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    11-27-2023, 12:53 PM
    Separate Tech and State Ron Paul November 27, 2023 Some libertarians dismiss concerns over social media companies’ suppression of news and opinions that contradict select agendas by pointing out that these platforms are private companies, not part of the government. There are two problems with this argument. First, there is nothing unlibertarian about criticizing private businesses or using peaceful and voluntary means, such as boycotts, to persuade businesses to change their practices. The second and most significant reason the “they are private companies” argument does not hold water is the tech companies’ censorship has often been done at the “request” of government officials. The extent of government involvement with online censorship was revealed in emails between government and employees of various tech companies. In these emails the government officials addressed employees of these “private companies” as though these employees were the government officials’ subordinates.
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    11-26-2023, 06:14 PM
    Trans-identifying Man Arrested for Threatening to Repeat Nashville Mass Shooting The New American November 26, 2023 A “transgender” Illinois man who made some shocking threats against children, Christians, and blacks was arrested by federal authorities after making an online video in which he allegedly threatened to shoot children in the manner of Audrey Hale, the trans-identifying woman who attacked the Covenant School in Nashville in March. Jason Lee Willie, who also goes by the female pseudonym Alexia N. Willie, was arrested on November 8. Willie has been charged with 14 felony counts of Interstate Communication of a Threat to Injure. He had been arrested by local authorities in Illinois three times in 2023, twice in August and once in October, for disorderly conduct and for making unhinged threats. However, an Illinois judge released him with $0 bond due to Illinois’ new SAFE-T Act, which allows even violent offenders to walk free on no-cash bail.
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    11-25-2023, 08:50 PM
    The Fall of Minneapolis New Film Debunks Establishment Narrative About George Floyd and the Riots https://www.thefallofminneapolis.com/
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    11-22-2023, 09:15 PM
    Daniel Butierez for U.S. Congress 2024, Arizona, District 7 Meet Daniel Butierez https://danielbutierez4congress2024.com/meet-daniel-butierez/ Help Put Daniel On The Ballot https://apps.azsos.gov/apps/election/eps/op/ Volunteer
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    11-20-2023, 11:37 PM
    Paul Joseph Watson: Javier Milei - Based?
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    11-20-2023, 05:03 PM
    We Must Demand Justice for the January 6th Protestors! Ron Paul November 20, 2023 New US House Speaker Mike Johnson struck a blow for liberty and justice last week when he finally authorized the release of all the tapes from the January 6, 2021 “insurrection.” We were told by no less than President Biden himself that this was the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” The FBI was unleashed by the Biden Administration to hunt down hundreds of participants in this “insurrection” and lock them up in the gulag where they awaited trial in torturous conditions — many in solitary confinement. A Congressional Committee was set up under then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “get to the bottom” of the “Trump-led insurrection.” It did not include a single Representative nominated by the opposition Republican Party, but rather two “Republicans” — Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger — who could be relied on by Pelosi and the Democrats to toe the line.
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    11-18-2023, 11:27 AM
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    11-18-2023, 08:21 AM
    Perfect Score! - Freedom Index Score: 100% Rep. Ty Bodden Wisconsin Assembly District HD-059 Republican Status: Active Legislator
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    11-17-2023, 05:01 PM
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    11-13-2023, 10:36 PM
    v3sx731 Scott Horton: Israel’s War on Terror The New American Nov. 13, 2013 Terrorism usually encompasses killing, robbery and coercion committed by groups that lack state authority. In this sense, Hamas is the strongest and most ruthless gang in the “Israeli prison,” a sort of subcontractor of Israel and America to enforce the occupation of Palestine. The attack on Israel on October 7th was akin to a jail break and was purposefully atrocious to trigger the ferocious reaction by Israel and shake up the rest of the Middle East and beyond. Much like the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, it was a logical consequence of neoconservative politics carried out by elites looking to undermine the American republic by bankrupting it with perpetual wars, believes Scott Horton of the Libertarian Institute and Antiwar.com.
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    11-01-2023, 11:16 AM
    Israel Planned to Ethnically Cleanse Gaza: Leaked Docs The New American | Angeline Tan November 1, 2023 On October 28, Israeli culture magazine Mekomit released a leaked document allegedly issued by Israel’s Ministry of Intelligence proposing an Israeli occupation of Gaza and complete displacement of its 2.3 million inhabitants to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The document, published on 13 October, laid out a blueprint to evacuate all residents of the Gaza Strip to North Sinai as the favored choice among three options regarding the Palestinians in Gaza at the end of the present conflict between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group.
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    10-31-2023, 03:26 PM
    AIPAC = American Israel Public Affairs Committe Oct 31, 2023 Thomas Massie: This baseless smear is meant to intimidate me into voting to send $14+ billion of your money to a foreign country. Please let AIPAC know we are broke, and these tactics don’t work on this Congressman. --
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    10-30-2023, 11:43 AM
    Remind Speaker Johnson and Congress to Slash Unconstitutional Spending! Alert Summary Federal spending is out of control — and the vast majority of it is blatantly unconstitutional. If not stopped, this fiscal recklessness will destroy our Republic. Congress must act immediately to drastically reduce its bloated, unconstitutional spending spree. Act Now!
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    10-30-2023, 11:17 AM
    A Pro-liberty Speaker Ron Paul October 30, 2023 Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson has been chosen as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, ending the three-week drama. Representative Johnson has a reputation as a fiscal and social conservative. He has at times opposed funding the Ukraine war, suggesting he may be open to non-interventionist arguments or at least unwilling to give the military-industrial complex a blank check. However, he also supports giving Israel “whatever it needs” to defeat Hamas. Speaker Johnson has suggested that another short-term continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown may be necessary to ensure the House is not pressured into passing an omnibus spending bill at the end of the year. He has said he wants to pass individual spending bills through the House. This could help restrain spending.
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