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    Today, 05:16 PM
    YOUR receipt prints out and is given to you. The register keeps a "copy" (whether electronic or on a twin roll of tape inside the machine) that generally cannot be accessed by the person working the register.
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    Today, 05:10 PM
    r3v How are you getting to that minimum wage job?
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    Today, 05:07 PM
    I don't want the receipt. I hear it mostly at food places, or grocery stores, where I've already paid cash and am not likely to return something. If I had an issue with a grocery item, the manager knows me and will generally be fine with swapping whatever it is out... but that doesn't happen often. I know that I ask over the phone if someone wants a copy of their receipt, but that's largely because I would have to mail it to them, and even though the receipt masks their card number, some people hate that.
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    Today, 05:04 PM
    His bowl needs a plate that also needs a plate. All trolling aside, there's a marked lack of veggies atop that bowl, which is part of the delicious balance.
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    Today, 05:02 PM
    People complained about this cover: So now you get a he-she with an American flag helping cover Mr. Happy (though at this point I think it qualifies as "Mr. Confused).
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    Today, 03:38 AM
    this is how blacks are treated like criminals in our country
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    Yesterday, 04:45 AM
    A big contributing factor to this is that it people are going to hospitals/facilities a lot more often, for dumber reasons. It taxes the system and ensures there's a lot more chance for something to go wrong. The flip side is --- as in most other jobs that interact with the public, it seems --- there are way too many surly, entitled, lazy employees. The difference is that these employees are in charge of life/death decisions. Barring some amazing hospital I've never heard of, I can't recall someone ever saying "the hospital stay was fine; nurses were attentive, cheerful, plentiful, and informative, and I saw the doctor a couple of times each day to update him on my care and have my questions answered. I was able to rest up and get better, and my room changes and discharge were processed timely." Nope, there are some universal gripes about hospital stays in the US, and they are universal for a reason. While most of that seems superficial, they all contribute to those deaths from medical errors.
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    05-03-2016, 06:31 PM
    Btw why is there so much more room between the two players in front of the offending phallus? If one of the other guys in his row had his tallywacker out, you wouldn't be able to see it since their shoulders are virtually overlapping. It would make sense if one of them was the guy who dared him to show his One-Eyed Willy, but it reeks of conspiracy.
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    05-03-2016, 05:39 PM
    Yearbooks don't automatically get printed. Staff and other students take a look at them. For something like a team photo, there are usually several shots taken so that you have something to publish even if the QB's eyes are closed, someone was sneezing... or there's a wagging dick in the middle. If he's in this much trouble, I can only imagine what the yearbook people are in for. He only posed for this obvious pornography, but they distributed it! :eek: Seriously. It's a penis. It doesn't really belong in a yearbook, but if those 15 year old guys have never seen a penis before --- hell they've probably seen HIS penis in the locker room.
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    05-03-2016, 04:40 PM
    You haven't worked in an office that's gone "paperless" I guess. Those people who used to move the papers around, still do. Instead of putting them into folders, they shove them into scanners. Those same employees --- plus extra ones --- are in charge of taking those documents that have already been scanned and putting them into boxes to store, because paper records are seldom destroyed once they're generated. Then they catalogue them in case the company gets audited. They also compare the scans to the paper documents. They run retrieval drills to see how quickly they can retrieve a given file to find a document. They respond to requests from law offices for medical records, which are always requests for paper records, and involve making photocopies or printing out the records and putting them in the mail. So really there's no giant miraculous shift there; it's a slight shift and fully within the wheelhouse of the person who was working exclusively with paper files before.
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    05-02-2016, 08:12 PM
    In short, regardless of what Trump has actually said (or not said), people feel more comfortable being racist in an open, proud way than I've seen before. It's also an extension of decades of fighting racism by pointing the finger at other races, which is a bit like bombing to promote peace. It's not an encouraging trend to me. It's not Trump's fault, either. It's the inevitable result of what's been going on over the years coupled with a perceived positive connotation to "telling it like it is" on one side and becoming part of a "movement" on the other end of the spectrum. Then you have others saying the way to fight all of this is to make safe spaces and avoid certain pronouns, and to impose tolerance on the rest of the nation at whatever cost --- in dollars and dignity. God help us all.
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    05-02-2016, 04:36 PM
    You're missing some of what was said, possibly due to the surrounding noise. Getting through the next years is the alternative to NOT getting through it. Nothing in her post suggests a "shelter in place and do nothing" kind of attitude. In fact, the post talks about elections at a variety of levels. Whether those of us still living in the US like it or not, our lives are still going to intersect the Government on some level or another. It behooves us to try to elect decent people locally to help staunch the bleeding, locally. Those elections don't happen "every eight years" and none of us is patting ourselves on the back, resting on our voting someone in. It's an ongoing process, to elect people we can actually be proud of. Hell, it's an ongoing process just to get a choice in some local elections.
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    05-02-2016, 02:50 PM
    I see this argument a lot, and it could have been made a century ago. There are some fields that will wind up being fully automated. There are new fields that don't even exist yet. Machines need to be created, programmed, assembled, audited, shipped, serviced, and so on. Then there are the fields where it's been promised that automation will take over for many, many years, but it doesn't quite cut it. I've run through a dozen different versions of proofreading software, and none of them are worth a damn. They're certainly not worth the expense and hassle of switching over entire processes to make use of them. Then there's the paperless society and electronic medical records. If our records are electronic, why does it take the same amount of staff to shepherd them through the process? Electronic records must be audited, maintained, corrected, and so on, and certain aspects are still kept on paper as "wet signature" documents. That last part is being phased out, but in order to do so, each clinician has to be issued a tablet to use out in the field so that they can obtain electronic signatures. Someone has to maintain those machines, which will see a LOT of wear and tear. There will be a reduction in employment (maybe) but there's nearly always a shift to new opportunities. Whether those opportunities are generated close enough for the unemployed to take advantage of them is another matter.
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    05-01-2016, 04:48 PM
    This is cisgender aggression! (I think... I'm honestly not all up on this terminology.)
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    05-01-2016, 02:45 PM
    And attempting to exercise with the wrong fuel can be a total disaster. While we can disagree on what constitutes the "wrong" kind of fuel, the fact that trying to keep moving with a shifting load of heavy, greasy, nutrient-poor food in your stomach is not wise... is pretty universal.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    05-01-2016, 12:22 PM
    Which is really not that long ago. The veterans that haven't died or gone crazy are plentiful, as are those who bought their way out of the line. There were many more who weren't drafted, but joined because of the threat hanging over their heads. Join early and you might get in good enough with the military not to be sent to the worst spots. It shows a naive faith in humanity in hindsight, but it also made the draft look smaller. Likewise, there's no draft now, but there was the scholarship scam. People I went to school with were quick to point out we "haven't had a big war in a long time" and took the scholarship money to get a cheap/free education that looked great on a resume. Their timing was largely decent, since most of them would have been close to finishing by the time 2001 rolled around, but those just a year or two behind would also find that education came with a really high cost.
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    05-01-2016, 09:29 AM
    All the rest entirely aside, coming up with "you can't rape your spouse" is both suspicious and ridiculous.
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    05-01-2016, 09:18 AM
    The bulk of the "they" this thread keeps talking about, are innocent people (depending on how seriously you view their transgressions or their parents' transgressions in crossing the border). I would say both sides need to take it up with the State, but the State isn't likely to listen. It's an assumption, and I believe it's a misplaced one. There seems to be an overpowering desire to paint illegals as a bunch of morons, yet those same people accuse these "ignorant savages" of gaming the system and evading capture. You don't do that by mixing in with large crowds of protestors where arrests may happen (whether through your fault or not) and your life may be disrupted at the very least. That said, there's a large contingent of people who feel like they're getting screwed in this country. A subset of that is always going to include "minority youth," who tend to show up at the violent sort of protests in higher proportions. I think it's a matter of the forums mixing up "illegal immigrants" and "Hispanics" again, something they have in common with far too many people.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    05-01-2016, 08:47 AM
    It honestly sounds like she is stretching the word so far as to have no meaning. She follows up "Ted is an immigrant" with "He is Hispanic," as if the two are obviously the same thing or nearly so. I would think this would become more of a problem in California than in Indiana.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    05-01-2016, 08:45 AM
    *shrugs* It came up with millions the other day for me. I probably left off the question mark or something equally stupid. My point was that there being a lot of results for something is hardly a ringing endorsement.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    04-28-2016, 05:34 PM
    Nah, there's also beverages (usually beer, but men are different after all), entertainment (when sex and food and beverage are not sufficient entertainment), and emotional well-being. The last one depends entirely on the person, but all people need some degree of feeling awesome/validation. If that still seems unlikely, consider that a great deal of the stuff being complained about isn't just sexual. It's the nagging, the belittling, the games, the intrusion, etc..
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    04-26-2016, 06:19 PM
    It's sad that you think that, yes.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    04-26-2016, 05:06 PM
    How do elevators cause pregnancy? About 3.6 million results.
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  • squarepusher's Avatar
    04-25-2016, 11:38 PM
    they reply in 1-2 days, no phone support
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    04-24-2016, 05:01 PM
    a platform or compartment housed in a shaft for raising and lowering people or things to different floors or levels. What you posted is still an elevator ;)
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    04-24-2016, 01:34 PM
    This is true, especially since I assume the "6-7" means the vehicle is 6-7 feet underwater? Anyhow, no, I would not demand that police dive in immediately under those circumstances, either. HOWEVER... there is no need to mock, or speculate, or --- and this is the big one --- to lie. Not only did they lie, but they received praise and rewards for those lies. THAT is a problem.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    04-24-2016, 01:15 PM
    Sorullitos, skirt steak, chimichurri.
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  • MelissaWV's Avatar
    04-24-2016, 01:13 PM
    *shrugs* And at spas you see people naked on a very regular basis. As for how someone can be fully nude but wearing a sailor top and bloomers, I'm just trying to not think about it.
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