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    Today, 04:46 PM
    The reason I use the word "true" is because we were talking about the government labeling something "property." That is either a true statement, or it is not. But I'm glad that you agree that the law is simply what is legal, not what is true, right, or acceptable.
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    Today, 04:39 PM
    I don't think it's silly at all, we're really just discussing whether a man-made law means something is actually true. This isn't that difficult. But if you don't want to discuss it then that's totally fine.
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    Today, 04:32 PM
    This sounds like more divide and conquer crap to me. Phrases like "cultural appropriation" or "cisgender".... Who comes up with these idiotic, divisive phrases? Probably those who want us all to be fighting each other so we take our attention off of the true enemy.
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    Today, 04:28 PM
    This type of BS is going to lead to a helluva backlash. They should protest Taco Bell if anything.
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    Today, 04:26 PM
    You would think this would be a no-brainer. I remember a past member on the religion forum would regularly tell people that "You can't believe (fill in a belief) because you are a such-in-such religious," while totally ignoring what the person actually said. This political talibanism is the reason for all these ridiculous grudges and the reason we have endless arguments that spill on to unrelated threads. It is because people literally can't understand what they are reading because their hatred for the other member trumps their own reason. Seeing it here and every other internet political discussion forum has helped my cynicism in humanity grow.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Today, 04:22 PM
    That was what the law said, but my question was, was that really true… apart from the law? I don't believe that you have to be party to something to have a belief one way or the other. Let me try asking this in a different way. If our government decided to round up and enslave all libertarians, and call them "property"....and you happened to be one of the people rounded up and enslaved... Would you agree that you are truly "property" apart from what the law said? In other words, that you were no different than an inanimate object and anything at all could be done to you, and it would be moral and acceptable, simply because they claimed that you are "property"?
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    Today, 04:15 PM
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    Today, 04:12 PM
    You have nailed the problem with Sola Sripturism and general Bible/Scripture-worship. It's always ultimately self-serving when done outside the disciplined context of Holy Tradition. One of the reasons I'm Orthodox. ~hugs~
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    Today, 04:07 PM
    When the oil disaster in 2010 happened the states sued BP and received money for the damages. Are the payments some kind of royalties like they give the citizens of Alaska?
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 03:41 PM
    Isn't that just like welfare payments?
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 03:37 PM
    At first glance, these two seem to be committed SJWs themselves. If so, they were destroyed by their own. Allow me to say: White women's burrito shop is forced to close after being hounded with accusations it was 'culturally appropriating Mexican food and jobs'
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 03:23 PM
    Bad move. Take those payments away and the states will then roadblock and ransom every single new drilling project that comes along, further adding to already over costly and over regulated process. Be the final nail in the coffin of US offshore drilling.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Today, 03:22 PM
    Hi! That's not the article I had read before… But he does speak about Romans 13 a lot in several different places. I also saw a video yesterday of a talk he did on that. I could post it here, but it's very long… So instead I'll try to post an article later. I really shouldn't be posting here right now, I've got a ton of things I'm supposed be doing today. :)
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 03:19 PM
    Liberal Darling Chelsea Clinton: Climate Change Linked to Child Marriage (Video) Jim Hoft May 24th, 2017 9:46 am Crackpot conspiracist Chelsea Clinton participated in a social justice panel discussion on Monday that was broadcast on CSPAN. The Democrat darling told the audience climate change, women’s health and child marriage were interconnected and you have to focus on their “interconnectedness.” Wow.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Today, 03:16 PM
    Amen! That's pretty much exactly what I was going to say to him. I like to keep things simple.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 03:15 PM
    Trump wants to stop sharing Gulf of Mexico oil royalties with Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas Tom DiChristopher | @tdichristopher Four U.S. states on the Gulf of Mexico stand to lose billions in future payments if a proposal in the president's new budget survives congressional scrutiny. The White House on Tuesday proposed ending a program that shares revenue from offshore oil and gas drilling with the states — and it does so just as those payments were scheduled to expand significantly. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas — all of which went for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election — are trying to close their own budget gaps amid a protracted oil price downturn and as the new White House budget asks them to absorb cuts to social welfare programs.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Today, 03:14 PM
    You can continue to pretend that an elephant, or a pig or a dog is the same as an inanimate object… but regardless of what the law says, we all know that's not true. The law also said that black slaves were "property." You guys didn't answer this question earlier, so I'll ask again. Were those involuntary slaves truly property, apart from what the law said? IMO this sounds like "might makes right." And I think we all know what happens when humans have that mentality. I don't want to judge or making anyone feel bad, I do feel it's important to ask this question... If we don't want to be treated that way, why do we do the same to those we have power over?
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Today, 01:49 PM
    Raimondo let his desperation and enthusiasm get the better of him. He saw what he wanted to see, rather than what was actually there. So did a lot of other people. Given that what they wanted to see, had it been so, would've be a hell of huge improvement over what we actually had or ended up with, I'm not going to hold it against them. They were wrong, but I'll save my venom and spite for my actual enemies, not for someone like the founder of antiwar.com and one of the most tireless and vehement critics of US interventionism. LOL. The only hostility here is coming from you. The OP posted an article sharply critical of Trump's foreign policy, and your immediate response (post #2) was to snipe at and rant about the author, without addressing the actual content of the article at all - because it's all about you, isn't it? I don't have any problems with calling out Raimondo et al. for their mistakes when there's a constructive point to doing so. But it's not even slightly edifying when the only real purpose behind it (as you have admitted) is just to stroke yourself publicly.
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  • The Rebel Poet's Avatar
    Today, 01:14 PM
    This is objectively untrue. It contradicts the actual budget Trump proposed. Are you a troll? "You must spread some reputation around before deducting it from Galileo Galilei again"
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  • RJB's Avatar
    Today, 12:37 PM
    Relax. It's just a little blowback. It's just some good old boys blowing off a little steam. Why it's nothing compared to back in the day when the Turks got a little rowdy and genocided the Greeks and Armenians off of Asia Minor. Unfortunately it stopped at the walls of Vienna. If they had some free market wisdom back then they would have profited off of charging them for fantasy blowback tours of Europe. Good times. Good times.
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  • Cap's Avatar
    Today, 12:14 PM
    Here are a few of my latest knives I've done in the last few weeks. Above is a Thai Enep design Above is a Cutlas-Bowie design Above is a Damascus Fighter.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 11:43 AM
    Great thread. *****
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 11:33 AM
    Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years by John Solomon and Sara Carter http://circa.com/politics/barack-obamas-team-secretly-disclosed-years-of-illegal-nsa-searches-spying-on-americans May 24, 2017 The National Security Agency under former President Barack Obama routinely violated American privacy protections while scouring through overseas intercepts and failed to disclose the extent of the problems until the final days before Donald Trump was elected president last fall, according to once top-secret documents that chronicle some of the most serious constitutional abuses to date by the U.S. intelligence community.
    4 replies | 74 view(s)
  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 11:21 AM
    Damn it! Beat me by five minutes. Your headline is better though.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 11:19 AM
    Ummm...ya think? :rolleyes: :D Raccoon causes thousands to lose power http://www.fox5ny.com/news/256640408-story Posted: May 24 2017 08:57AM EDT Updated: May 24 2017 09:08AM EDT
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 11:02 AM
    Draining that swamp...MAGA. FFS...
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 10:37 AM
    That is good news...I'm thinking that DesMarais had a local following. I am not so positive at all about the national elections.
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  • Ender's Avatar
    Today, 10:27 AM
    Not a child's answer, osan- just a simple definition of what is going on. And, it's Ron Paul's answer from the onset of 911. Here's an interesting article on the bomber from the Ron Paul Institute: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/peace-and-prosperity/2017/may/24/manchester-bomber-was-product-of-wests-libyasyria-intervention/
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 09:41 AM
    http://www.unionleader.com/state-government/Manchester-Republican-wins-back-NH-House-seat-Democrat-wins-in-GOP-stronghold-of-Wolfeboro-05232017 Welcome to 2018.
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    Your in box is full.

    Try to get your hands on some comfrey oil.


    "Bone Growth: One of this herbal remedy’s nicknames is “knitbone”, because it can help speed up the healing process for broken bones, as well as other injuries. Comfrey is also rich in calcium, which is a key ingredient in bone growth. The unique combination of organic compounds found in comfrey can stimulate the regrowth of bone minerals, by facilitating more efficient uptake and use of those minerals within the body."

    Other References:

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    A few days late, but thanks for the +rep the other day. Your message cracked me up.
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    I don't believe that is an Orthodox prayer. It's a nice prayer nonetheless!
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    Your box was full. No way I'm typing all of that again. Anyway I'm gonna demo some strings and vox some time this week for that. I'll pass it along and maybe tell me what you think of the arrangement.
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    I am sorry to hear of your problem. I can image how frustrating that can be.

    Some good remedies for vocal chords and/or even acute laryngitis:

    Bone broth--Beef/ Chicken/ Lamb
    Manuka Honey

    You can also put Turmeric in the honey. Take a tbsp on Manuka with a tsp of Turmeric.

    You can make an infusion (Tea) of sage leaves, and raspberry leaves (equal parts sage and raspberry leaves) and allow it to cool and gargle with it as many times as needed.

    You can make an infusion of ginger tea with a little black pepper. Drink that down warm 3 or 4 times a day.

    Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with MOTHER (Braggs - name brand) in a warm/room temp. filtered water (6 oz) and drink that 3 or 4 times daily. It's rich in minerals and helps boost the immune system.

    Get well soon!

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    Honey is good. Try and use local or Manuka.
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    I assuming like laryngitis?

    Honey is a good anti-inflammatory. (Local honey would be better)

    A good recipe:

    Hot water (1 cup)
    1 tbsp of honey
    1 tbsp of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
    1/2 squeezed lemon
    1/4 tsp on cayenne pepper

    You can do this a couple times a day or more.

    Turmeric is also a good anti-inflammatory.

    Golden milk recipe here: https://healthimpactnews.com/2015/go...n-coconut-oil/
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    I'll have to check that out sometime, but I'm not really all that motivated: I'm not cocky enough to think I could do it pro; I just do it for fun.
    You should critique some of my other shit. I've got some lying around the internet somewhere...ah here it is: http://strangerfaction.blogspot.com/
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    You PM is full.

    As soon as you have cleared it I will send you the information.
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My music/art page is here"government is the enemy of liberty"-RPEphesians 6:12 (KJV)For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


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by heavenlyboy34 on 10-29-2016 at 10:59 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
Quote Originally Posted by heavenlyboy34 View Post
I have never before seen the attributive declension of cthulu. Impressive shenannigans, Mr banana.



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Give unto Caesar the thing's of Caesar-a most interesting post

by heavenlyboy34 on 10-06-2016 at 03:42 PM
Quote Originally Posted by erowe1 View Post
What bunklocoempire said above about the Pharisees (and this applies to the Herodians too) being in league with the Roman Empire, and benefitting from its control over Galilee and Judea is absolutely correct. And that is important background to the story.

Let me start by making a couple observations from how the Pharisees and Herodians present their question in v. 14.

When they had come, they said to Him, “Teacher, we know that You are true, and care about no one; for You

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BuddyRey has left us

by heavenlyboy34 on 06-12-2015 at 07:18 PM
QUOTE=Dianne;5896041]Just wanted the Forums to know that BuddyRey aka Philip Barrett Reynolds left this world today at the age of 31. He introduced me to Ron Paul and this forum in 2007. He passed during surgery for a brain infection. He was a great patriot and a lover of liberty and will surely be missed by all that came to know him. He was the kindest, most gentle, friendly, accepting human being one could ever

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by heavenlyboy34 on 04-06-2015 at 11:44 PM
Quote Originally Posted by danke View Post
I carry my man purse for fashion, not function.





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