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    Yesterday, 03:09 PM
    It wasn't entertaining, as I had somehow hoped. Rand Paul was on Neil Cavuto's show this afternoon and he described it as "exhausting" which seems pretty accurate. He said they need to use trap doors. I'm not real familiar with Joe Rogan and don't really trust him. I know he does interviews now, but wasn't he originally an "actor"? Bleah! Thought I saw his name listed in the credits of some non-recent movie I saw listed the other day. The only person I could imagine being a fair moderator, who would ask good questions is... Ron Paul.
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    Yesterday, 02:32 PM
    Agree and could anyone spell out what it is that the Proud Boys have ever done which demonstrates racism or white supremacy or a propensity for violence? I don't recall any violent behavior from them until antifa started stalking and attacking them and it's not as if they destroy any property, much less burn buildings down. I'm kind of surprised to hear even fox news - just going along with this narrative as if it's been proven. NO ONE ever mentions any incidents of where they acted white supremacisty- theres only the claim. Anyone referring to SPLC as an acceptable source (Biden) is dishonest and should be called out as such. When did "Proud Boys equal white supremacists" become a proven fact? Did I miss something?
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    Yesterday, 12:28 PM
    "false accusation that Kyle is a white supremacist & militia member responsible for violence in Kenosha." 1311290152619307008
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    Yesterday, 11:54 AM
    Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, September 30, 2020 Former FBI Director Comey testifies on the Russia investigation before Senate Judiciary Committee. On CSPAN 3:
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    Yesterday, 11:41 AM
    See? Today democrats are hanging everything on Trump's "failure to condemn white supremacy" and comment mentioning "Proudboys". They keep bringing it up at the Comey hearing, giving Comey a platform to accuse Trump of "spraying gasoline on the fires of hatre". In retrospect - Trump needed to force them to state SPECIFICS about who these "white supremacists" are and which incidents they are responsible for - not just pick out someone the we know the left makes accusations against. UPDATE: Biden is using footage of the Charlottesvile fake nazi torch parade in his anti-Trump tweet today. Also smearing Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist.
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    Yesterday, 10:10 AM
    The whole assertion was a phony one. The demand is made for Trump to call out "white supremacists" without ever mentioning any incidents involving white supremacists, naming any white supremacist groups, or recalling any riots initiated by white supremacists. The Charlottesville riots are not applicable because that was a contrived incident created by deranged political operatives or CIA, not an actual uprising of white supremacists or Nazis!* Someone - during the crosstalk - either Wallace or Biden (?), mentions the proud boys (?) even though I know of no evidence indicating that the proud boys are white supremacists - We all know that that is just something the left habitually claims about any non-leftwing group, especially if they support Trump. Any way, that is how the 'Proud Boys' got dragged into an accusation, where they really did not belong. That said, they are known to defend themselves when attacked, which is the only thing that could account for Trump saying "stand down". EDIT: Viewing again I realize they grouped "white supremacists" together with "militias" without defining either (as they typically do with all their accusations). I suppose "Proud Boys" could be considered a "militia" since they arm themselves - but militias are legal, even desirable, and not the same as "white supremacists" *] Czech leader condemns ‘Nazi torchlight parade’ (1/4/15) (Compare imagery w/below) Torch-wielding white supremacists march through University of Virginia campus (8/12/17) photos use exact same composition & lighting)
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    09-29-2020, 08:24 PM
    Save the rain forests!
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    09-29-2020, 07:51 PM
    'None of that is true!" "Totally discredited!"
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    09-29-2020, 01:54 PM
    Rand's endorsement pushed me over the edge. I decided I should make a donation (even though I'm not from Maryland). In case anyone else has been thinking about it: ;)
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    09-28-2020, 11:02 AM
    Valli6 created an article Ron Paul is BACK!!! in Top News
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    09-28-2020, 10:01 AM
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    09-23-2020, 03:09 PM
    You can view it on parlor now - but you need ti have an account with them. 1308862799850934273
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    09-23-2020, 02:11 PM
    1308849979730071554 ----------------------- I hadn't watched this. Looks like you can still view an excerpt here: (Hurry, before it's also removed.) 1308843298006732806 -----------------------
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    09-09-2020, 05:12 PM
    Where ever did she get an idea like this? It's just not true. Cops have some training in descalating a situation, but ultimately the only thing they have that a family member doesn't, is a gun - that, and whole lot less patience for your crazy loved one. People need to quit pushing this fantasy that police have magical calming skills. Her son is her own responsibility. Don't call in the cops expecting them to taze or shoot rubber bullets at your badly-behaved kid - that's no even legal! Very stupid decision on her part - she should blame herself.
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    09-07-2020, 08:47 PM
    Okay. :D Guy Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire - Fayetteville, NC Protest MARKETPLACE BURNING (1:22)
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    09-06-2020, 09:38 AM
    To be fair, this Portland antifa video is kind of a day-brightener. :tears: (More angles on twitter - comments and memes are hilarious) Better view of the fire-dancer here: 1302476141219905536
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    09-06-2020, 09:33 AM
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    09-06-2020, 09:21 AM
    Here's a 45 minute interview with a woman who was forced to udergo 1 year of diversity training. In the beginning, she thought it was a good thing. That changed.
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    09-04-2020, 09:34 PM
    "Immediately." Thank you, Trumpy Bear!
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