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    Today, 02:04 PM
    https://twitter.com/JJ_Boogie/status/1385290952135282688 1385290952135282688
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    Today, 01:09 PM
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    Today, 12:58 PM
    Presented without further comment: https://twitter.com/barnes_law/status/1385298028626518020 1385298028626518020
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    Today, 12:47 PM
    Washington state is now allowing providers to refuse vaccinations to white people https://notthebee.com/article/washington-state-is-now-allowing-doctors-to-refuse-vaccinations-for-white-people Joel Abbott (22 April 2021) We will be told this isn't racism because "equity": https://twitter.com/jasonrantz/status/1385044326753787907 1385044326753787907 "If you're a person of color, you can move forward and schedule a vaccine appointment if there is an opening. But if you're white, you are automatically placed on a standby list. This bars you from continuing the process."
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    Today, 12:19 PM
    I had a friend who had that issue. His mom did that to try to get him out of the basement.
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    Today, 11:22 AM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Invisible Man again. The following applies today every bit as much as it did when Mises said it seventy years ago - even more so, in fact, given the increasing prevalence of so-called "Critical Race Theory": "ace theory begins to conflict with the liberal social theory at the point where it begins to preach the struggle between races. But it has no better arguments to advance in this connection than those of other militaristic social theories. The saying of Heraclitus "that war is the father of all things" remains unproven dogma. It, too, fails to demonstrate how the social structure could have grown out of destruction and annihilation. Nay, the race theorists too—in so far as they try to judge unbiased and not simply to follow their sympathy for the ideology of militarism and conflict—have to admit that war has to be condemned are irrelevant so far as Liberalism is concerned. cannot shake the assertion that civilization is a work of peaceful co-operation."-- Ludwig von Mises, Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis (1951)
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    Today, 10:54 AM
    Critical Race Theorist Ibram X. Kendi on Ma’Khia Bryant: ‘What Would Have Been’ if She Were White, Rich? https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/04/22/critical-race-theorist-ibram-x-kendi-on-makhia-bryant-what-would-have-been-if-she-were-white-rich/ Trent Baker 22 Apr 2021 Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi, author and contributing writer for The Atlantic, wondered what would have happened in Columbus, OH if Ma’Khia Bryant had been a “16-year-old white girl in a wealthy suburban neighborhood. Bryant was shot and killed by police after she appeared to attack another person with a knife. Kendi said he finds it “hard” to believe the officer who took action to stop Bryant from using the knife on others “would have used lethal force” on a rich, white girl.
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    Today, 10:53 AM
    I wouldn't be at all surprised - and the same scenario (or something like it) might well play out if the cop didn't have a body cam. Fortunately, though, he did - and we have the footage. Now let's hope it red-pills some of the people who see that footage and compare it to the hysterical and unhinged reactions to the incident.
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    Today, 10:28 AM
    I don't presume to know what percentage of the population is composed of illiberal authoritarians (and their various fellow travelers) - and whatever that quantity may be, I don't know, from among them as a whole, what the ratio of left-socialists to right-fascists is, either. However, I am skeptical that that ratio is quite as tidily equal as you make it out to be. I rather suspect that the right-fascist variety is outnumbered by the left-socialist variety, perhaps significantly so. But even granting an even ratio, the left-socialists are at the moment a much greater existential threat than the right-fascists. It doesn't really matter that their numbers might be equal when one side has ten pawns and the other side has ten queens. Indeed, ten pawns would be outmatched even by just two or three queens in the right places. Power and position are what matters, not mere quantities. Whatever their relative numbers, the vanguard of illiberal left-socialist authoritarianism (bearing the standards and tokens of the Woke) increasingly dominates all three wings of the Cathedral - namely, the executive bureaucracy, the corporate media, and the universities & education system. Even if equal in number, the illiberal right-fascist authoritarians can field no force to compare to this. And that the overwhelming majority of people are not illiberal authoritarians (nor among their various fellow travelers) is of little or no account. The bulk of the masses are inert ballast. They will eat whatever is put on their plates. Feed them tyranny (left or right), and they will eat it - they may grouse and grumble about it, but they will eat it. Feed them liberty, and they will eat it - they may grouse and grumble about it, but they will eat it. Wherever their hearts may be, sheep will graze whatever pasture they find themselves in. That's what makes them sheep. Just ask Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. As for the distinction between Democrats and Republicans (to the extent that there even is one), the only Democrats and Republicans that really matter are the ones with actual power - and by and large, they aren't so much ideologically illiberal authoritarians as they are mere establishmentarian opportunists looking to exploit and capitalize on the strife and division engendered by the real illiberal authoritarians. At present, the most critical distinction is between the illiberal left-socialist authoritarians (of whatever party or faction) and everyone else. The power of the former is increasing apace (unlike that of the illiberal right-fascist authoritarians), and should they achieve victory, the Bidens, McConnells, Pelosis, and other partisan hacks will be among the first to be (figuratively or literally) lined up against the wall.
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    Today, 09:57 AM
    It’s Not a Race War. It’s Something Much Bigger https://amgreatness.com/2021/04/21/its-not-a-race-war-its-something-much-bigger/ Do not confuse the tactic for the strategy. By Dan Proft April 21, 2021 The Left wants a race war in America because they cannot otherwise win the ideological war they are waging.
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    Today, 07:38 AM
    The combination of "circular force continuum" training with a culture of "office safety über alles" is extremely dangerous and is heavily weighted in favor of producing "shoot first and ask questions later" scenarios. Something very much needs to be done to put an end to such vicious nonsense. But I don't think any of those issues are germane in this particular case, because any mundane would have been justified in acting just as the cop did in this situation. Any of myriad other less lethal outcomes would have been preferable, of course - but "coulda woulda shoulda" is a game that can always be played in these kinds of situations. The most important question is not whether something else the cop theoretically could have have done might have been preferable , but whether what the cop actually did do is a violation of the NAP. Based on the information currently available (and subject to change should additional information become available), I think the answer to that most important question is "no." And because there is no NAP violation on the part of the cop in this case, the fact that he happens to be a cop is not particularly significant - or at least, it shouldn't be. The situation and relevant considerations would be exactly the same if the shooter had been a mundane (such as a neighbor or random passerby). The usual problem with cops is that they are, as a matter of course, granted higher authority over mundanes while simultaneously being held to a lower standard of acccountability than mundanes. But there should be no distinction at all between cops and mundanes. Cops (or their equivalent) should just be citizens who have a particular job - a job that does not give them any more authority or any less accountability than any other citizen. As unfortunate as the outcome of this particular incident is, I don't see it as one in which a cop (whatever the nature of his training or degree of concern for his own personal safety may have been) did anything a mundane shouldn't be permitted to do under the same circumstances.
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    Today, 06:39 AM
    I hate it. I would wish the whole world would just run on UTC. Makes things a lot easier, especially if you also travel a lot through different timezones and you have meetings with people in yet other timezones. Edit: I guess the world may already run on UTC without us knowing it, similarly the US is a metric country without being visible really.
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    Today, 06:29 AM
    Trust me, we're working on it.
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    Today, 05:13 AM
    If you are white and you object to being identified as "white folx" then you are clearly a participant in and supporter of White Supremacy, White Voyeurism, White Privilege, or (at the very least) White Benefit.
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    Today, 05:01 AM
    Yeah, well, I guess the next time you see someone not wearing a mask, you can just call a crackhead, then. :rolleyes:
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    Today, 04:47 AM
    John 13:35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
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    Today, 04:46 AM
    which and how many counts of the verdict ? Cant blame anyone for not addressing the retard minnesota " justice" system.
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    Yesterday, 08:05 PM
    I totally oppose property tax . Not going anywhere where I live though ( 1 percent on primary residence) it is how the fund that school system you mentioned .
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    Yesterday, 07:42 PM
    Is folx like latin-x? I asked a friend of mine from my days in the Marines who is of Mexican ancestry if he is no longer Latino, but Latin-x. He told me what I could do with myself in the colorful language that former service men are known to use.
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  • RJB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:29 PM
    I don't get some people's mentality. When I was a bit younger and wilder, I don't care what I was doing, if an authority figure showed up, I was suddenly on my best behavior. Once a guy who I was about to fight pretended to be friends when the cops arrived. After the cop left we didn't fight. We actually gained respect for each other and became pretty good friends. I would NEVER pull a knife on someone in front of the cops. Not only was that 16 year old dangerous, she was crazy. I can't blame the cop.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:44 PM
    Soon? It's already been happening. Here's just the latest example ... ("a cause of climate change" is "deny people the right to health care" ...) https://twitter.com/RubinReport/status/1384589925803167746 1384589925803167746
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:44 PM
    Pfft , its Michigan , bunch of weirdos . You can easily separate people in Michigan in two groups , communists and libertarians . Mostly though they all only bathe once a week .
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:45 PM
    NYPD did it back in 1971. They did it a bunch of times up into the 80s.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:37 PM
    I'd back out too. The guy I made the deal with is gone, and the people that supposedly are represented by his replacement want Marxism.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:20 PM
    ‘YOU’RE NEXT’: LeBron James Posts Photo of Columbus Police Officer Present at Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2021/04/21/youre-next-lebron-james-posts-photo-columbus-police-officer-present-makhia-bryant-shooting/ Wendell Husebo 21 Apr 2021 LeBron James tweeted a photo of a police officer who was present when Ma’Khia Bryant was shot, with the caption, “You’re Next.” The officer has been identified as officer Nicholas Reardon
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:10 PM
    We're going to give you your own space as well, but it can only be used to sit quietly in and self reflect on what a worthless, racist, cis-gender shitlord you are. Agree completely. This is no longer a political battle but a fight for survival, to prevent a genocidal wipeout.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:12 PM
    Hear hear. Would have loved to read his take on these shenanigans.
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    Yesterday, 01:10 PM
    Michigan State Education Conference Separates ‘White Folx’ and ‘People of Color’ https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2021/04/21/michigan-state-education-conference-separates-white-folx-and-people-of-color/ Alana Mastrangelo 21 Apr 2021 An upcoming conference at Michigan State University, titled, “Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning and Student Success,” will feature “affinity groups” that segregate participants by skin color. According to a university email, “There will be an affinity group for white folx and an affinity group for people of color.”
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