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    07-01-2020, 07:36 PM
    In my working life I have always worked with blacks I have had several black bosses I don't know what ben and jerry's is talking about. I don't think I have ever had a job where there weren't any blacks and the whites never seemed to have a superior attitude wTF... I have worked for over 50 years WTF
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    07-01-2020, 07:23 PM
    I worry my head off about what will my grandchildren have left. My child is an adult and he sees what is going on. I hope they can have a good life I really do. My son works really hard and he provides for his children and believes in family and I think he gives good values to his children. He has a lot more ambition than I have ever had. I don't know if that will be enough.He seems to know how to play within the rules of society which is something I never could do. I have always been politically incorrect and refused to fit in with social norms. He is not like me in any way. He is very smart and he was always encouraged to do his best in all things. He is very determined to prove me wrong about politics and the economy. I hope he is right because he is the one who is going to have to live with what is going on.
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    07-01-2020, 01:24 PM
    I would be mad too if my son was killed while in the service but it is one of the known risk to joining the service. I don't know what is true as far as the media goes but I have always been skeptical of what they say. I am sure Trump is no angel and very flawed but, I don't think he is any worse then Bush jr or Obama and to me they are not that hard to be better then. Trump is probably a swamp creature and his whole thing likely a psy-op. we know that the ptb will neverr let someone like Ron or Rand be the president and if somehow one of them managed to pull off a win they would be killed in office. Let's see if they kill Trump then maybe we will think better of him.;)
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    07-01-2020, 01:07 PM
    OMG in 50 years I'll be 115 years old I hope I am not driving by then. I have vowed to stop driving by the time I am 100. :P
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    07-01-2020, 11:26 AM
    I think I will just stick with my 90's model 4x4 manual transmission toyota if you don't mind...
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    07-01-2020, 11:05 AM
    I think drunk driving laws suck. If a person has not caused an accident or destroyed someone else's property I don't think they should have to go to jail. My mom had a good friend who was having a heart attack she was driving herself to the hospital and was 2 blocks away when she was stopped by a police officer he decided she was drunk and took her to jail where she died a few moments later. She had called her daughter and told her she was going to the hospital her daughter lived on the other side of town and the mother only lived a few miles away from the hospital so she decided it would be quicker to just go and the daughter was on the way to meet her at the hospital.
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    06-30-2020, 11:06 AM
    I wish they would take one to Nancy's house. I am sure in her 30+ years in congress she has done way more things to ruin the economy than Bezos ever has.
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    06-30-2020, 10:04 AM
    Does this mean taxes will go down in places that defund the police?
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    06-30-2020, 06:32 AM
    The corrupt investigating the corrupt how interesting.
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    06-28-2020, 07:35 PM
    Oh well it looks like we just have to wait and see what happens. I hope and pray that everyone here is taking very good care of themselves and their loved ones and helping out their community as best as you can. Stay strong and do what you know is moral and good.
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    06-27-2020, 09:55 AM
    I watch Candice all the time and I have seen all of her videos since the Floyd case happened. She has never said that he deserved to die. She did go to detail about his criminal past and question why this man is being elevated almost to sainthood. It does seem like she did say that the pregnant woman that he stuck the gun to her pregnant belly may be glad he is dead. To me it seems like Dave needs to back up the truck cause right now he is stirring up the pot. I believe Floyd was handled wrong and that he did not deserve to die. I saw a video of a white guy being handled in pretty much the same way and when the ambulance came to pick him up the cop sounded really scared and said I hope I didn't kil him but the guy died. What I don't like about all this is that black people are not the only ones who get killed while being arrested. A lot of people get killed in jail too. A friend of my brother's child was killed while in jail for pot waiting to go to court. My brother was locked up at the same time and was trying to look out for him because he was really young but, he was moved to another section My brother felt so bad for the kid and his friend. Hell it didn't even make the news because nobody but the family and friends cared. Men get raped and killed all the time in jail and prison and nobody gives a crap and it sure don't make the news. The last time my brother was in prison he said some one was killed about once a month. No news is good news right? I am not a big police fan. But once I am being detained I am smart enough to know that 3 armed men could take me out in a heart beat.I think anyone who would try to resist is pretty stupid especially if you are already in hand cuffs. I think I would only call the police if someone killed someone at my house. I have been robbed at gun point several times and didn't bother with the police because I just did not feel like going thru it to not even get my stuff back. It just so happens that I did not have my dog with me any of the times it happened. THe last time it happened my dog had just passed away the day before. :(
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    06-27-2020, 09:01 AM
    Do you think it would get reported? just say no to BS-19
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    06-25-2020, 06:14 PM
    Lead and gun powder seems like a good investment...
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    06-25-2020, 05:56 PM
    I am so sorry this happened to you. I would like to suggest that you not bring this up with any medical industrial complex people ever again and if it get brought up by one of them just tell them that some crazy chick got mad at you and wanted to try and take you down. Don't let them rail road you into a bad situation more than they already have. You may be able to do something some ways down the road to clear this up. Focus on your health and your spirit. We love you here and I think you are safe with us. Feel better.
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    06-25-2020, 05:43 PM
    From what I understand about the pyramids we don't have any idea what they actually were built for certainly not to be tombs of Pharrios.(sp) For all we know they may have something to do with how the earth stays in orbit or the magnetic field of the earth. I used to make pyramids large and small ones and sell them years ago. At the time I looked for all the info I could find about them so I could make suggestions on what to use them for. I have one over my refrigerator because I know it helps to keep food fresher. I helped build green houses with the shape too and people felt their plants and seeds did better in them. I have planted seeds that have been stored in one for 20 years and they did great and probably better than new seeds. There are many theories about what they are and the Egyptian government is very strict about people poking around them trying to figure them out. Some people may actually know what they are but they are not going to let it become public. They are one of the wonders of the world for a reason. So for all I know if a group of people destroy them it could kill us all. They have been attacked before. Some people think it was built for the Arc of the Covenant But Moses took the Arc. It is very interesting to read up on.
    7 replies | 207 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-25-2020, 12:33 PM
    I trust Ron's view more than most but, I would also like to hear from "ter" as I trust him too.
    4 replies | 494 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-24-2020, 06:59 PM
    Prolly getting the blood sucked out of them.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-24-2020, 06:52 PM
    I recently received notification that medicare is going to take $144 out of my retirement check per month for part B. I told them I do not want it because I do not use Dr Frankenstein medical doctors. They went on to inform me that if I do not get it I will be charged 10% of the premium per year penalty going up after I turn 70 and up again after I turn 75 and again if I make it to 80. Since it is cheaper I told them I would just take that option. Then they proceeded to tell me that they can get me the money to pay for it. I told them that I really don't want it. They went on to tell me how cheap my prescriptions and Dr visits would be. I told them again that I don't use that type of medicine and most likely never will. They told me because my retirement income is low that I qualify for this funding to get the part B. It is kind of pissing me off because I don't want it. All I have to do is give them all my financial info. That's all just give them permission to view my stuff. I don't want it how many ways do I have to say it? But why do I have to be penalized for not wanting it? To me this is messed up.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-24-2020, 12:20 PM
    I don't think it is horrible at all I think doctors should know what the drugs do from personal experience so maybe they would be more thoughtful of what they are doing to their patients. Also I saw an interesting video about the mice they use in experiments have been altered called "all our mice are broken"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpGxOR50sn4
    34 replies | 5466 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-24-2020, 10:03 AM
    I like that idea. I hope you share it with as many people as possible .
    34 replies | 5466 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-23-2020, 05:28 PM
    So a bunch of so called republicans who helped shape Bush1 &2 national security policies don't like Trump. Boo Hoo Sorry I can't vote them out. They sure did make our country safe and all with 9-11 and the patriot act. Trump is far from perfect but I do believe his heart is in the right place for America.
    15 replies | 263 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-23-2020, 05:16 AM
    I wish I could have all of the toppled statues laying out in my front yard I could decorate them on the different holidays:cool:
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-23-2020, 05:00 AM
    Working Poor replied to a thread Make Money in Economy & Markets
    Lead and gun powder
    22 replies | 1176 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-23-2020, 03:25 AM
    F Pepisco and their aborted fetal tissue products. I am not a cannibal.
    49 replies | 1193 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-23-2020, 03:07 AM
    I hope Obama gets taken out along with Clinton.
    6 replies | 236 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-23-2020, 03:02 AM
    Now we can see why they are trying to kill off the elderly with the Wu Flu. They lived and fought against this.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-22-2020, 01:55 PM
    I have noticed how blank the eyes are of people wearing mask I guess because they are not getting enough oxygen to their brains to operate their eyes.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-22-2020, 01:45 PM
    This is an alt media headline I saw the other day about Bolton"
    3 replies | 141 view(s)
  • Working Poor's Avatar
    06-22-2020, 06:23 AM
    My favorite grandpa is not Dr. Frankenstein....
    10 replies | 786 view(s)
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