+ million left over illegals to vote for her too.
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    Yesterday, 07:55 PM
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