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    Today, 10:58 AM
    I made a non-hydroponic grow system out of a $50 wire shelving unit and 2 fluorescent light fixtures - for two growing shelves. Each fixture has four T-5 6500 K bulbs - which are 24-Watt each. Be aware that not all 24”/24 watt fluorescent tubes are interchangeable with all fixtures. The T-5s have a different diameter than the standard 24” grow-light fluorescent tubes I buy for my old grow-light fixture. The shelf unit I used has shelves that are 36” W x 14” D. I bought one that was 54” tall, but wish I’d gotten one that is 72” tall instead. This would allow me to hang the top light from the top shelf, and I could examine the two top shelves without bending over (my back hurts). I use the lower shelves for storing supplies. The 2 foot wide (by about 14" deep) 4 tube fluorescent fixtures have T-5 bulbs and currently cost $72 each. You can definitely buy suitable fixtures for less than that. My set-up is in the living room and I wanted it to look a little classier than the standard white metal, so I was willing to pay more. I purchased two separate four-fluorescent-tube fixtures, that use T-5 bulbs, because it’s more efficient for growing plants with higher-light requirements - but lettuce and seed germination have lower light requirements. You might be able to get away with using 2-tube fixtures, but if you’re buying something new, I suggest finding something with 4 tubes because each tube’s light has a limited optimal spread, so having 4 of them fills in the weaker spots. Really you could probably just use any standard 4 tube fixtures, though I would be sure to choose a size that designated "grow-lights" are made for. Just be aware that all 24” or 48” tubes aren’t the same diameter - they come in different diameters with different pins on the ends, so are not always interchangeable. Know which size you intend to use before buying anything and make sure "grow-lights" are made in the same size as the fixture you choose. Read about Fluorescent lamps sizes:
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    Yesterday, 08:46 AM
    It's a pleasure to see people posting nice things about Rand for a change. I particularly enjoyed Scott Adams line: :D
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    04-07-2020, 11:36 AM
    JOSHUA CAPLAN 7 Apr 2020
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    04-07-2020, 07:55 AM
    Occasionally, you hear something interesting, but at this point, it's mostly repetitive and boring and I'm sick of their voices and faces (especially Fauci and that woman, I forget her name)
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    04-07-2020, 07:45 AM
    hydroxychloroquine Hydrox - y - chloro - quine HYDROX - a cookie like an Oreo, but Hydrox cookies came out first! Y - Y? Because we like you! CHLORO - GREEN! Like plant pigment. QUINE - um...? :confused: Visual images always help me remember things better. :cool:
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    04-06-2020, 04:07 PM
    You know, this is the impression I get from the internet, too - like there’s still some controversy about using the drug - but my husband tells me there is not - Hydroxychloroquine is what they’re using, and no one disputes that it’s useful. Real doctors aren't arguing about it's effectiveness.
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    04-06-2020, 02:22 PM
    This puzzles me because I can't figure out how the staff or administration equated Ron Paul's statement to "hate speech, inside jokes, and references to drugs/sex/violence." I'm guessing there was no explanation offered?
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    04-06-2020, 08:56 AM
    Yep. Not just doctors and nurses - ALL healthcare workers. See my posts:
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    04-06-2020, 08:47 AM
    I told my husband before the stores even ran out of toilet paper - that if this virus takes off, health care workers would be the new, great American heroes - like soldiers and first responders etc.. He's been laughing about that. On Friday, he seemed both amused and perplexed when he told me they were going to have some kind of parade to show appreciation for the workers at his hospital (especially puzzling - why would Santa Claus be there?). He went home before the parade. He has been exposed to the virus in the course of his work, but doesn’t normally work directly with virus patients - he just does the imaging and certain tests when needed. He’s fine, except for the fact that he’s sent home early every day because there’s not enough work to keep them busy for 8 hours. The whole hospital is focused on corona virus - most other kinds of treatment are on hold (except for things like cancer treatment and emergencies of course.) Something like 3/4 of the hospital’s patients are there because of the coronavirus. Here’s the nutty parade they had - 'Heroes Procession of Thanks'. It took place Friday evening around 6:30 PM. The day-shift people had already gone home. I think the chairman of the Health Care Foundation and the chairman of the board of directors are planning layoffs and all this is to make people feel less miserable when it comes. Future layoffs seem inevitable :( N.J. healthcare workers receive hero parade of thanks
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    04-06-2020, 07:15 AM
    That's the one! I haven't memorized the spelling and didn't feel like looking it up. :p UPDATE: How to remember the correct spelling of 'hydroxychloroquine'
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    04-05-2020, 09:35 AM
    A guy in his late 60s, diabetic (this virus-wise is hard on diabetics) had heart by-pass surgery years ago. He was sick at home with what his doctor said was probably the virus. It caused him to have a heart attack. He was revived by EMTs and was being rushed to the hospital, but died on the way. Also know a woman in her mid 80s - also diabetic - who went to the hospital ill. A CAT scan of the lungs showed that it was likely she had the coronavirus. She was tested and found positive. They gave her that anti-malarial drug* and she is now home and doing very well. edit *Hydroxychloroquine]
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    04-04-2020, 11:08 AM
    Yeah, I was thinking about landscaping fabric - the real filtery kind that's used to stop dirt from clogging up the gravel you put in to create some drainage - or you put it under pavers. I have half-used rolls of the stuff around somewhere.
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    04-04-2020, 10:13 AM
    Yeah, Murphy's quite a numbskull. Honestly, democrats assume we're all too stupid to have the common sense to know when to be cautious - like without instructions from them, we just don't know how to behave.
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    04-04-2020, 10:01 AM
    I've had mixed feelings about Justin Amash since he's begun exhibiting what I view as sporadic DTS which is just counter-productive - but look at the near identical comments made by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) after Amash officially submitted his 'NO' vote into the congressional record... Democrats (DCCC) Republicans (NRCC) 1246199723666612226
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    04-04-2020, 09:06 AM
    from my first post 5 days ago: Now that two people I know have caught the virus (and one of them who had pre-existing conditions - has died of a heart attack brought on by it) in the future, if I go out again, I will definitely cover my face with something.
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    04-03-2020, 06:47 PM
    (This is what I’ve learned from my spouse about the NJ hospital where he works, which is located about 40 minutes outside of New York City.) On sight, the hospital looks dead, because there’s no out-patient activity, no visitors, nothing non-essential happening. The hallways are mostly empty, but the beds are 75% filled, and 65% of those patients are covid-related. Out of seven floors/units, five of them are for people who either have the virus, or are suspected of having the virus. The patients are there, but they’re all locked away in their rooms. Some departments are being switched around in order to accommodate more coronavirus patients. For example; oncology patients are now in the same unit as orthopedic patients - and maternity patients are being sent to a nearby hospital, so that they can turn that unit into another medical floor for corona virus patients. Every patient is given a mask to wear all day, even in their rooms. When an employee arrives for work, they have to enter through one designated hallway. Your temperature is taken with an infra-red thermometer - a pistol-like tool which they put to your forehead - but which doesn’t actually touch your skin. They ask if you have any flu symptoms, or have been around anyone with flu symptoms, then they hand you a new mask which you must put on and wear for the rest of the day. These are not the N95 masks - those are set aside to be used by people who will definitely be interacting with Corona virus patients. You can’t eat in the cafeteria anymore. You have to buy your food and go somewhere else. The coffee shop in the lobby is closed. They’ve cut back the number of hours the gift shop is open.
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    04-01-2020, 07:49 AM
    He's going to be sooooo boring talking about himself.
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    04-01-2020, 07:06 AM
    I've noticed him having this white hair before. Don't know the why of it, but it's not a brand new thing.
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    03-30-2020, 01:56 PM
    It's like, "I totally support you, but you're wrong!" Well, :mad: which is it?! Straddling the fence is not a position here!
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    03-30-2020, 10:59 AM
    Instructables has quite a few. These are made from; Filter Fabric or other cloth, Wire, Sewing supplies, Electrical Tape This one allows you to insert a non-woven filter. I wonder if certain types of non-woven weed barrier fabric (aka landscaping fabric) are an effective filter material? Made from; Paper, elastic, 1/4 yard cotton or cotton blend fabric, pipe cleaner
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    03-30-2020, 09:26 AM
    So sick of this! "now is it not the time..." and "this is not the hill to die on..." They LOVE saying that! It's exactly how they've succeeded in cowing us out of rights. It's not a hill and Massie ain't dying there! That goes for Rand, too! We need to attack this pattern - this repetitive use of old standby phrases for the sake of manipulation. Perhaps by attacking those very words more directly, we can better expose them as the dishonest emotional blackmail they are.
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    03-30-2020, 08:50 AM
    If you are so inclined, here are instructions on how to make your own mask out of fabric. This is written in german though, so you'll have to go by the pictures (skip to page 3 of this PDF): If anyone comes across other mask-making instructions please post in this thread. Personally though, if I feel the need to have an emergency mask (and I actually don't at this time), I will just tie a bandana around my face (and look very cool). :cool: UPDATE: Now that two people I know have caught the virus (and one - with pre-existing conditions - has died of a heart attack brought on by the virus) in the future, if I go out I will definitely cover my face with something.
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    03-29-2020, 01:32 PM
    Ooh! I'm posting that link over at breitbart under the latest Massie story. :D (Care to upvote? )
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    03-29-2020, 10:47 AM
    He's going to have to apologize if he thinks he can sucker someone like me into voting for him again. :mad: If Trump is going to be targeting the handful of people that give me hope, he becomes unacceptable to me. Massie has supported Trump throughout all the crap that the democrats did to him. He has now been generous enough to give Trump an out, by saying that he doesn't think Trump understood (end of one of his interviews). Trump better latch onto that, tone down the crap, and acknowledge that the rage is all about Massie having the audacity to inconvenience a bunch of self-important elitists - who should have remained in DC till their job was completed!
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    03-28-2020, 10:53 AM
    Sometimes he did things I disliked but he usually seemed pretty decent. RIP
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    03-28-2020, 09:01 AM
    The same is true of the comments under breitbart's coverage of Massie. You usually only get knee-jerk pro-trump comments over there (and there were still some of those) but plenty - maybe even most? - ranged from "he has a point" to adamant support for Massie. I sense a change occurring. Trump is showing a face that's going to cost him support and leave our prospects for a non-totally-horrendous president non-existent. These are the same conditions that led to Ron Paul's rise and the rise of the tea party. Can Massie, Rand, Lee and maybe Amash, step in, grab the attention of an irate populous, and "Restore America" as Ron attempted in '08 and '12?
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