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    Today, 10:30 AM
    Actually, the system should see (detect) more in the dark than a human. Uber and Waymo, which was spun off from Google, use lidar and radar technology, along with computer vision, to help guide the vehicle. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/03/20/us/self-driving-uber-pedestrian-killed.html
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    Today, 10:11 AM
    Its all about control... And if you disagree with me, you're a racist, sexist, homophobic, nazi dog whistler.
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    Today, 10:00 AM
    Euthanize dog.
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    Today, 08:20 AM
    Indeed! Even in those mock POTUS elections they do in grade schools, they don't include all the parties/individuals on the kiddie ballot-just the Big Two-teaching them to avoid thinking for themselves early on.
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    Yesterday, 10:32 PM
    Hey, the GOP isn't offering much in the way of freedom either. They're selling perpetual war and a Security State. Not to mention forever occupation abroad. RP has talked about this several times in his Liberty Report things and so on. The "Liberty" voices are the vast minority.
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    Yesterday, 10:18 PM
    Yup. All wars are bankers' wars, pretty much.
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    Yesterday, 05:06 PM
    Zionists also think Israel is theirs cuz a series of UN decisions and wars and because holocaust. Google Theodore Herzel (father of modern Zionism).
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    Yesterday, 04:05 PM
    Oh I don't know. An Injun nickel?
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    Yesterday, 03:51 PM
    What is the sales tax rate?
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    Yesterday, 03:37 PM
    In the sense that geometric art is, yep. :cool: It certainly has unity of design.
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    Yesterday, 02:56 PM
    1) There aren't "prerequisites". There is only the goal of achieving unity of elements. (see gestalt theory of art and design) 2) the non-linear perspective of Byzantine is supposed to tell a story instead of be just a fancy work of art. I suppose it's a matter of learning to appreciate it. You could say Japanese classical art is also lifeless and distorted if you don't understand art.
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    Yesterday, 02:03 PM
    Totally subjective. More elaborate=/=better. The serialist works of the second Viennese School are more elaborate and theoretically complex than anything produced in the classical period, but most audiences wouldn't pay to hear it because it's incredibly dissonant and unpleasant to most people's ears. Siddham Calligraphy and Mandalas are flat perspective. Highly elaborate, but not more "sophisticated" than Western art. see Byzantine iconography from the ancient world, developing into linear perspective in the Renaissance-the ability to create the illusion of depth for the first time in known history.
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    03-20-2018, 09:56 PM
    I wonder when my cotton shirts will trigger some people.
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    03-20-2018, 09:48 PM
    Well some of us think they'd just have legumes in them.
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    03-20-2018, 09:00 PM
    o rlly? Many of man's greatest achievements in the arts, sciences, and humanities were made by devoutly religious men and women. Think the sacred works of Bach, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. Gutenberg's efforts to mass produce the Bible led to the discovery of modern printing press technology in the West. Modern music notation used all over the world developed based on notation for Roman Catholic plainchant/Gregorian chant etc, etc.
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    03-20-2018, 08:58 PM
    Thank you all so much! We have received $200 since the OP, and it is a great deal of help. This will help us to make it successfully past the primary! We still have a long way to go to fund direct mail and radio, so keep it coming! Thank you so much!
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    03-20-2018, 07:03 PM
    FB forums are more akin to the chat here, but not quite. They're alright, but they're not discussion boards. They don't have good archive/search functions and they aren't as organized as a forum like RPFs. That said, they're good for quick and snappy real time debate. Another downside is it's easier for folks to stumble across the forum by keyword search on FB...and you wind up with a bunch of trolls because FB is full of annoying people. :P
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    03-20-2018, 04:57 PM
    No, it should be euthanized. If you put the dog in a pound, it would influence other dogs. Someday those dogs might see freedom. Then they would join up and attack the Jews.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    03-20-2018, 04:52 PM
    Notes from Sunday... Homily on Man and his work men(unlike women) tend to define themselves by work and their success Necrosis-Greek word used in Septuagint for "barren"-lit. "dead" Melchizadek-a type of Christ in the OT We tithe to give thanks, not because God needs it Befining ourselves by what we do reduces us to a number-tithing makes us part of something bigger, teaches patient endurance Gospel-Mark 9:16-30 Epistle-Hebrews 6:13-20 fisharmor, I think you'll find this homily series fascinating as I have. :cool:
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    03-20-2018, 04:34 PM
    LOLOL :D Good thing he didn't go to an Orthros service too. His head would've exploded. :D;)
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    03-20-2018, 04:26 PM
    I'm an exception to this. I've found a lot more peace in Orthodoxy than I ever did trying to do it alone. Thousands of other catechumen have had the same experience. Peace on your path.
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    03-20-2018, 02:02 PM
    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) A Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Australian woman in July minutes after she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her home was charged Tuesday with murder and manslaughter. Officer Mohamed Noor turned himself in Tuesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He shot Justine Ruszczyk Damond, a 40-year-old life coach, on July 15 minutes after she called 911. Damond's death drew international attention, cost the police chief her job and forced major revisions to the department's policy on body cameras. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman planned a Tuesday afternoon news conference to discuss the charges. The criminal complaint specified third-degree murder "for perpetrating an eminently dangerous act" and the manslaughter charge alleges Noor acted with "culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk." Conviction on the first charge carries a presumptive sentence of 12 years; the second, four years. Bail was set at $500,000. Noor has not spoken publicly about the case and declined to answer questions from investigators. His attorney, Thomas Plunkett, confirmed Noor turned himself in, but had no other immediate comment. Damond's father, John Ruszcyzk, and her fiance, Don Damond, issued a joint statement on behalf of both families, saying they applauded the decision to charge Noor "as one step toward justice for this iniquitous act." "No charges can bring our Justine back. However, justice demands accountability for those responsible for recklessly killing the fellow citizens they are sworn to protect, and today's actions reflect that," the statement said. Noor's partner the night of the shooting, Matthew Harrity, told investigators that he was startled by a loud noise right before Damond approached the driver's side window of their police SUV. Harrity, who was driving, said Noor then fired his weapon from the passenger seat. Damond died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The criminal complaint described Harrity hearing the noise and catching a glimpse of a person's head and shoulders outside his window. It said Harrity was startled, perceived his life was in danger, pulled his gun and held it to his ribcage pointing downward. It said Harrity then heard a sound like a lightbulb breaking, saw a flash and looked to his right to see Noor had fired his weapon.
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    Good news, i think. with rick S out of the race, potus just took a stance on same-sex
    marriage that could split the electoral college 269 v 269 if mitt now copies him totally.
    this is assuming tampa is not even a tempest in a teapot. doug wead had a FB chat.
    just gotta be on the next one so high hopes will have an easier letdown. poor DW was
    trying to unwind but the groundlings wanted something earthshattering to be let slip.
    things may get a bit more interesting as tampa looms & the FESTIVAL in late AUGUST!
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    A Liberty candidate needs your help!

    Donate today to Thomas Massie with $20.12 or something bigger! http://www.thomasmassie.com/

    For Liberty!
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    Did you know you have profile stalkers.
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    Oh thanks for the 100 th rep, now i got 2 bars lol.
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    It is better to live in a corner of the roof Than in a house shared with a contentious woman." Proverbs 25:24.

    Yup yup, Man has to be strong in what he believes in and stand up for his beliefs. If a man starts to compromise his beliefs for a woman. He is likely to lose both the woman (eventually) and his beliefs.
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    no, I just don't have the desire and talent that you possess.
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    Ever try doing supersets? I tried it today, and it was interesting for variety. I'm going to do kempo X again tomorrow. I am like it! Is it okay to repeat a workout disc from the P90x like that-or is effectiveness lost? (that is, doing the same routine twice within 1 or 2 days of each other)
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    Hey little sister...My rememberator is working again...its a travesty that the possibility even existsss..and I'm sure "they" will take the cute ones first so you can see why I was worried when you didn't post in the "I like warm pee" thread...I'd thought they'd gotcha for sure...here to come find it was just that you, unlike me, have a life outside the "liberty" forest :0)
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    today has me seeing "W" people hopping onto
    mitt's rolling bandwagon like flies to a honeypot.
    its hitting me he is THAT close to being a potus
    as in 50/50 odds. the GOP has its obscene moments.
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    wow. Not sure whether to be amused or offended by that.
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