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    04-24-2018, 05:26 PM
    If automation increases enough youd pretty much have to have UBI. Either that or cut what is considered full time employment in half or something in order for there to even be enough jobs available and those jobs in turn would need to significantly increase pay. And yes UBI could eliminate social security, food stamps, tax credits, etc. Do not see how it coulf cut medicare since that is medical insurance and different in cost based on the person. UBI wouldnt be tax free. Itd push everyones income up some so most likely everyone's tax burden would go up some extent. That is how it would be phased out. And yeah a tax on monopolies and companies benefitting the most from automation could offset the rest. I am pretty sure we will see it eventually. More of a when than an if. Unfortunately I see it being implemented very poorly just like all government systems. Edit: Finlands trial seems odd. Unemployed only and a rather small amount. And they wont even publish the results until next year. Seems like it was more of just an unemployment welfare test than anything.
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    04-22-2018, 06:32 PM
    I realize that. They just happen to be two of the most known corporations. The thing is even these unskilled workers are fulfilling a need and working the same just as anyone else. It is not unreasonable to expect they be compensated in a way they can actually live a decent life. But yes the anger should be directed at the overall situation of unequal power between employer and employee rather than just two well known corporations.
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    04-22-2018, 06:27 PM
    Not an easily attainable option for all. I am satisfied with my own situation and enjoy my job. But not everyone has that luxury for various reasons. Expecting a floor is not really unreasonable especially from mega corps with billionaire executives. If the corps dont pay reasonable wages the government will fill the role by way of necessity as charity generally cannot make up the slack since it is so one sided. If corporations paid reasonable wages then charity could cover the other situations where assistance is required. A lot of people fall on bad situations or just have no options from the beginning. Working hard to get out of a situation is not as simple as it may sound for many, especially if they have kids to support.
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    04-22-2018, 06:10 PM
    Opposition to government interference is no excuse for defending Amazon and their anti employee practices. Corporations are just as bad as bad as the government and need to be held to the same standards of scepticism. It is pathetic when Amazon, Walmart and others pay such poor wages that their employees are forced onto food stamps. That just means we the tax payers are subsidizing Amazon. Yet people do not ridicule Amazon for their bad practices but rather ridicule the workers just trying to make a living? Is this some kind of joke? Sound like a bunch of Mitt Romney wannabees. Working two full time jobs? Yeah screw living a balanced life where you have satisfaction. Make everyone work every minute of their waking hours to survive. Great platform to lure in support. Not everyone has the freedom to just quit and find a better job. Not everyone has bargaining power to get better wages? Why would you side with the dominating party? I really do not understand the mindset. An employer-employee relationship should be equal but it is not. The employer more often than not has the power and dictates the wage. The employee generally has no choice but to accept. It is so bad and one sided that programs like food stamps even exist to begin with. If employers paid a reasonable wage such programs would have no purpose. So if you are angry about these welfare programs then attack the real root of the problem which is greedy corporations. Obviously I am not including all businesses as some pay fair wages and treat their employees well and others do the best they can. But Amazon and Walmart? No, those are not good corps.
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    Yeah its funny, i cant find that moment on youtube though...pisses me off
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