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    06-22-2020, 09:31 AM
    More details from the Bowling Green Daily News:
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    06-06-2020, 07:37 AM
    Yes, this looks very bad to any layperson - most of us would choose to drop whatever we were doing in order to help an injured person. But as the cops were under orders to perform a specific task AND there were already medical people nearby who could take better care of the guy - the cops are required to continue following orders and allow the medical professionals to take over. They can't just break rank to take up some new task - not when there are others nearby who are better equipped for the job. That's the nature of "orders". Watching someone else follow orders can't always look nice - that's just reality.
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    06-06-2020, 07:17 AM
    The 57 officers did not resign from the police force entirely, only from the Emergency Response Team (ERT) - the unit that’s called in to prevent/stop any rioting that might occur. The resignations came after PBA President John Evans, sent members an email calling the treatment of the two suspended cops by the Buffalo Police Department, District Attorney John Flynn and the Assistant District Attorney Gary HackBush, “despicable”. Evans further stated that henceforward, the PBA would not be providing for the legal defense of any ERT or SWAT members related to the protests. (By Madison Carter - WKBW -Posted at 9:45 PM, Jun 05, 2020 ) The two officers are being arraigned this morning (Saturday) at Buffalo City Court. Unidentified sources have alleged that they will be charged with “assault in the second degree, a class D felony.”
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    06-06-2020, 06:09 AM
    No evidence has been made publicly available to indicate that Floyd was murdered because of his race. Anyone claiming otherwise, is also claiming that they have knowledge of all the circumstances and decisions made during the altercation - which is impossible - and that they have the ability to read the minds of the officers involved - which is also impossible. This is all based on an assumption.
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    06-05-2020, 07:29 PM
    And a "trained de-escalation expert" is someone who is supposed to prevent violence from happening. He works at a psychiatric hospital, so maybe he's more of a bouncer than anything else.
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    06-05-2020, 06:33 PM
    Now this is the stupidest thing ever. You can't be protesting and dancing at the same time. These people are not protesting, they are having a party - bunch of phonies. That said, I guess it beats rioting. Everyone is such a child now. The kneeling is fuckin creepy though - that's cult shit!
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    06-05-2020, 06:19 PM
    It’s unpleasant to see anyone injured and bleeding, but only someone who has never seen truly malicious violence for comparison - would consider this horrifying. The guy appears to be in weak health - looks like a chemo patient in his final months. He was a fool to try and play hero - got the response anyone - anyone - could’ve predicted. His friends should’ve been looking out for him and prevented him from doing something so stupid.
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    06-05-2020, 01:15 PM
    Because of course, Maine, everyone in it, and anyone that would ever go there for any reason, is racist.
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    06-05-2020, 01:11 PM
    I saw fox news cover this story last night and - I swear - as Brett Bier(?) read it off, it was NOT made very clear, that the study being discredited was the one suggesting that hydrochloriquine was ineffective. The way it was written sounded confusing to me.
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    06-05-2020, 01:01 PM
    You already know they would.
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    06-05-2020, 08:41 AM
    If I were to approach and stand in the path of any moving person - I would thoroughly expect them to shove me out of their way. What other possible scenario could a reasonable person envision? I believe there’s a disconnect between people who have some familiarity with violence, that is, have experienced it in their own lives, and people who have never experienced a shred of it outside of the movies. The latter doesn’t know what it’s like to be punched and views every non-theatrical incident where someone is hurt, as the most horrendous thing they've ever seen, considers it totally unacceptable. When they suddenly make a decision to alter their behavior to express “righteous indignation” through varying degrees of aggression, it never occurs to them that someone will respond by aggressing back at them. They're stunned in disbelief when someone does. The former, knows the reality of aggression, uses logic, picks and chooses battles, alters behavior to avoid conflict when possible, and acknowledges the inevitable - 1. you will get hurt if you act stupidly - and - 2. violence never looks nice while it's happening - even when it is done in response to someone who made the decision to initiate the confrontation in the first place (and therefore should have anticipated the response they received).
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    06-05-2020, 07:47 AM
    Valli6 replied to a thread Boogaloo in U.S. Political News
    Agree with this sentiment, but if they (any 2nd Amendment supporters) want to jar the media’s constant knee-jerk narratives, they need to think about showing up in suits - or in other words, some manner of dignified business attire - this includes female 2A supporters. Not party clothes, nothing flamboyant, just something dignified. Do this, and bring your guns. When you keep showing up dressed as if you’re going hunting or are about to mow your lawn, you are providing the media with the visual stereotype the left has chosen to promote as “white supremacists”. Stun them with class, and they will be forced to think harder about who you are.
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    06-03-2020, 10:41 AM
    Thinks he's the Riddler. :rolleyes: Maybe you ought to re-read before responding with mystery tripe.
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    06-03-2020, 10:26 AM
    -rep for being a low intelligence bore. Same goes for cliche-spouting clown with no cohesive point to make.
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    06-03-2020, 08:31 AM
    That's odd. I said essentially the same thing earlier in this thread and you responded by calling me "dumb".
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