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    Yesterday, 12:04 PM
    I know you're not saying she's anti-Paul but everyone can be sure Jo Jorgensen is actually "a huge Ron Paul fan" going back to the 1990s. I've heard her say it in multiple interviews (I think on Kokesh's youtube channel she says it or it was the Free Talk Live interview). But if you want something along those lines see here (obviously misspoke "Senator" instead of "Congressman"): Actually outside of the open borders her entire platform is very, very solid. But she made a very stupid mistake with this Tweet.
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    Yesterday, 11:49 AM
    emazur replied to a thread Must See Movies in Grassroots Central
    Mr. Jones, which is about a journalist exposing the Holodomor (genocidal forced famine imposed by the Soviets on Ukraine and whitewashed by the New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Walter Duranty) was recently released in North America. I wouldn't call it "must see" but it is a very solid movie that is well acted and paints a vividly bleak picture of the Ukraine when he finally arrives there. It's not often that anti-Communist movies come out (when's the last time you saw or even heard of one?) so it's worthy of your support. Theatres are closed but you can rent this online ($4 - $5) on Youtube or Amazon Prime (I watched on Amazon, don't need to be a Prime member) or buy the DVD (Blu-Ray seems to only have an overseas release)
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    07-10-2020, 09:19 PM
    "It is not enough to be passively not racist, we must be actively anti-racist." is what Jorgensen actually said (along with the hastag #BlackLivesMatter) and she's getting torn up for it (including by me, who has donated twice so far). If she wants to say black lives matter, that's one thing (another tweet clarified it's not the organization Black Lives Matters she was referring to) though personally I agree with the sentence "black lives matter" but am extremely suspicious about the movement. It's another thing to say "we must be actively anti-racist". That's thought policing (at the worst possible time) and you can be sure it will not be libertarians who define what is "anti-racist" but people like these: That second one I posted about 4 years ago. People like that are why Trump won. If Jo doesn't do damage control she'll lose a huge amount of supporters (including me) and some (not me) will probably vote for Trump out of spite - if there's one thing Trump can be relied on, it's not bowing down to garbage like this
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    07-06-2020, 09:19 AM
    Here's something on twitter from a woman who successfully countered woke (for 1 battle anyway) at her workplace: Here it is: I was successful in killing my dept’s woke statement on recent social unrest. This took several weeks and may have permanently burned some bridges, but I think it’s important. It is a toxic ideology that cannot be given an inch. Here are the lessons I learned. 10:12 PM · Jun 30, 2020·Twitter Web App 5.1K Retweets and comments 15.2K Likes The Science Femme, Woman in STEM Piney_the ·
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    07-02-2020, 03:30 PM
    Wasn't sure if this belonged here or the liberty candidates forum:
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    06-27-2020, 10:49 AM
    Listened for somewhere between 10 to 15 mins but they did nothing but shoot the breeze. If there's some specific section I should listen to I'm willing to give it another shot but otherwise I'm out
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    06-26-2020, 10:51 AM
    I don't recall him praising Trump and I've been listening to him for a long time. Currently reviewing this podcast (about halfway through) and about the most he says about Trump is he doesn't talk/act like the establishment (a fair thing to say in 2015) but would be a disaster on most policies and maybe slightly better than his opponents on others. Lew Rockwell, the guest, is saying the same things but on his website it was obvious he was rooting for Trump (and still is) and right after the 2016 election Rockwell said he was glad Trump won - Rockwell deserves heaps of criticism. Woods wasn't doing that kind of stuff. As for Rand I'm glad he's in the Senate but his own rhetoric during the 2016 presidential election did him in. Extremely wishy-washy, trying to gain wide appeal but failed to appeal to anyone. Rand Bill Welded himself in 2016
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    06-22-2020, 09:07 PM
    Intentions don't matter strikes again - this author's book defending free speech has been pulled by the publisher: I'm about to suggest to Tom Woods he have this guy on his show
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    06-19-2020, 05:29 PM
    I remember The Real News Network from back in the day - they were advertising themselves as independent journalists and would do interviews with people like Ron Paul: That interviewer Paul Jay, who was basically the front man, was purged last year according to this website (found via search) and the site has taken a hard left. It was liberal before but had at least some anti-establishment & outsider credit and I'd occasionally visit but not recently. I was just looking at it yesterday while sorting/cleaning my bookmarks and it's pure progressive garbage. Deleted. I'm sure they weren't trying to oust BLM as Marxist in this interview but are proud of that and somebody caught on and posted the clip
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    06-19-2020, 09:09 AM
    Reminds me of a story I read in Reason yesterday: This woman was trying to virtue signal wokeness my making fun of someone else who was defending blackface but intentions didn't matter so long as the mob takes offense. Which brings me to this: Black man who hung five ropes from a tree in Oakland as exercise aids explains what his intent was. White mayor of Oakland explains to him that "intent doesn't matter."
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    06-12-2020, 08:24 PM
    Well now you got me looking into a past post I remember making pasted below. To be fair what I said of Trump would also apply to FDR and Bush supporters: Although I don't believe it myself, let's just suppose that 9/11 was an inside job and we found a Condi Note from the Bush Jr. administration that was the equivalent of this: Would such a fact turn the red meat Republicans into Bush Bashers? To answer that, let's see how how someone who is certain that FDR had advanced knowledge of Pearl Harbor reacts to FDR's policy (link to interview inside): I can almost guarantee that at least 95% of FDR fans would remain FDR fans if it was proven to them that Pearl Harbor was an "inside job", the vast majority of Republicans would justify 9/11 as an inside job was a needed wake up call - that if we didn't have reason to start the War on Terror in 2001, the terrorists would have had time to build up their strength and numbers and obtain WMDs and eventually mushroom clouds would be covering America. But since that didn't happen "Bush kept us safe" by sacrificing the lives of 3000 people. That would be the spin.
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    06-12-2020, 06:47 PM
    Bump for VERY relevant first quote (both for current events and 2020 election)
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    06-12-2020, 03:29 PM
    If 9/11 was proved to be masterminded by Trump himself half the people on RPF would still support him
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