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    01-06-2019, 10:34 PM
    Looks like I'm going with ending the Department of Education, all federal loans and grants to states and students, and returning the power to the states. Not the best, but it's something I could realistically get passed that would greatly reduce government spending and overreach. I know Thomas Massie introduced a bill to end the DoE with one sentence, but I think I need more justification than that. How would one go about abolishing an unconstitutional department?
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    01-02-2019, 06:28 PM
    Thank you for all the replies. My favorites are Secession, no Taxation/Legal Tender, and no Victimless Crimes. I would write those bills for my project if I could justify why Dusty Johnson R-SD would write those bills. Dusty wants to lower taxes, balance the budget, reduce government intervention, end policing the world, restore 10th amendment rights to the states in health care and education, pro free trade, and pro free markets. While that is all great news for Congress, none of his policies are very strong on the Fed or would give me any justification why he would pass the suggested bills (although if anyone knows why he would pass them, please let me know). Based on my research, I can think of arguments why he would write the following bills: - Return health care to the states - Abolish federal DOE - Leave NAFTA and the TPP - Balance budget bill (or Penny Plan, there is so much potential with the budget) - Bring our troops home and require that Congress declare war - Term limits It is easiest to justify why he would write more domestic policy issues since that is his passion (he wants to be on Ag committee and Transportation and Infrastructure), but it is a lot more fun to do something unheard of like secession or philosophical like no victimless crimes. For the purposes of the project, it is better to be accurate and original. What would you do?
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    12-28-2018, 03:41 PM
    I'm ok with people trying to deny reality. I'm even ok with changing my speech to avoid conflict. The problem is that it's really hard to be able to 24/7 remind yourself that a =/= a. Obviously I am going to slip back into recognizing reality. And when I do, (not trying to start a fight or purposefully trying to misgender) the backlash is so great that the only answer is to shy away from any interactions with people like that. The same thing is happening with the metoo movement.
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    12-23-2018, 08:16 PM
    Wow! What a great episode! While they were telling Ron Paul stories I was reminded of a few of my own (I don't think I've told these yet). Back when Ron Paul was running in 2012, my cousin Joe (the original owner of this account) was invited to stay the weekend at his best friend Vincent's house. His other best friend Kyle would be there, and the three had known each other for years. Before Joe arrived on Friday night, Vincent made a $50 bet with Kyle that before Joe left, he would say Ron Paul's name 50 times. Joe was really enthusiastic about Ron Paul so Vincent felt confident that he would win his bet. However, neither Vincent nor Kyle to my knowledge were big Ron Paul fans, or were even following politics, so it's not like Ron Paul would come up in casual conversation. Both Vincent and Kyle kept count the whole weekend, and by the time Joe was leaving on Monday morning he had said "Ron Paul" a total of 45 times. Which is kind of a lot of times considering they were 19 and 20 year old guys just hanging out over the weekend. It looked like Kyle was going to get $50 until Vincent, in a move of genius, said "Hey, Joe, who's that politician you like so much? Was it Ron Paul? Oh yeah! RON PAUL! .. RON PAUL! .. RON PAUL! ..." and began chanting Ron Paul's name. As Joe joined in and a look of horror came over Kyle's face, Vincent changed his chant: "RON PAUL! .. RON PAUL! .. RON PAUL! .. FORTY-EIGHT! FORTY-NINE! FIFTY!" The way I got introduced to the liberty movement was unique because I was so young. The only thing I knew about government and politics in 8th grade when Ron Paul was running again (2012) was that it was the most boring subject to learn about in school. Which branch of government makes laws? Which branch executes them? What does execute mean? What's the difference between Congress, the House, and the Senate? My opinion on politics was "just let the men in suits handle things". Then one day Joe showed me the For Liberty documentary, and it changed my life. The first time I watched it, I didn't understand any of what was being said. It didn't matter though, because the documentary moved me. How could so many people be so excited about politics? The most moving moment for me in the documentary was when Marc Scibilia sang "Hope Anthem" at the rEVOLution march on DC and when Michael Maresco biked across the country. I didn't know what the fuss was about, but I wanted to be a part of it. I borrowed Joe's "Manifesto" and came away from reading it with a different point of view. "The men in suits" are the people who should NOT be running government! As a matter of fact, those people are making all of our lives worse! Politics isn't boring, it's exciting! Because LIBERTY is exciting and that's why all the people in the documentary were excited. It's a shame that my beginning came at the end of the excitement, but at least I will have the opportunity to be part of the next big exciting thing!
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    12-19-2018, 07:16 PM
    What would it be? What is the most important issue today that is standing in the way of liberty? I would think it is probably monetary policy. By returning to the gold standard, introducing competing currencies, and ending the Fed, we can go a long way to help lower taxes, the budget, and the debt, and therefore forcing us to reduce our military presence overseas. Which is the most important? Am I missing something? In my AP Politics and Government class we are having a model congress. House of Reps in the morning, Senate in the afternoon. Only 57 people in the class, so only 57 congressmen in each house, and everyone will be proposing one bill and putting it through committee in the weeks leading up to it. I drew Rep Dusty Johnson and Sen John Thune (R-SD). Since Johnson won't enter Congress until January 3rd, he has no record for me to base any legislation on, so I can pretty much propose any bill I want to. And since Thune is the Majority Whip, AND the person who drew R - KY chose Rand Paul over Mitch McConnell, I am also the Majority Leader. Meaning as long as I can get my bill through the House, I can almost guarantee I can get it passed through the Senate. So my question remains - if you could pass 1 bill through Congress, what would it be?
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    12-17-2018, 07:41 PM
    Kristi Noem, the current representative (until Jan 3) for SD, won the governor's race in South Dakota this year, allowing a new face to enter Congress. Could Dusty Johnson be a great ally to our friends Justin Amash and Thomas Massie, and even Rand Paul in the Senate? Will he at least have a better FreedomWorks scorecard than Noem's 63% ? South Dakota will have a strong presence in Congress in 2019 when John Thune becomes the Senate Majority Whip. Dusty Johnson's issue stances look promising. - Pro Constitution (1st and 2nd Amendments) - Low taxes - Balances budget - less federal government bureaucratic intervention and regulations - pro-life - NRA member https://www.dustyjohnson.com/issues
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