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    Today, 02:27 PM
    Most people are generally not rich enough to keep a cow or a pig in their backyard but suit yourself I guess. Their just going to breed themselves in the wild after their irresponsible owners let them go like the millions of stray dogs and cats.
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    Today, 02:08 PM
    I've seen what robots do when their 'brain' gets wet. It's often not a pretty sight.
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    Today, 01:52 PM
    Race for Syrian Oil :mad: ISIS Surrounded
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    Today, 01:36 PM
    What Keeps The Head Of U.S. Strategic Command Up At Night
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    Today, 01:15 PM
    I'm a stickler for truth and accuracy in all things, comrade. :cool: #meanie
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    Today, 01:05 PM
    ►Lavrov: The breakup of Syria cannot be tolerated Moscow has highlighted that the breakup of Syria cannot be tolerated or else it will become a chain reaction across the entire Middle East. "First of all, fight against terrorism must be ended, but it is also necessary to start thinking how to restore Syria’s unity," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. "No division must be allowed, a chain reaction will sweep the Middle East. This is what some would seek to achieve, those for whom it is advantageous to maintain here constant chaos, a mess," he added.
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    Today, 12:56 PM
    China caps oil supplies to N. Korea, bans gas exports & textile imports in line with UN sanctions China is to limit the export of refined oil products and totally ban exports of liquefied natural gas and gas condensate to North Korea, as well as textile imports from that country, the Ministry of Commerce has announced. China will limit refined oil exports to North Korea to 500,000 barrels for the period from next Sunday, October 1, to the end of the year.
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    Today, 12:45 PM
    You and I know that, but people like Meade can count on their fanboys being biblically illiterate. :(
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Today, 12:44 PM
    Just remember that was written to the people at that time. Nothing is to say, people at a later time, won't be able to read the signs of the times and get an idea of when that time will be. Matthew 16:1-3
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    Today, 12:35 PM
    Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis announced on September 18 that the US will send more than 3,000 troops bringing the total number of personnel serving in the country to at least 14,000. (pretty sure 'personnel' was admitted 2 B 22,000 ) On September 19, Lieutenant General of US Air Forces Central Command Jeffrey L. Harrigian announced that the US has increased the number of deployed F-16 warplanes from 12 to 18. At the same time, the US is pushing an effort to transit the Afghan Air Force (AAF) helicopter fleet from Mi-17 to UH-60 helicopters. In total, the US is planning to deliver 159 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to the AAF. First few aircraft have already been delivered this week. Despite this, the Taliban is continuing its expansion in the country’s north.
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    Today, 12:11 PM
    Senate weighs bills that block Trump firing Mueller Just as President Trump has begun easing off his attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, SenateJudiciary Committee members next week will consider two partisan-backed bills aimed at shielding the probe from the White House. How heated the debate becomes over the president’s authority to dismiss Mr. Mueller should serve as an indicator of Capitol Hill’s appetite to check Mr. Trump’s executive powers before the midterm elections. “I haven’t made up my mind if I’m going to be for a bill or not,” committee chairman Chuck Grassley told The Washington Times on Wednesday. “I agreed to have the hearing because of all the questions that can be raised about whether the special counsel can be fired or not.” Congressional leaders, constitutional scholars and Washington’s brightest legal minds have hotly debated the subject ever since Mr. Trump fired FBI Director James B. Comey in May and the Justice Department appointed Mr. Mueller as special counsel to lead its Russia-related investigation.
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    Today, 11:58 AM
    Oops! ALmost forgot muh chart!
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    Today, 11:57 AM For those of us who think that science from the 1930's is antiquated, of course.
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    Today, 11:50 AM
    After careful consideration, I think my point still stands. :D
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    Today, 11:48 AM
    The problem with that is for them, there are no other issues. They will vote against fiscal conservative policy every time as long as it's attached to foreign policy. Liberals are the same way. They make noise about being anti-war, but as long as the war expenditure is tied to some freebie here at home, they'll sell out the peace movement every time. Carrots in front of asses.
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  • Lamp's Avatar
    Today, 10:19 AM
    that was meant for lily
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  • angelatc's Avatar
    Today, 10:18 AM
    Dude, stop posting while you're high.
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    Today, 10:16 AM
    Eat The Enemy: The Delicious Solution To Menacing Asian Carp Asian carp were never supposed to live in North American waterways. Like many other invasive species, they were introduced by humans in an attempt to address another problem, namely to remove algae from catfish farms and wastewater treatment ponds in the 1970s. But sometime in the next two decades, the fish escaped their enclosures -- most likely due to several large floods in the '90s -- and began to spread. Over the past 15 years, populations have exploded, as the carp outcompete native fish populations and quickly reproduce through the tributaries of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers while moving north to the Great Lakes. And they've become a huge problem. The name "Asian carp" is actually an umbrella title for four different species: bighead carp, black carp, grass carp and silver carp. Some of the larger species can weigh up to 100 pounds and have an uncanny ability to jump out of the water. Females can produce upwards of 2 millioneggs, and some of the fish can live for 20 years. The Obama administration has spent more than $200 milliontrying to control their spread, including building a series of electrified barriers to try to deter the fish from swimming closer to the Great Lakes. So far, those efforts have failed, and the carp have been seen less than 40 miles from Lake Michigan. Should the animals reach the lakes, they have the potential to devastate local ecosystems and a $7 billion fishing industry. But the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says any fix, if one that works can be found, would be neither easy nor immediate, and it could cost billions morethan has already been spent.
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  • Lamp's Avatar
    Today, 10:14 AM
    So pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys are being slaughtered at biblical proportions everyday yes? What would happen if you released them into the wild? Wouldn't they just destroy the environment, eat up all our crops and go feral in lands they aren't native to like the Asian Carp?
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Today, 09:30 AM
    I don't know, but all of this just seems like somebody saying, his neighbor is getting a shotgun and and he doesn't want his neighbor to have a shotgun, because he might shoot somebody. All the while, the one who is complaining, has multiple shotguns. I don't care what weapons North Korea has. Now if they use them, that's a different story.
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    Today, 08:37 AM
    acptulsa replied to a thread How Tampon's Work in Open Discussion
    Considering a tampon has no legal right to own anything, I guess the thread title is, "How Tampon Is Work". Good work if you can get it, I guess... Probably ought to blame autocorrect. It tends to spread apostrophes like a third grade dropout.
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  • angelatc's Avatar
    Today, 08:27 AM
    angelatc replied to a thread How Tampon's Work in Open Discussion
    "How Apostrophe's Don't Work"
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 07:29 AM
    Damn it! I had completely forgotten about Vladimir Levin! He was that close to vanishing off the face of the earth!
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    Today, 07:09 AM Fundamentalist Protestant antagonism against Buddhism has been a major issue for religious cooperation in South Korea, especially during the 1990s to late 2000s. Acts of vandalism against Buddhist amenities and "regular praying for the destruction of all Buddhist temples" have drawn criticism. Buddhist statues have been considered as idols, attacked and decapitated. Arrests are hard to enforce, as the perpetrators work by stealth at night." Such acts, which are supported by some Protestant leaders, have led to South Koreans having an increasingly negative outlook on Protestantism and being critical of church groups involved, with many Protestants leaving their churches in recent years. In contrast, relations between South Korean Catholics and Buddhists and other faiths has remained largely cooperative, partly due to the syncretism of many Buddhist and Confucian customs and philosophies into South Korean Catholicism, most notably the practice of jesa.
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  • Lamp's Avatar
    Today, 07:03 AM
    true true. Japan: How it solved its Christian problem This article is sourced from @Rjrasva and @dasyavevrka who have researched on Japanese response to early Christian missionaries in 16th century in the paper called “Japan – Her first dalliance with West”. The below article provides summary of their work.
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    Hey, I already got my Coach tags in the mail . They sent me two different styles in the right color so I could choose which one I liked best. Nice.
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    *waves hi* long time no see!
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    Libertarianism and "plumbline" conservatism are mutually exclusive. Conservatism has long been opposed to classical liberalism-the precursor to "plumbline" libertarianism.
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    "Thread: If you support Donald Trump, then you are an anticonstitutional blithering idiot HEY! Rand and Ron are conservatives, remember?"
    Can't speak for Rand, but Ron is a well-known libertarian and lifetime member of the LP, FYI.
  5. Oh--by the way, look for it other places than Amazon, you might find it cheaper if you actually intend to buy either one.

    Right there is where you find it! It seriously has saved me a lot of money and will pay itself off within a year. I use the washer, then spin "dry," and hang up to finish the drying. It's working great for where we're at right now, my bathroom has turned into the laundry room--much better than spending $$$ on laundromat nastiness. We also have a balcony where I can dry/grow herbs and some tomatoes. I'm making the best of what I've got.
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    CDC: says the Flu Shot was only 23% Effective Overall

    My Comment in the Post will get me banned no doubt LOL
  8. Just for you:

    Even them there "backwards" Amish are realizing a few things about vaccines:
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    yeah, i assumed it was a mistake.
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    y u neg rep me?
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Vaccines and Ron Paul Forums

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If you are a young mother, you need to know, right now, that the advice that DonnaY gives is just horrible. She did not graduate from high school, and considers herself a researcher because she watches YouTube videos and reads conspiracy things. She posts these things because she apparently has a deep seated need to feel smarter than the rest of the world...painting herself as some wise sage in a world gone mad. In fact, she is delisional and dangerous.

The articles that she posts

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Deep in my heart, I know

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that hosting a picture in a thread isn't this hard for everybody. But linking straight to it was a disaster in that it was HUGE - filled up the whole page on the laptop. I downloaded it and then tried to insert it from my desktop, but no luck.

So here it is: a picture of a humidifier (maybe) with absolutely no relevant text to go with it. If it's relevant text you want, go here.

Beware the seller giving advice

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