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    Yesterday, 05:43 PM
    If enough voices join in, we can make this a campaign issue. I think Trump would seriously consider a pardon if he believes it's what the people want. Really hoping this means we can expect similar clemency for Julian Assange!
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    Yesterday, 05:24 PM
    Peculiar claim, considering all your posts revolve around implying that everyone but you is racist.
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    Yesterday, 04:55 PM
    Why? Do you honestly believe there's anyone on this forum that isn't aware of Trump's earlier statements about Snowden?
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    Yesterday, 04:25 PM
    Great! I only heard about this story because Massie tweeted about it.
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    Yesterday, 11:49 AM
    We are ALL aware of what Trump said about Snowden years ago, long before he had all the info he does now - and before we had proof that our own government spied on a presidential campaign - which incidentally happens to have been Trump's. Furthermore, it's mentioned in the article I posted. There's really no need for you to harp on it now. If it leads to getting Snowden back home, and (in logical sequence) possibly also giving Assange clemency and the chance to spill his guts in a public forum - WHY would you bitch about it?
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    Yesterday, 11:00 AM
    Let's see where this goes... (off-topic - Be sure to listen to today's Ron Paul Liberty Report! Great interview with Robert Kennedy Jr; 12 minutes on the CIA, the rest on vaccines, Covid and the harm the lock-down is doing!)
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    Yesterday, 09:38 AM
    Someone on my street has a Biden banner on their front porch - says something about "end the lying!" :rolleyes: I remember that the same family had Obama bumper stickers back when I was displaying Ron Paul ones.
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    Yesterday, 09:30 AM
    Yep. They belive it only counts when they've been chosen by the elitists. By the way - it would be interesting to hear which "caste" Harris' Indian mother's family belongs to (having married into family that had owned a plantation with 124 slaves, and all). We never hear anyone speak about the Indian privilege enjoyed by the upper levels of India's well-known caste system - which has never really been eradicated.
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    08-13-2020, 12:13 PM EDIT: I see this information was known in early July, but no "news" source mentioned it other than - the Daily Beast?!
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    08-12-2020, 05:36 PM
    Valli6 replied to a thread Floyd Autopsy in U.S. Political News
    WHAT?!! The autopsy report mentions Floyd's blood being drawn "antemortem" at 9PM - and Floyd dying at 9:25. (Antemortem means before death.) HOW could they all go along with manipulating the public like this? :mad: Sickening!
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    08-11-2020, 05:15 PM
    Lew Rockwell posted this video of 1968 Chicago Mayor Daley ordering the cops to "shoot to kill" any arsonists and "shoot to maim or cripple" looters during riots. He was a democrat.
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    08-11-2020, 05:01 PM
    You have to check it out sometimes in order to know which kind of crap is currently being pushed. ...Still it's true that life is better when you completely ignore them.
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    08-11-2020, 03:43 PM
    Yeah, lately twitter has not been displaying on this forum for me - I thought it was just something with the browser I use.
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    08-06-2020, 01:34 PM
    It's not the Fox news John Roberts - or at least, I can tell you that back when the flight logs were made public, I saw Fox's John Roberts bring up the fact that a "John Roberts" was mentioned in the flight log and he made a point of saying "It's not me!" Then, no further coverage. Other unusual things worth remembering: When Robert's ruled that Obamacare was a tax and therefore legal - there was TONS of talk that someone must be blackmailing him. Also does anyone else recollect a briefly reported story about someone breaking into John Robert's home? This was years back, long before Trump was elected. Story was dropped in a hurry, no further information was ever offered. Internet searching turns up nothing. Always struck me as hushed-up. And the latest coincidence - Mike Pence has admitted that John Roberts has been a disappointment.
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    07-31-2020, 02:09 PM
    (original story ) "Witness" James Sasinowski has a youtube channel :rolleyes: Video of Sasinowski's account of what happened: Doesn't think it matters whether or not Foster pointed gun at him.
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    07-31-2020, 01:33 PM
    Valli6 replied to a thread Floyd Autopsy in U.S. Political News
    I'm confused though - are either of these Baden's report? And if not, then where is the report from the autopsy done by Dr Michael Baden? Has it been released to the public? In other words, has Baden's autopsy report simply confirmed the first one? Because if so, that has not been made clear anywhere. And if the autopsy proves Chauvin's actions didn't cause Floyds death - just what has he been arrested for?
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    07-31-2020, 01:02 PM
    Rand calls him a consitutional conservative. Apparently he's not Trump's pick. Sen. Blackburn is mad about this ad because she feels it suggests she's not very conservative.
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    07-31-2020, 11:14 AM
    This kind of thing wreaks havoc for astronomers and astro-photographers. The un-natural light these things give off obliterates the otherwise-visible light given off by natural objects like meteors.
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    07-31-2020, 09:50 AM
    I like how his girlfriend chose to make a fashion statement with the pink plastic.
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    07-31-2020, 09:00 AM
    I see a distinct change this week, with local democrat governments and the media moving focus to the "whiteness" of rioters - as if ANTIFA hasn't been there all along! Numerous stories are pushing the narrative that it is "white supremacists" who've been responsible for the rioting. I think they intend to portray all that video of obnoxious ANTIFA rioters as being "far-right" people (Trump supporters). Over the last weekend, the internet buzz was that rioting had finally begun to reflect badly on Biden's poll numbers (or whatever you'd call that scam). Suddenly, Biden blurted out that he wants protesters arrested and prosecuted! (July 28, 2020) Biden calls for violent protesters to be ‘found, arrested and tried’
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    07-30-2020, 02:56 PM
    Remember the umbrella guy? He's a white supremacist and the riots are all his fault! Some sources are saying he's a Hells Angel member. Note: Umbrella-man is not Police Officer Jacob Pederson as had been claimed earlier. They're saying his name is Mitchell Wesley Carlson. He has not been arrested.
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    07-30-2020, 02:04 PM
    The mysterious "umbrella man" w/pink respirator seen at Minneapolis riots is now being identified as: This is: Meanwhile, I see the tweet posted in the following comment has disappeared! It had video of the umbrella guy walking along smiling and laughing with the pizza-box guy in the pink shirt! They appeared to be on friendly terms with each other despite their behavior in the other video. As Keith Ellison is the AG of Minnesota, I suspect it was not a very thorough investigation. Ellison had claimed this was a "white supremacist" from day one. If accurate, why has Mitchell Wesley Carlson NOT been charged with a crime?
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    07-30-2020, 09:55 AM
    I continue to be flummoxed by all the hydroxychloroquine arguments. As I've stated in previous threads, a friend's mother was hospitalized with Corona virus in March. She was treated with hydroxychloroquine amongst other things, recovered, and before long, was sent home. This was a diabetic woman in her mid-eighties. She's still doing well. Is Hydroxychloroquine THE CURE for the Covid virus? I don't know. I only know that there is no controversy over it's use in the the real, medical world! The notion that talking about Hydroxychloroquine out loud endanger others, is just ridiculous.
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    07-30-2020, 09:30 AM
    Interesting that only Zuckerberg was willing to admit that China steals technology from America. The others acted like they'd never seen any such thing. Also notable that when Rep. Greg Steube asked them what the government might do to discourage this, none of them had any suggestions. By Chris White @ The DailyCaller
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    07-29-2020, 01:49 PM
    Sensebrenner: We don't need to change anti-trust laws - It's a question of enforcement. Not a problem with the law. Brings up ATT being broken up in 1984. Sensenbrenner (R-WI) asks if applying ATT thing to Amazon or google - How does that help consumers? They agree it doesn't. Rep Pramilla Jayapal (D Wash) Does facebook copy competitors? Threaten to clone competitors products while trying to buy them?... instagram.. threatened instgram if they didn't let them buy them up... Zuckerberg disagrees. ...brings up snapchat... Ken Buck (R-Col) - counterfeit products allowed on amazon, including from China - using slave/forced labor... Wants them to say they won't use slave labor. Asks the same of Tim Cook and Sundar Pinchai. They also they wouldn't tolerate it. Jamie Raskin - Agrees with Buck about forced labor... aquisitions... "buying market position"... Gaetz: Says Pinchai's response at earlier response was deceptive because google works with agencies that work with Chinese military... Bias...who decides what's fringe... Pinchai had previously stated they have no Manual review tool... memo from the daily caller refers to a watchlist, creating lists - Is that done manually or not? Previous claim was (from previous hearing?) was wrong - There is a manual component to blacklisting - manual black list targets conservatives, Trump supporters... Pinchai disagrees... Gaetz points out that their own employees have said otherwise.
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    07-29-2020, 12:54 PM
    Kelly Armstrong (R) asking Google/Pinchai about consequences of GDPR? I don't understand what that's about - but he also refers to bias , 4th amendment - Something about Geo-warrants? (Cops getting warrants of your online behavior?) Jayapal Rep Greg Steube (R- Fla) tells Pinchai about his own trouble trying to google gateway pundit and noticing something has changed recently. Also says G-mail accounts are suddenly junking conservative emails including his own campaign emails to supporters and his own parents. Wants to know about employee biases and Spam folder algorithms. Val Demings (D Fla) googles enormous market power, double click... Here's Jim Jordon: Is Google tailoring features to help Joe Biden in 2020 election?...YES or NO?
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    07-29-2020, 12:18 PM
    Rep Ken Buck (R) calling out Pinchai (Google) over being okay with China's many bad behaviors - including corporate espionage. Hank Johnson (Guam might tip over) keeps cutting off Tim Cook. Says some developers are favored over others for their App store. No doubt sees discrimination. Matt Gaetz up now. Wants Pinchar to pledge that google won’t adopt anti-police policies being called for by google employees. Talking about Google's pro-China military stance - Peter Theil called it treasonous - when it won't work with American military. Pinchar denies being pro-China. Rep Jamie Raskin bringing up Steve Bannon... race... hate speech, boogaloo ... apparently facebook not showing enough support for his pet activist groups - wants more censorship from Facebook. Asking about fake accounts that "spread hate and disinformation". 10 minute recess to fix a technical problem with one of their witnesses. Must be Bezos? He hasn't been talking.
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    07-29-2020, 12:09 PM
    I'm actually surprised they managed to find anything critical to say.
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    07-29-2020, 11:52 AM
    The twitter guy was invited but wouldn't come. "Guests" have been sworn in and are now making initial statements about themselves and their businesses. They're all bringing up their admiration for John Lewis.
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    07-29-2020, 10:04 AM
    Related Big Tech Hearing starting RIGHT NOW! Livestreams here:
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