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    Yesterday, 07:41 PM
    Yet a ridiculously large number are poorly-educated and outright lazy.
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    Yesterday, 05:13 PM
    Wanted to make dak bulgogi but mom did not want chicken again. Will likely just use the same style sauce and make a quick stir fry with shrimp, mushrooms, tricolor baby carrots, and spinach.
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    Yesterday, 10:28 AM
    I, too, enjoy using the King James (Authorized Version) Bible, and it has been my main translation since I was a young boy. In fact, several years ago, I would have almost considered someone a heretic if he didn't use the KJV. However, as we become older and, hopefully, more mature in our faith, we come to realize that many of the theological positions we used to hold were wrong. The exclusivity of the KJV is one of those positions, for me. Though I believe it to be the premium version for English-speakers, I also recognize that its language can become a stumblingblock for many people. Therefore, other translations have to be used for understanding, memorizing, and citing of God's word. So, I am not a "KJV-Only" person. Having said that, I find that the ministry website of the Trinitarian Bible Society has some very good information and insights about why the KJV still ought to be used as the standard version for English-speaking Christians and churches.
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    Yesterday, 10:07 AM
    Call me "biased," but I still prefer Dr. Paul's videos. There's nothing like good ol' fashioned substance and truth in a video for a Presidential candidate, without all the bells and whistles (no pun intended). Case in point:
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    Yesterday, 09:50 AM
    That depends on your worldview, particularly as it relates to whether human beings have souls or not. From a Christian worldview, no, consent is not always the precondition for any behavior. In fact, if God did not give us new hearts by the Holy Spirit ("being born again") to trust and follow Him, then no one would consent to believing in Him. That's because we're all born in sin, and our natural selves don't want anything to do with God, due to that sin nature. But once again, if one rejects the Christian worldview about the nature of human beings, then that person has to justify why pedophilia is objectively wrong, given the assertion that human beings are just biological machines subject to the laws of chemistry and physics. And to insert the need for consent in sexual behavior goes way beyond biology, chemistry, or physics. Otherwise, consent becomes an impossibility, or, at best, just something that is dependent upon impersonal and random material forces which no human being can control unto himself.
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    Yesterday, 09:27 AM
    This video is very relevant to the subject of the thread:
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    12-02-2016, 06:51 PM
    These were the spoils which remained of the plunder taken by the fighting men: 675,000 sheep, 72,000 cattle, 61,000 donkeys, and as for persons, 32,000 young women who had had no intercourse with a man.
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    12-01-2016, 06:47 AM
    That doesn't answer my question.
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    12-01-2016, 03:15 AM
    I want Trump supporters to explain this latest pick to Trump's administration to me and how it will work towards shrinking the role of the federal government in the economy, please.
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  • Theocrat's Avatar
    11-30-2016, 02:34 AM
    Don't you know? Trump is playing (726+8x)^6-y=z Chess, while the rest of us are arguing over checker boards.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-29-2016, 02:18 PM
    Right but it isn't PC that makes me say holidays. I say it because Merrychristmashappynewyearhappythanksgivinghopeyouhaveagreattimeoffworkwithfamily is ungainly.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-28-2016, 08:50 PM
    I do say happy or blessed holiday when that's what I mean. When it gets closer or I won't see the person again until after Christmas I say Merry Christmas.
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  • Theocrat's Avatar
    11-27-2016, 07:37 AM
    It means that nothing is going to change with foreign policy, monetary/fiscal policy, nor domestic policy. All of you who supported Trump are going to be disappointed.
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  • Theocrat's Avatar
    11-26-2016, 08:06 AM
    It has a lot to do with it because you must be able to justify why consent is right, on a metaphysical level, given the assumption that there is no God. If you can't justify objectively why consent ought to be the precondition for proper sexual behavior, then you are asserting an idea without a just basis for it. In other words, you are being arbitrary. You're essentially arguing that two people must consent to a sexual act because you think consent is good. But then someone else can be equally arbitrary and say that consent is irrelevant when it comes to fulfilling their sexual lusts (as pedophiles, rapists, and others do). That's the consequence of your idea on sexual behavior, especially in a world without the sovereignty of a personal God.
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  • Theocrat's Avatar
    11-26-2016, 08:00 AM
    You're glad I'm anti-Trump because you are anti-liberty. You want more intervention from the federal government into our personal lives, into the marketplace, and into the affairs of foreign nations. That's exactly what Trump stands for, and that is just as evil as "pedophiles running our government."
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  • Theocrat's Avatar
    11-26-2016, 03:42 AM
    Now you've made the problem more difficult because consent necessarily implies free will. In a universe of just random processes subject to non-sentient matter on a subatomic level, there can be no such thing as "free will" because matter just operates based on forces enacted against it. Just as rocks fall to the ground by gravitational processes, the human brain just does whatever it does based on random electrochemical processes. Therefore, there can be no true consent whereby a person is free to choose one behavior from another behavior simply because he is subject to whatever processes his brain forces him to act. But if we take the idea of consent up to another level, and with the assumption that the universe is not under the influence of a personal God, then we must ask why consent, itself, ought to be the determining factor for correct any behavior. Children do not consent to their parent's discipline before they are spanked, for instance, yet we all realize that the consent of the child is irrelevant for such matters. Criminals don't consent to being taken away to prison before they are arrested, either, but we recognize that their consent is moot in matters of justice. So, philosophically speaking, you have to show objectively why consent is true, so that it can be asserted as a proper ethical standard in sexual behavior, no matter if a person accepts consent or not. And you have to apply it as that standard for these biological bags of meat and bones with electricity flowing through them known as "human beings." Otherwise, you are just being arbitrary. And if you want to be arbitrary, then someone else can come along and impose his sexual standards by rejecting consent as the precondition for acceptable sexual behavior (as do the "pedophiles running our government" towards little boys and girls).
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  • Theocrat's Avatar
    11-25-2016, 02:33 AM
    If you don't believe in the triune God of Scripture, then you can't have an absolute nor consistent reason to condemn pedophilia. By Evolutionary reasoning and precepts (and there are many naturalists and ethicists who would agree that), pedophilia is just another sexual behavior like homosexuality, bisexuality, polygamy, polyandry, necrophilia, phytophilia, and bestiality derived from a person's "natural" desires by the means of natural selection. If you're going to argue that homosexuality is okay but then turn around and condemn pedophilia, then you are a hypocrite. So, my point is determining whether or not pedophilia is a natural consequence of evolutionary descent is the prerequisite before anyone condemns "pedophiles running our government," if one denies that God has any authority in our sexual habits and desires.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-24-2016, 01:45 PM
    It makes me wonder if they asked a series of questions in a row, given that the favorite food was only to be given up for a month. Consider something like this: Would you give up your favorite food for a month to...? Would you give up watching your favorite show for a month to...? Would you give up sex for a year to...? Would you give up your daily cup of coffee/tea for a month to...?
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-24-2016, 01:39 PM
    Happy Thanksgiving! None of the topics on the bingo board came up. We brought my grandmother over (I know people have been saying this for at least 30 years, but this one might actually be her last). Turkey was cold because my dad got it in his head that making the bird super early and giving it a two hour rest was a genius move. (Spoiler: it wasn't.) Thankfully I am always in charge of gravy and potatoes, so the gravy was hot and delicious and hence salvaged the bird. At least the meat was not dry to start with! I'm thankful for steady employment, for being able to piece together a good feast and get it on the table. I'm grateful for the opportunities in front of me, and the experience behind me. I'm thankful for the man in my life, who puts up with my shenanigans, and is still to be commended even though he has many miles' distance to help conceal the likely eye-rolling some of my behavior inspires. I'm thankful that same man requires no special title or commitment, and that I have (mostly) not brought up remedying that situation. I'm thankful for the rare wisdom that keeps me from completely scaring him away. I'm grateful for my niece and nephew, who continue to grow and dot my life with joyful occasions, and who remain alive and sane despite being brought up by my sister. I suppose I'm also thankful for what family I have, even if most of them are kind of nuts. I'm thankful for the people I've met online and in person who challenge me, inspire me, and provide abject lessons on what NOT to do in some situations. I rejoice that I am healthy enough, stem to stern, to enjoy all these blessings and turn the thoughts into text. Finally, I am blessed that I can pay it forward (and I most certainly will) to those who find themselves in need of help but can't swallow enough pride to latch on to Government.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-23-2016, 08:58 PM
    Or your wife's constant travel and reluctance are evidence of an affair triggered by your high level of crazy. Nah. Definitely the Feds.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-23-2016, 05:47 AM
    The hot coffee was way hotter than it should have been, even by company standards. This lawsuit is allegedly on behalf of everyone who's eaten at Chipotle, and originates with someone feeling too full. None of the stores I have been in are marketing this as low calorie. Asking the employee to confirm a calorie count would have spoiled the lawsuit I guess. Moreover, other industries have already been absolved of similar allegations...or do you believe the prices shown on car ads? Chipotle advertises the price on the board, but additional meat or guacamole is going to cost more. Next lawsuit?
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  • Theocrat's Avatar
    11-23-2016, 02:35 AM
    You can know a tree by its roots and its fruits. Never forget that.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-22-2016, 07:44 PM
    Look at what they are actually suing for and on whose behalf, though.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-22-2016, 05:55 AM
    And definitely before he was sworn in!
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    11-22-2016, 05:49 AM
    You should be able to sue... and a judge should be able to laugh at you and grant damages to the other party instead of you.
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