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    I'm a "bigot"? Wow. Do you even know what a "bigot" is?
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    Thanks. I'm aware. It's an addiction. Thanks for the advice. I put them back on ignore.
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    Paying respects to Kathy who is in mourning now. I will keep it that way until Pascha.
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    It's done except for you deleting my slur at you quoted in one of your posts. Sorry for the over reaction. You can mess with me all day long, just leave the family out of it.
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    I deleted mine. You missed your original.
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    hahaha! That word 'creepetarian' cracked me up. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry bout the slow-loading vid, I probably should've exported it at a lower quality for faster loading. Thanks again!
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    Lol im sure it wont take long. I hope all the cool cats is still here.
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    I would of course greatly recommend you to attend the Compline Service. Also, if you haven't, get acquainted with the Prayer of Saint Ephraim which is the prayer often said in the services during Lent.
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    It all depends on what mood I'm in.
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The government is incapable of doing what it's supposed to do. A job like the provision of security is something best left to private institutions.
My music/art page is here"government is the enemy of liberty"-RP
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This whole board is a thoughtcrime in progress.
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I carry my man purse for fashion, not function.


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Infowars contact info

by heavenlyboy34 on 03-20-2014 at 01:15 AM
Quote Originally Posted by donnay View Post
Quote Originally Posted by heavenlyboy34 View Post
This^^ Knowing the Constitution makes for interesting trivia, but that's about it. In the real world, it's all irrelevant fluff. (I'm still waiting for someone to take up my Constitutionalist Challenge, btw. Perhaps someone at infowars is interested?)

cougar dating :)

by heavenlyboy34 on 10-07-2013 at 05:10 PM
Quote Originally Posted by tangent4ronpaul View Post
Quote Originally Posted by heavenlyboy34 View Post
No Sugar Mamma webbernet sites? /disappoint
Did you even google?

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Contradictions in the Constitution

by heavenlyboy34 on 09-25-2013 at 03:33 PM
Quote Originally Posted by mikemarotta View Post
“He sat at a table, and the light of his lamp fell on the copy of an ancient document. He had marked and crossed out the contradictions in its statements that had once been the cause of its destruction.” Atlas Shrugged.

  1. The basic contradiction was not clarifying those things which the government is allowed to do from those things which only the government is allowed to do.
  2. The Bill of Rights was not originally incorporated to the states.
  3. No "Nullifcation Clause"

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ebook: Samuel Edward Konkin III — An Agorist Primer

by heavenlyboy34 on 08-19-2013 at 10:20 PM
Quote Originally Posted by presence View Post


Ideas evolve and grow. At some point, an idea con-
nects with so many other concepts that it becomes
central to a way of thinking — an ideology.
At some state of an ideology’s life, between its
birth and death, it reaches a level of maturity such
that someone is motivated to divert his efforts from
expanding it outward and upward and begins to

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neato shoelace knot. :)

by heavenlyboy34 on 08-04-2013 at 11:02 PM
Quote Originally Posted by BuddyRey View Post

On a similar note, here's how to tie the world's fastest shoelace knot. It's not only easier (after a brief learning curve) than the standard method you learned in school, but it's incredibly secure. My shoelaces haven't "undone" themselves in months.